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Found 4 results

  1. Milwaukee County Transit System 5232 On N. 5th St. between W. St. Paul Ave. & W. Clybourn St. under the Interstate 794 bridge. The south/east end layover for Route 12 (Teutonia-Hampton). Originally Route 12 was a streetcar line and replaced by GM diesel buses in Nov. 1951. Also, the original south/east end of the line was at the Lakefront (and then Chicago & North Western Depot*). HISTORY NOTE: *Chicago and North Western Lakefront Depot closed in May 1966 and all trains transferred to the Milwaukee Union Station (now Milwaukee Intermodal Station) at N. 5th St. & W. St. Paul Ave. Photo taken on Sunday July 1, 2018 via my cell phone. This is the day in 1975 when Milwaukee County takeover the bus system. Can add to the Wiki. I hope to capture 5000-series in the near future. Very hard to find, only assigned to weekdays and on trippers. Have a nice day to all transportation fans along your family and friends. *EarlyRun89
  2. Milwaukee County Transit System 5326 On W. St. Paul Ave. between N. 4th St. & N. 5th St. & the Route 57 (Walnut-N. 92nd) Layover. Taken on Sunday June 24, 2018 via my cell phone. Can add to the Wiki
  3. TheMaritimeMan

    Can't log into new Wiki page

    Hi - I've been a Wiki editor for years. I just tried logging in to the Wiki site for the first time since it moved to MediaWiki, and I can no longer log in. When I try logging in (using my CPTDB credentials, as always), it says "The supplied credentials could not be authenticated". If I click "Forgot your password" and put in my username and email address, it says that no account under that username exists. I used the provided "sign up" link to make an account, thinking that you just need a separate account to edit the Wiki now, but that seems to have only made a general MediaWiki account, and I still can't log into the CPTDB wiki. What gives?
  4. Kevin L

    Photo Naming on wiki

    The part in bold seems to be a problem right now and is really bothering me.