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Today's Sightings

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I have a backlog of sightings from the past few days, so I'll list them in order. All Miway, all in person

Sept 7, 2022

1804 on 10S
1134 on 90E
0817 on 13N, wrapped for HVLaw
0844 on 48N

Sept 8, 2022
0569 on 48N

0631 on 39W

0526 on 10S

1809 on 46S

0731 on 90E

Sept 9, 2022 (Today.)
0922 on 87S

1724 on 109S

0735 on 45N

1760 on 46S


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Forgot to specify it was in person.
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TTC 7919 and 7976 seen retiring forever at long last I wish for a mid-day nap, seen NIS heading for Queensway.

There are also a lot of Wilson VII NGs out on 501L/U. I hope what when those buses are ready for, or long past due, retirement, they come to Queensway. And then.....run for another dozen years!

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TTC 7938, as retro as a Packard taxicab in a film noir, seen out cruising for Lauren Bacall and Humphrey Bogart in a trenchcoat and fedora (smoking prohibited) on 50 BURNHAMTHORPE.

ETA: It would be Bogart in the trenchcoat. If it was the bus, I'd put it in Special Sightings.

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Some MiWay spottings from today. All in person.

0910 on 48N

1106 on 90W

0904 on 87S

0638 on 46S

0513 on 38N

0818 on 10N

0730 on 45N

1101 on 10S

0922 on 90W (Bus has a massive front fleet number. Isnt shown in the wiki, but i couldnt get a picture because it took me by surpise. Anyone else seen 0922 lately that can confirm what I'm saying?)

1780 on 42W

0616 on 39E

1805 on 90E

0634 on 48N

0844 on 44S


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