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Found 4 results

  1. Hello! I have some questions for anyone who works with that specific company mentioned above or any other holiday tour bus company. Some are generalized to all drivers, some specific to that company. 1. What is a typical one day trip like for you? What would be the hours for that day or break schedule for you? What about a multi day trip? 2. What do you prefer - single day or multi day trips? 3. What is your real off down time like? As in - do you get a few days off in a row or one day here or there? Do you do back to back multi day trips? How do they do scheduling? 4. What do you like/dislike about multi day trips? Any recommendations for entertaining yourself as a driver or what to do in the ‘downtime’ of a trip? 5. What are gratuities like? How are they encouraged on your trip to let patrons know to even give you one? 6. Does it ever get boring? How do you beat fatigue and boredom? 7. What happens if you get sick mid trip? Will they send another driver to replace you? What happens if you need an unscheduled bathroom break (should not have had taco bell last night or the extra coffee this AM type thing?) 8. Does the companies union supersede the laws of Ontario with hours of driving? As in will they push you to do more than the 14 hrs allowed? Will they run you ragged back to back? Get to spot a and do a drop off and they’ll tell you that you can do another group or trip until trip a is ready to go back? 9. How often does the company actually promote you? What about raises or bonuses? 10. How often do you get good multi day trips that you find are enjoyable or interesting places to go? As in - Iowa is nice but I’d prefer Cali or Florida or BC y’know? How often are the trips cool for say a young chick like myself? 11. What is vacation bid time like? Will you really get accepted for things like holidays off or is that earned in 5-10 years? 12. Other than driving and your pre trip/post trip circle checks & hours of service logs, what OTHER duties do you have? Fuelling the bus? Cleaning the bathroom or passenger puke? Loading & unloading luggage? Etc. Thanks in advance! Super appreciated
  2. BCT-3122-D800-10240

    Nagel Coaches

    Spotted and photographed Nagel Coaches new MCI J4500 #100 headed west bound on Highway #1 at the Spiral Tunnels in British Columbia on April 18, 2016. 180416-4033nagel100 by busdrawings, on Flickr
  3. Charter & Tour bus companies of southern California. *********************************************************************** Transit Systems is a charter bus company based in Sun Valley, CA. Their fleet consist of motorcoach, cutaway, and transit style buses. #1214 is a MCI bus. Alliance Bus Lines is a charter bus company based in Ontario, CA. Their fleet consist mostly of school buses and cutaway buses.
  4. Mexican Motorcoach Buses Photos of motorcoaches used by charter & intercity bus companies in Mexico. Today, most motorcoaches in Mexico are from DINA, Marcopolo, Volvo, & Irizar. MCI & VanHool are very rare but do make appearances. ******************************************* This DINA Viaggio is from a Mexican charter bus company called Big State City. I took this photo back in summer 2010. Autopista Mexico Federal 49 (Cuota) Ciudad Jimenez, Chihuahua ************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************ A charter bus company called "Turismo Paba" owns this Irizar I5. I found this bus in Leon back in summer 2010. ************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************ This migth be the only MCI bus deep inside Mexico (not including the border areas) that I have seen so far (who knows, I must of missed some when I wasnt looking). I found this MCI E4500 from Turimex Internacional traveling on Mexico Federal Highway 49 in the state of Durango. I think this was near the town of Cuencame.