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4 hours ago, West Island Transit Fan said:

Spotted this New Look on a movie set downtown yesterday (March 21), in CTA livery. Anyone know the origins of this bus?




Ex spruce meadows horse track in Calgary, nee Calgary transit. Privately Owned by a collector friend. 

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1 hour ago, bus_7246 said:

Tracker sighting: 

TTC 3488 currently on the 34 Eglinton East route. Departed Kennedy Stn roughly 5 mins ago

I saw it at Eglinton Stn at around 7:45ish with destination sign reading "MALVERN DIVISION."  I didn't bother reporting it cause I've been seeing a Nova HEV on the 34 every weekday evening.

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Not a particular sighting per se, but I’ve noticed the past 2 weekends I’ve been in the area around 2PM there’s been a TTC hybrid waiting on Finch at McCowan road, parked just in front of the McDonald’s displaying “Malvern Division”. It had the orange cones behind it but it didn’t look like it was broken down or anything like that

I think it might be a driver shuttle as that’s the changeover spot for route 39

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Tracker sightings:


1367 was on the 87 Cosburn

1370 was on the 945 Kipling Express

1372 was on the 46 Martin Grove 

1388 is training in the Leslieville neighbourhood this morning


1367 now appears to be in the 32 Eglinton West route as a RAD

1389 appears to be on the 996 Wilson Express

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