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Found 6 results

  1. This thread is for anyone to contribute any additional information that they have about Thirdwave. Some examples of this are, new buses (New or second hand), retired buses (what was their fate), any more information about a certain bus(year, make, model, etc) and pictures of Thirdwave buses.
  2. Does anyone here remember the Blue Bird "City Bird" transit bus? It was produced from 1976 to 1986. For most of its run it used a Detroit Diesel 6V53 engine (naturally aspirated to 1979; turbocharged from 1980), switching to 6V71TA power for its last two model years (1985-1986). Engine list: Detroit Diesel 6V53N (1976-1979) Detroit Diesel 6V53T (1980-1984) Detroit Diesel 6V71TA (1985-1986) Transmission list: Allison MT640 (1976-1977) Allison MT643 (1978-1984) Allison MT644 (1985) Allison MT647 (1986) Hear a 1983 City Bird in action: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3Ip2uNRyYVg (audio and picture by Marcos Ruiz) ~Ben
  3. Post some interesting bus conversions here. I'll start this off with this awful one: school bus to pickup truck! https://www.kijiji.ca/v-farming-equipment/calgary/school-bus-truck/1434167203?enableSearchNavigationFlag=true
  4. In this tread I would like to discuss recently purchased busses by Thirdwave, recently retired/sold busses by Thirdwave, and recently leasesed out busses that belong to Thirdwave. I would also like to talk about anything else related to Thirdwave like good drivers, accidents, etc. To start off I would like to mention some new busses that I spotted but that are not in the wiki 279, Blue Bird vision 301, Blue Bird vision 305, Girardin G5 I would also like to add some inforormation about Bus 131 Bus 131 is currently being leased to the JCCGV for the summer for summer camps Bus 131 is a 2002 Blue Bird/ Girardin MB-II Please only post real and accurate information and keep the tread on topic Thank you, Thomas
  5. Some new VINs for you... and of the least likely of all buses... the Gillig Phantom Transit Coach school buses. Let's see if you can identify which school district (in San Jose, CA) operated these Gilligs bearing these VINs. Source: http://www.heavytruckparts.net/search.php?qsearch=TRUE&ManufMake=ALLISON&Model=HT747&PartID=4000 15GAD0915G1030032 (1986 model; DD 6V92TA engine and Allison HT747 transmission) 15GAD0915H1030243 (1987 model; DD 6V92TA engine and Allison HT747 transmission) 15GAD0912H1030247 (1987 model; DD 6V92TA engine and Allison HT747 transmission) 15GAD0919H1030262 (1987 model; DD 6V92TA engine and Allison HT747 transmission) 15GAD0912J1030383 (1988 model; DD 6V92TA engine and Allison HT747 transmission) 15GAD0914J1030384 (1988 model; DD 6V92TA engine and Allison HT747 transmission) 15GAD0918K1030423 (1989 model; DD 6V92TA engine and Allison HT747 transmission) ~Ben
  6. School Buses ******************************* I dont think there is a thread for this at CPTDB.
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