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Found 4 results

  1. Real time bus tracking for Calgary, Edmonton, Hamilton, Mississauga, and Saskatoon Features: live map with current bus positions updated every 30 to 60 seconds view full trip and block schedules look up and search for buses by route, model, or fleet number view bus/block history - routes/buses recently seen integrated route detour/info notices (Calgary only) fully mobile friendly Go check it out: https://transit55.ca/ I've been working on this project for the longest while and I'm quite excited to finally be sharing it. Feel free to let me know about any thoughts or questions you have, or any issues you run into! A huge thank you to A. Wong for getting the initial version off the ground and all the technical help and feedback along the way. Also a big thanks to everyone who tested the site and gave feedback!
  2. In 2014 STC conducted a public survey to gauge demand for a commuter bus service connecting Warman and Martensville to Saskatoon. Warman has a population of 7,084 (2011 Census) while Martensville is 7,716 for a service area population of 14,800 (2011 Census). As shown in the screenshot of the survey, they proposed a single peak-hour, peak direction trip thus: Morning inbound Warman Dep 6:50AM Martensville Arr 7:03AM Dep 7:05AM Saskatoon Costco Arr 7:15AM Saskatoon SIAST Arr 7:25AM Saskatoon STC Arr 7:30AM Evening outbound Saskatoon STC Dep 5:00PM Saskatoon SIAST Dep 5:05PM Saskatoon Costco Dep 5:15PM Martensville Arr 5:25PM Dep 5:27PM Warman Arr 5:40PM and they proposed a monthly pass costing $269.00. I think it's interesting that they did it, but I might have tweeked their proposal just a little bit. In particular I would have included the University of Saskatchewan as the endpoint of the morning run, and the origin of the evening run.
  3. Here's an image of 1987 MCI Classic #415 captured back on February 28, 2008:
  4. My new website! I will try to update it every week. New site address- Enjoy! Feel free to post replies on here about what you think of it!
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