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From yesterday afternoon: Go Transit F-150 18-8142 providing reduced capacity Lakeshore West service eastbound on the QEW.   Presto card readers haven’t been installed in the truck b

TTC 7935 on the Island shuttle

TTC 3750 spotted circling Eglinton Division during the early afternoon.

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TTC 1294,  one of the COVID-19 Transport buses, with "Events Support" up on the sign northbound on Kennedy waiting to turn west on Sheppard around 4pm today. Noticed there were arrows made with what looked like masking tape on the windows pointing down towards the certain seats.

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From this morning:


4549, the boring one, brings up the rear on Long Branch.  It only got further behind in the mirror once traffic lights changed and the cars in front moved off.

From yesterday morning:


Oops at Long Branch Ave. along with a good demonstration of the not grounded, not dead principle since the traction power was still on and streetcars were still moving even though the wire was being worked on.

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3 minutes ago, Xtrazsteve said:
19 minutes ago, TTC7447 said:

Spotted at Eglinton Station.


The bus is drunk🤣

Well...to add to this, I suppose this driver’s preferred layover spot became available, so they went around the station.  When making a sharp left turn into the spot, they brushed up against that left most pillar you see in the picture leaving a tiny scratch on the left rear side.  This being Eglinton station, the sound of that scratch echoed causing everyone to look up from their phones with concern, including myself.

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