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Today's Sightings

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TTC 7938, as retro as a Packard taxicab in a film noir, seen out cruising for Lauren Bacall and Humphrey Bogart in a trenchcoat and fedora (smoking prohibited) on 50 BURNHAMTHORPE.

ETA: It would be Bogart in the trenchcoat. If it was the bus, I'd put it in Special Sightings.

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Some MiWay spottings from today. All in person.

0910 on 48N

1106 on 90W

0904 on 87S

0638 on 46S

0513 on 38N

0818 on 10N

0730 on 45N

1101 on 10S

0922 on 90W (Bus has a massive front fleet number. Isnt shown in the wiki, but i couldnt get a picture because it took me by surpise. Anyone else seen 0922 lately that can confirm what I'm saying?)

1780 on 42W

0616 on 39E

1805 on 90E

0634 on 48N

0844 on 44S


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Some more MiWay spottings for you guys. All in person.


0839 on 90W

1123 on13N

1352 on 42W

1406 on109S

0805 on 87S

1127 on 46N

0332 on 46S


0332 on 46S

*0528 on 10N

0572 on 90W

1748 on 10S

1004 on 109S

1742 on 90E

**0634 on 44S

0572 on 90E

0731 on 48N

*0528 has a body wrap for Hockey Bike Trails and a rear wrap for RCC waterproofing 
**I'm not exactly sure if it was 0634 because i was spotting another bus at the time when it came from behind. Definitely a 06xx D40LFR though.

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Some spottings from yesterday that i couldn’t post because my internet was down. All in person.


7:30-8:05 am

0728 on 90W

0621 on 39W

1707 on 109S

0628 on 46N

0539 on 87S

0832 on 45N

1129 on 38S

0341 on 10N

1202 on 46S

0317 on 46N


2154 on a training run 

0910 on 46S

0636 on 39W

1905 on 38S

0529 on 39E

1135 45S

1715 on 109S

0729 on 90W

0819 on 38S

0827 on 13N

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