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1366 On 38A HIGHLAND CREEK To Rouge Hill GO Station
=3024-3025-3027-3026> On 3 SCARBOROUGH RT To Kennedy
3750 NIS Going along Eglinton Ave. East preparing for service
<6272-6223= Out testing westbound along the Eglinton Ave. East ROW at the future 5 EGLINTON CROSSTOWN line.
8572 On 905 EGLINTON EAST EXPRESS To Kennedy Station
9229 On 43B KENNEDY To Scarborough Centre Station

=-Tail car
<-Lead car on left number
>-Lead car on right number

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3 hours ago, 38 Highland Creek said:

=3024-3025-3027-3026> On 3 SCARBOROUGH RT To Kennedy

That’s odd. I thought the car never had both odds or even coupled up since it was always an odd/even couple (I’m not talking about the married set, but the that would couple to one of the ends ie. 3000/3001+3004/3005)

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14 minutes ago, TTC7447 said:

Umm...am I seeing this right?


Apologies in advance if this was not the right thread to post in.

There is currently some issues with the TTC trackers and it is showing random buses signed into random routes. None of them are actually there, its an error. It is also showing the 74-78xx and 17-18xx are in service. 

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