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Found 2 results

  1. This is SUPER geeky, but I had to make it. I'm sure I share this with some of you out there, older and younger members, but the way a bus sounds is very important to me. Certain things can make me love or hate a bus, and sound is pretty much at the top of the list. Be it an awesome sounding axle, a dirty exhaust or a savage jake brake, it always helps. Now being a younger and inexperienced member I know that my interests are tailored towards newer buses, Cummins ISL/L/9/M/X/B etc., and even the DDS50/60 etc, (that's about it; anything older I genuinely dislike, especially the 6V92), but I'm curious to hear what your interests are when it comes to sound. To each their own opinion, so post videos or comments of your favorite sounding buses. As a matter of fact, I listen to audioclips of good ones while I work; it really helps. I'll start us off with a few: As you may know, or be able to tell, I'm a ZF fanboy, so here are a few. Listen with bass on if can: First pull off: I've recently discovered a popular French bus, Heulizez, which makes the GX337h, which sounds quite punchy. Listen from 3:29: And we can't forget Allison. Love the shifts into 5th and 6th on these things, never disappoints: from 0:54 to 1:30: Let's hear what you've got!
  2. I've been traveling on Greyhound for almost a year now and a thought struck me the other day when i was coming back to Toronto from Rochester, New York. It seems that the new Prevost buses aquired by GH Canada aren't actually new. The new X3-45's are always on the New York City-Toronto and London-Detroit-Chicago routes but never on any local routes in the GTA. They do however operate x3-45's with fleet number 88xx but a driver told me they were from 2008 and were transferred to GH Canada in 2014. He told me when they came to Canada they were plagued with problems. Transmissions were falling out of them, body damage, ripped seats, power outlets not working and missing buttons and such in the drivers area. My question is, if Greyhound is advertising the purchase of new buses (86xxx), why is the Canadian side getting the shitty end of the stick? The bus I was on was really nice, the seats had seat belts, the outlets were REAL power outlets, and the drive was smooth. All the older MCI buses from the US is being sent to Canada for a 2nd life but why be greedy with the new fleet if they're practically the same company?
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