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Today's Sightings

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Final RAD report for the night [Source: Transsee]

3410 did the 81 Thorncliffe Park
3565 is supposedly a unscheduled 86 Scarborough - according to @ilovettc
8589 on the 25 Don Mills

7962 did a 22 Coxwell OT run yesterday early morning / saturday late late night...

^ Adding on to the last post

3565 now tracks as Run 86_5_50
3494 on the 60 Steeles West
3643 on the 100 Flemingdon Park

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I saw a ALRV.

I passed by the Davenport and Bathurst sides of Hillcrest on my way to work after the dentist and the ALRV is still sitting outside and it is 4207 like I suspected the last time I passed by a few days ago.

Then I saw another streetcar a bit further south:


4600.  The boring one.

Normally custom would dictate posting a picture of the interesting one except I don’t have any on my phone and I am not going to go to HCRR to take one.

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5 hours ago, Gamer Studios said:

No description available.May be an image of outdoors
YRT 401 & 403 on 8 Kennedy (Not sure how long these have left as alot from SW have retired)

I would think that until SE Miller receives replacements they’ll still be seeing service. A few times a week, there seems to be at least one out on the all-day route 9 runs

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