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Found 5 results

  1. Here are my suggestions to update this very outdated page: Route Details This east-west express bus route runs between Bellevue and Downtown Seattle via Mercer Island and South Bellevue. Normal service frequencies are 15 minutes reduced to 5 minutes during peak hours. Saturday service runs every 15 minutes except during early morning and evening trips, which have 30 minute headways. Sunday and holiday services are available every half hour. This route has the highest ridership in the system and a light rail line to replace the route is currently under construction, and will be completed in 2023. Route Stops Towards Downtown Seattle 110th Ave NE at NE 10th St (Select trips begin from Bellevue Transit Center) Bellevue Transit Center- Bay 9 NE 4th St at 108th Ave NE Bellevue Way NE at NE 4th St Bellevue Way SE at Main St, SE 3rd St, SE 11th St, SE 16th St and 112th Ave SE Mercer Island Park & Ride/N Mercer Way & 80th Ave SE International District/Chinatown Station (Bay A) Pioneer Square Station (Bay A) University Street Station (Bay A) Westlake Station (Bay A) 9th Ave & Pine St Towards Bellevue 9th Ave & Pine ST Westlake Station (Bay D) University Street Station (Bay D) Pioneer Square Station (Bay D) International District/Chinatown Station (Bay D) Mercer Island Park & Ride/N Mercer Way & 80th Ave SE South Bellevue Park & Ride (Bay 1) Bellevue Way SE at SE 16th St, SE 10th St and SE 3rd St Bellevue Way NE at Main St NE 4th St at 105th Ave NE Bellevue Transit Center (Bay 12) NE 10th St at 110th Ave NE I'd also suggest getting rid of the map on the page, as it is severely outdated (changes have been made to three stops: Convention Place Station has closed, moving the stop to a surface street, Rainier Freeway Station has closed, removing the stop altogether, and South Bellevue P&R's bay 2 has closed, substituting with a stop on Bellevue Way.) However, Sound Transit no longer produces maps of the style of the one currently on the page, so there would be no available replacement (all maps are just google maps-style maps now). Sources: https://beta.soundtransit.org/schedules/route/40_100239/at/1538628087290/direction/0/from/null https://beta.soundtransit.org/schedules/route/40_100239/at/1538628087290/direction/1/from/null https://beta.soundtransit.org/sites/default/files/route_dir_pdf/550-westbound.pdf https://beta.soundtransit.org/sites/default/files/route_dir_pdf/550-eastbound.pdf https://www.soundtransit.org/sites/default/files/2018-Q2-Service-Delivery-Performance-Report.pdf
  2. Add 9124-9126 G27D102N4 15GGD271(3,5,7)F1184861-4863 operated by KCM delete 9400-9149 from active - retired 9530,31,34-36 still on roster 3/16, at KCM
  3. Flickr: https://www.flickr.com/photos/sounderbruce/ Curated threads: SkyscraperCity Forums (mostly buildings and roads); AARoads Forums (roads) My content is split between transit, roads and soccer. All from the Seattle area, which has plenty of different transit agencies across several modes, so I'm not going to be bored for quite a long time. I sort all of my content by service/operator. The following albums get updated regularly, so stay tuned: Sound Transit - Link Light Rail Sound Transit - Sounder commuter rail Sound Transit Express King County Metro King County Metro - RapidRide "BRT" King County Metro trolleybuses Seattle Streetcar - South Lake Union Streetcar Seattle Streetcar - First Hill Streetcar (stations awaiting service) Seattle Streetcar - Waterfront Streetcar (abandoned stations) Seattle Center Monorail Washington State Ferries King County Water Taxi Everett Transit Community Transit Community Transit - Double Tall (double-decker buses) Community Transit - Swift Bus Rapid Transit Skagit Transit Island Transit Paratransit (Dial-a-Ride) Microsoft Connector (private employee shuttle) I also have individual albums for transit stations seen in some of my collections.
  4. Recent Sound Transit serials: 9122-9123 G27D102N4 C1180613-614 9201-9222 G30D102N4 C1180591-612 9800-9813 D60LFR CB041151-164 51214-51218 D60LFR CB041317-320 9566-9583 D60LFR BC038559-576 9584-9586 D60LFR BC038756-758 9648-9651 DE60LFR BC038752-755 9587-9586 D60LFR BB039321-330
  5. Here is a corrected Sound Transit railcar list: 101-104 1999 cab 105-111 2000 cab 201-213 2000 trailer 214-215 2001 trailer 112-118 2002 cab (note) 216-240 2002 trailer (note) 301-307 2003 cab 401-410 2003 trailer Note: cab cars 112-118, trailers 219-226,229,230 sold to Peninsula Corridor Joint Powers Board (Caltrail) same numbers before completion. 301-307, 401-410 then ordered to replace them. For several years, much of Sounder fleet was leased out as only a very few cars were actually needed: 101-103 to Virginia Railway Express V101-V103 104 to Metrolink 6104 105 to Virginia Railway Express V105 106-108 to Metrolink 6106-6108 109-111 (used by Sounder) (112-118) sold to Caltrain 201-209 to Virginia Railway Express V301-V309 210 to Metrolink 2210 211-212 to Virginia Railway Express V311-V312 213 to Metrolink 2213 214 to Virginia Railway Express V314 215-218 (used by Sounder) (219-226) sold to Caltrain 227-228 to Virginia Railway Express V327-V328 (229-230) sold to Caltrain 231-232 to Metrolink 2231-2232 233-236 (used by Sounder) 237-240 to Metrolink 2237-2240 As of late 2002, Sounder only used 3 cab cars (109-111) and 8 trailers (215-218 and 233-236)! As service was increased, all were eventually brought back from lease.
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