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Today's Sightings

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TTC T2 mockups 5344 (leading consist) and 5345 were out today on the YUS line with 5276/77 and another set. Didn't see if the seating arrangement was altered again as they wizzed by me.

5344 has returned to the normal seating layout, I saw 5345 and had a quick glance as it was pulling out of Queen's Park, it appeared to have it's seats in original configuration. Will have to get another look at 5345 one of these days.

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Where did the New Flyers go?

Im wondering that too. On my trip to Vaughan Mills today I spotted many oddball sightings.

2036 on 85B.

2063 on 85.

224 on 23 all day, rode it.

2048 on 85.

117 on 85, rode it.

108 on 83A.

8918 on 87, rode it.

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Ok... I have NO IDEA what dispatch is doing. They are mixing everything up!

This afternoon:

2048 was on 85-16th/rutherford

306 was on 41-Markham Local

2047 was on 18-Bur Oak

573 was on 2-Milliken

401, 574, 576, 577, 578 were on 85 and 85A-16th/Rutherford

And I think there is only 1 new flyer in the shop. All the rest are around but I don't know what they are doing with them all. You can usually see them on 85, 85A, 1, 2, 90 and the express routes.

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63 Ossington Had 9225 on it I said to myself wow that is unusual

and 9 Thornton had 8122 on it at 10:15 and night

I was standing at the oshawa centre and these buses came in

8122 as 8

8144 as 5

8332 as 6

8152 as 9

8125 as 3

8161 as 14

8156 as 2

8133 as 10

8169 as 11

8153 as 13

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i dunno if anyone ahs posted this yet or seen it, but today i noticed that on 7208 the old north american transit union sticker was covered up by two new stickers, one is about the union workers and the other one says this vechile is funded by the city of toronto

Those are the two stickers me and "»ß®£ðKÐøWÑ" have seen on the 78XXs at Birchmount.

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amazing how the TTC wastes money on stuff that isn't really important at all :D

You just noticed? Been happening for years. Anybody ever count all the decals on any TTC bus, both inside and outside? :P YRT 308 wb on the 401 @ Keele today, stuck in gridlock. :P

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