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York Region Transit XE40 2101 operating on 57 Mulock currently at the time of post. Spotted via Transsee.

Usually, the XE40 buses only operate during peak period hours on 44 Bristol and 55 Davis Drive with the schedule having an accommodation for charging at Newmarket bus terminal. I have seen it on other routes that operate outside of the two. Operating on 56 Gorham-Eagle and Route 427 Scared Heart School via Newmarket High School. Most likely the school trip operating before going into service on a peak period route. 

Keeping it in the transit sightings thread and not clog up the YRT/Viva regular thread. 

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1 hour ago, Wayside Observer said:

I saw a bus:


I don’t know what agency ATA is but apparently their bus died and had to be towed through Milton this morning.

That bus is from Area Transportation Authority of North Central Pennsylvania. I've seen some of their Gillig buses undergoing midlife refurbishment at MTB in previous years, so that fits with the location.

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On 10/26/2021 at 10:32 PM, Shemar said:

Tracker Sighting:

TTC 3330 is on the route 49 Bloor West

It's definitely entered Queensway's active rotating fleet, especially after it being in service on the 501 today. Anyone know if it's gotten a airport paint like the OGs?

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