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Found 3 results

  1. These are the latest additions that need to be updated on TARTA's wiki articles: - Units 3901-3913 (Ex-Greater Dayton Regional Transit Authority 2300s) are 2003 New Flyer D40LF buses - Units 500-537 have Allison B300R 5-speed transmissions, Luminator Horizon signs, and American Seating 6468 seats - TARTA's 2001 Nova Bus LFS vehicles have Allison Transmission B400Rs, Luminator Horizon signs, and American Seating 6468 seats - The standard 2012 Gillig BRT diesels from TARTA have Allison Transmission B400Rs and Luminator Horizon signs - An upcoming order of 11 buses are to be delivered in June 2018 - All buses in TARTA's fleet run on biodiesel fuel - TARTA units 2901-2903 (Ex-Metro RTA 1300s) have Detroit Diesel Series 40 engines with Allison Transmission B400Rs and Luminator Horizon signs. VINs for Metro RTA units 1300-1312 are: 5FYD2LN102U023577-5FYD2LN172U023589 - TARTA units 1900-1920 (Ex-COTA 2100s) have Detroit Diesel Series 40 engines, Luminator Horizon LED signs, and 39 American Seating 6468 seats - TARTA unit 700 was damaged in a front-end accident The rest of the information has to be done by looking up the bus agency TARTA on the internet, going to TARTA's Central Garage with special permission for a tour around their base, taking a ride on every type of TARTA bus in the fleet, and taking photos of TARTA buses not listed in the fleet roster for TARTA's CPTDB wiki articles. -
  2. TARTA has recently taken over county school bus contracts, and thus has added a large number of used buses: 1400-1412 Nova LFS 2001 ex Cleveland 1300288,290,293,295,300,301,306,320,322,327,328,332,333 1900-1920 D40LF 2001 ex Columbus 1U022920,922,923,928,933,937,942,943,945,946,948,960-962, 966-968,970,978,979,981 1921-1923 D35LF 2001 ex Dayton 1U023405,403,407 2901-2903 D40LF 2002 ex Akron 2U023581,583,586 Total of 40 ​Note corrected unit #'s
  3. "TARTA now has 96 buses in its active fleet, down from 166 five years ago, Mr. Gee said. Besides an 82 percent reduction in its school-related routes, he said, the authority has reduced its fleet because of budget-related route cuts, improved scheduling, and Perrysburg’s withdrawal from TARTA." Read more at http://www.toledobla...wRv0uVTXXhlJ.99 The Toledo Area Regional Transit Authority has agreed to sell 11 surplus buses to a transit agency in southwestern Ohio. The 11 Thomas buses built in 2003 are no longer needed because of TARTA’s reduced operations after Toledo Public Schools eliminated much of its student transportation contract because of budget cuts, Controller Stacy Clink explained Thursday to the authority’s board of trustees. The buses will be sold to the Butler County Regional Transit Authority, based in Hamilton, Ohio, which recently won a contract to provide transit service to Miami University in nearby Oxford, Ms. Clink said. TARTA bought the buses using primarily federal funds, and Federal Transit Administration policies encourage such transfers of surplus vehicles. The transit authority will be paid $2,261.05 for the amortized value of the local share of the vehicles’ original purchase price, and will be reimbursed for repairs to the buses needed to make them roadworthy for Butler County. The buses, which all have about 300,000 miles on their odometers, are part of a 38-vehicle fleet the transit authority acquired in 2003, of which 21 are still in use by TARTA and three are leased to Sandusky Transit, said James Gee, TARTA’s general manager. The remaining three were retired after crashes, he said.
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