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14 minutes ago, ilovettc said:

Was it tracking on a route and what run was it on and if so can you please provide some proof of evidence that 3720 did 12C Kingston Rd this afternoon?

In-service testing buses and training buses are never a scheduled run...

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3720 is on 113 Danforth Road this Saturday morning

It's unusual to see it testing on a weekend, usually both sit in the garage all weekend

edit: It turns out this bus also did 135 Gerrard and 92 Woodbine South this same morning

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DRT 8473 running as a cover on 900/N1/900 (for 8589)

DRT 8564 on 901/N2 & DRT 8507 on 900/N1

On 3/20/2023 at 7:17 PM, yrt1000 said:

YRT 405 doesn’t want to die- I rode it on route 1 today

Pretty sure cause one of the 2022 units are OOS/MIA at the moment

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First day of new TTC board

905 Eglinton East Express - The first 4 artics for this route are 9067 & 9058 & 9076 & 9065
985A Sheppard East Express - 1549 & 3432 & 3412 & 3505 & 3645 & 1276
115 Silver Hills (back to Wilson) - 8391 & 3564 (Both interline with 78 St. andrews)

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Spotted only 1 bus on the 905 yesterday after looping the whole route twice. 3443.


Spotted 7930 parked in the back corner of Main Street Station around 3:30 AM last night.


Spotted 2 Wilson 81Xx and 1 83XX that was displaying TTC Welcomes you, parked on Parliament facing NB just before Front Street at around 5:30 AM

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MiWay 1798 at Square one Terminal. I was also able to get MiWay 2275 on the 2 Hurontario. I rode it from City Centre Terminal To Port Credit Go, and back. Overall the bus is very smooth and clean. It’s similar to the previous 2021 batch order but noticed the bus was fast at accelerating.


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8901? 3714? 3605 on 996 Wilson Express

8925 165 Weston Rd North

8170 97D

8160 98

3630 984/84

but some reason, 3714 and the 8900 on 996 were doing layover at Lawrence East RT Station this morning. Both had short turn signs to wilson station only up

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