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Today's Sightings

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I saw a bunch of streetcars.

4401 among them along with one in 100th Anniversary wrap.

Danish Pastry House + streetcars while on overtime rates is a nice way to spend the early part of the evening.  Anyone complaining how I’m taking my meal break can stuff it.

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TTC 1144 part of a multi-vehicle oopsie, Eglinton at Scarlett. At least the left side of the front bumper was involved.

TTC 7909 taking Etobicokans back to the Paleozoic on 37 ISLINGTON.

TTC 7912 bringing the Paleozoic to Mt Dennisites on 71 RUNNYMEDE.

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30 minutes ago, TTC7447 said:

TTC 8458 on 905A Eglinton East Express (yes, they've finally updated the destination signs to show 905A vs. the previous 905).

Yes, I noticed this Saturday. Weekend buses show the 905B signage. It only took them a year.

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"ATTENTION BUS DRIVERS - PLEASE DO NOT OPERATE BUS ENGINES IN THIS AREA" - According to this sign that I snapped a shot of TTC 3642 this afternoon on the 21B BRIMLEY.


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