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TTC Nove artic seen eastbound on Ingram approaching Kincourt at around 6 PM. Number unknown. Transsee does not show any artics on 59 MAPLE LEAF. Is it a 41 KEELE short turn? Or is it a RAD? Do artics participate in RAD? (From what i have read from Steve Munro, "bus type" is a slippery and amorphous concept.)

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GO Transit:

Training: 2452,2533

16: 8332,8419,8476

21: 2471(W), 8377(W), 8399(W), 8415, 8426(B), 8461(B) , 8465(B), 8515(B)

31:    2446(J), 2502(L), 2525(L), 2605(L), 8402(L), 8449(A)

61: 2564,2583

65: 2527,2574,2595,2611,8482

71: 2459,2545,8311,8403(E)

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TTC 1070, 1097, 3154, 7970, and 8185 working the 504 replacement bus from Broadview station to Roncesvalles/Triller via Dufferin and Queen today.

A mildly interesting thing I noticed was that Mount Dennis division buses were signed “504/505 Parliament&King” heading westbound, as they do during the normal long-term detour routing, but that buses from all other divisions were signed “504Q King to Roncesvalles/Triller via Dufferin&Queen”.

Heading eastbound, Mount Dennis buses were signed “504/505 Broadview Stn” and Wilson buses were signed “504 King to Shaw”.

This could definitely be a source of rider confusion. Does this have to do with the VISION system?

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8 minutes ago, Downsview34. said:

Westbound does say to Scarborough Centre Stn. I have a pic but didn't come out as great20210907_005435.thumb.jpg.c1df5343650053fe2635a88481ad2a02.jpg

I guess there's something wrong with the VISION programming cause I saw them all heading westbound at Markham Rd in the afternoon saying to UofT Scarborough. Of course they'll all turn to 38B once they pass Markham Rd as that the last stop before STC.

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14 hours ago, Xtrazsteve said:

Are the signs displaying westbound to u of t Scarborough?

Actually, my driver changed the sign to the regular 38 Highland Creek to Scarborough CTR, and added the extra “E X P R E S S” exposure.

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Orion Hybrids just can't stay off the highway. 1133 and a 12xx were on 927 this afternoon. 1412 was also on 37A, skipping the Queen's Plate Dr section of the routing. Saw it eastbound on Rexdale at Highway 27.

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