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6 hours ago, 7575 said:

Next time state the transit agency. Thanks

Sorry, I forgot

On the other hand


4500, 4444, 4474 & 4508 are on the 504A King

15 hours ago, WMATAC40LF said:

TTC 8011 going east along Dupont avenue this evening (presumably towards Hillcrest). 

Yes, It is at Hillcrest according to TransSee

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Unknown Events support bus at Yonge and sherborne

78xx on a tow truck stripped at birchmount road on danforth near the garage. The only numbers I could make out were 784 or 8 because most of the fleet numbers were faded.

8487:12 Kingston Road

9203:12 Kingston Road

9208:12 Kingston road

8474:12 Kingston Road 


8405,8402: Route 22

8945 NIS






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8651 on route 34
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