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Found 1 result

  1. From my personal recollections - here are my additions to Diamond Bus Lines Ltd. Roster Fleet number range Thumbnail Year Manufacturer Model Engine Transmission Notes 6 1949 Prevost PI-41 The three Prevosts 6, 7, and 14 were the mainstay of the fleet up to 1964 7 1950 Prevost Suburban Sold in 1966 to Red Deer Transit 502, retired from there c. 1972 14 1953 Prevost Citadin(?) Retired August 15, 1964 21-22 4/1953 Fitzjohn FTG-36 · Ex-Toronto Transit Commission 1778-1779. · Exx-Hollinger Bus Lines 87-88. Both were retired August 15, 1964 Added also: 3, 1940's unknown rear-engined bus seen frequently in use as a spare, up until sometime in sixties (but before end of service in 1964) 8 or 9, 1940's GM highway coach, ex-Greyhound, this was still on Diamond's lot in 1966 as evidenced by photograph 17, 1940's Flxible Clipper, believed to be ex-Northland Arrow, used primarily for the peak hour trips to & from Imperial Oil refinery 15, 16, 18, 19, 20 are believed to be old highway coaches (makes unknown) only used for a short duration There were a total of eleven to sixteen Twin Coaches built 1946 & 1948 bought from Winnipeg in 1962-63, 38-S and 34-S models. Known fleet numbers are 28 to 38 (photographic evidence exists), may also have included 23 to 27. These were mainly used for peak hour service for Jasper Place; one or two buses were assigned for all-day service to Sherwood Park (#28 was known to have been used for Sherwood Park up to c. 1966, after originally being mainly used for Jasper Place). All except one or two used for Sherwood Park were retired on August 15, 1964. Known Winnipeg fleet numbers that were sold to Diamond were the 38-S buses 825 and 829, and the 34-S buses 373, 375, 377, 361, 363 and 365. The last 3 of these are believed to correspond to Diamond numbers 36, 37 and 38, and were bought in 1963 with the rest being bought in 1962. These ex-Winnipeg Twins were Diamond's only buses known to have been equipped with heaters!! 39 and 40 are believed to be old highway coaches of unknown make, purchased specifically for the Sherwood Park run, the last buses ever bought by Diamond. The Twin Coaches were sold to Jasper Auto Parts of St. Albert (now defunct), and Windsor Auto Parts of 76 Avenue & 50 Street in Southeast Edmonton, where they remained for over two decades. The above info should be added to the Wiki on Diamond Bus lines Ltd. FIVE PHOTOS - the first is a rare NEVER BEFORE SHOWN photo from Prevost & Cie. The last photo is ex-Diamond Bus Lines prevost #7 as RDTS # 502. Categories: · Alberta Transit Agencies · Defunct Alberta transit agencies
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