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Today's Sightings

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Via Transsee (July 3/21)

5101, 5113 and 5127 spotted on Viva Purple. First time in many months since an A330 was spotted on a weekend run considering that they have been operating articulated buses 7 days/week including holidays due to COVID-19 and ensuring enough physical distance between passengers. 

Rest were articulated buses (3 AG300 Van Hool and 1 Nova being 1973).

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This morning’s walk to find a coffee that wasn’t Tim Hortons or some overpriced boutique catering to douchebag condo inhabitants, and not lined up a mile long turned into a bust.   However, I did see 4500 and 4602:



Pardon me, I meant:



I think I like the first two better.

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TTC 3754 out by Long Branch loop on 501J/L/K/Z/whatever.

BYD ? South Etobicoke.

But does South Etobicoke ? BYD?

Pro tip: replace all hand-me-downs at Queensway with BYD. Also, run long extension cord to Ikea, they have charging stations.

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