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Today's Sightings

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8523 stuck at George brown college campus at Queens Quay

1359 & 1406 stuck on kipling near Belfield rd

3111 stuck on warden & 401 northbound blocking all northbound lanes.

3307 & 3427 stuck near warden and ellesmere

GO Transit:

2 SuperLo buses stuck on the keele & 401 eb off ramp

2528 abandoned on the 401 at Leslie blocked in with a good amount of snow 

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TTC 1209 stuck & abandoned (most likely since yesterday) facing westbound on eastbound York Mills at Leslie.  I've seen some other photos in the news of abandoned buses facing the opposite direction.

Also spotted a line of 6 buses stuck & abandoned at the bottom of the York Mills hill east of York Mills Station.

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I guess nobody considers these "special sightings", since there's a couple hundred of these abandoned buses scattered across the city 😆

TTC abandoned buses spotted today, as of noon:

  • Eight buses (1366, 3464, 847x, 8556, 8772, 9064, 9066, 9069) stuck in the westbound lanes of Sheppard Avenue East, between Consumers Road and Heron's Hill Way
  • 8477 stuck eastbound Sheppard at Heron's Hill
  • 9212 stuck on Yorkland at Sheppard
  • 8654 stuck on the entrance ramp from Don Mills Rd into Don Mills Station
  • 3448 stuck on Fairview Mall Dr at Don Mills
  • All three 85J buses (1342, 3452, 3653) from Monday morning got stuck on Sheppard westbound at Ambrose. They are still there as of typing (11:59pm Tuesday)



With the bus terminal at Don Mills Station closed to all buses today, there were various detours in place:

  • Most TTC buses (routes 24B, 25B, 85, 167, 985) were continuing north on Don Mills Road to loop using the "peanut". 25C buses also looped using the bottom of the peanut, meaning they didn't actually get close to the station.
  • TTC routes 10 and 169 typically functioned as a one-way loop, most often westbound via Van Horne and eastbound via Sheppard and Victoria Park.
  • YRT route 24 looped using local streets, via Don Mills-Esterbrooke-Shaughnessy-Sheppard.
  • YRT routes 90/90B did not have a set detour, with operators using an extremely wide variety of on-street loops and inconsistency with stopping locations.
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6 minutes ago, Xtrazsteve said:

What route are they shadowing now?

They were shadowing the 116 midday today. I was on my way to STC and they happened to passed right by me on Morningside heading north but their displays said "Training Bus". I took a video of them and posted it on YouTube: 


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