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Found 2 results

  1. Pinellas Suncoast Transit Authority PSTA Fleet Update Here’s some Buses to add to the Active Roster 2018 Gillig BRT 35 HEV Units 18101-18109 2018 BYD K9 BE 35’ units 18110-18111 2019 Gillig BRT 35’ HEV Units 19101-19109 on Order 20101-201XX 2020 Gillig BRTPLUS HEV 40’ (9-14 Buses Ordered) 201XX-201XX 2020 BYD K9 BE 35’ (4 Buses Ordered) 201XX-201XX 2020 Hometown Trolley 35’ Streetcar (20 Units Ordered)
  2. 7/20/18 Update: My friend walt received an email from the head of fleet operations & maintenance at PSTA the other day He has outlined the following: > The 18 Gilligs that are on order will arrive as a split batch. Originally, the plan was for 9 buses this year and 9 buses for 2019. While the PSTA board approved the order as one combined order for cost savings, the delivery schedule will remain as originally intended. So 9 buses will arrive at the end of 2018, while the other 9 will arrive by April, 2019. > The 4 BYDs will also arrive as a split batch, as the orders were placed separately. The 2 initial buses will arrive sometime in August, while the 2 additional buses (purchased with FTA Lo-No funds) will arrive by October, 2019. The fleet numbers for the new buses on order 2018 Gillig 18101-18109 2018(35-foot hybrid - on order, expected delivery Fall, 2018),unkown model 2019 Gillig 19101-19109 (35-foot hybrid - on order, expected delivery Spring, 2019) unknown model 2018 BYD K9 18110-18111 (on order, expected delivery August, 2018), 2019 BYD K9 19110-19111 (on order, expected delivery Fall, 2019) 2018 Champion Freightliner Defender fleet Numbers 1801-1808 note there Currently being delivered as of July, 2018 - to replace the aging 2002 and 2005 vehicles for the North County Connector There last 2003 MCI D4500 bus 2309 retired in late 2017 If anyone doesn’t mind updating the roster
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