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Today's Sightings

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1 hour ago, Wayside Observer said:

I saw a bus:


I don’t know what agency ATA is but apparently their bus died and had to be towed through Milton this morning.

That bus is from Area Transportation Authority of North Central Pennsylvania. I've seen some of their Gillig buses undergoing midlife refurbishment at MTB in previous years, so that fits with the location.

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On 10/26/2021 at 10:32 PM, Shemar said:

Tracker Sighting:

TTC 3330 is on the route 49 Bloor West

It's definitely entered Queensway's active rotating fleet, especially after it being in service on the 501 today. Anyone know if it's gotten a airport paint like the OGs?

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There were a few out and about this morning:


1111 was on the 89 WESTON route bright and early this morning

8352 is on the 96A  W I L S O N

Also, there was an LFS diesel (I missed the number though) on the 35  J A N E  this morning as well

3633 made a later morning appearance on the 960D STEELES WEST EXPRESS

In the afternoon:

1140 is on the 46 MARTIN GROVE

1071 was on the 37A  ISLINGTON

1099 was on the 123  SHERWAY

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7925 seen both in the morning and afternoon, wandering about south Etobicoke, signed TRAINING BUS.

After this, the trainees will no doubt be trained on similar hand-me-down equipment such as TCR 55 at Halton, and maybe taught how to hook a sleigh to a team of horses, as winter is coming.

As wikipedia says:


When snowy conditions threatened, two horses would be assigned to each one-horse car. Work gangs would attempt to shovel the tracks clear of snow. If the tracks became unusable, horsecars were replaced by buses fitted with runners and by sleighs. Replacing larger horsecars required more buses and sleighs, and some of the conductors would become drivers; other conductors would act as fare collectors posted at busy locations.[3]: 11 


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Because the tracker is still down, I have no choice but to share my spottings.


#8514, #8612 | 16 McCOWAN
#1242 (A) | 21 BRIMLEY
#1228 (C), #1255 (C) | 86 SCARBOROUGH
#1655 | 116 MORNINGSIDE

#8617 (A), #8870 (A) | 905 EGLINTON EAST EXPRESS

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