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Found 3 results

  1. Our neighbor and friend Terry Boorman in Regina SK, owns former Moose Jaw Transit number 21, an Orion One. He urgently requires a transmission dipstick, so he can continue to run this classic bus, in his business as a party bus! Please reply 306-502-5030. Two images of this bus - in the past, when it was operating in MJT, and present day use as party bus in Regina!
  2. Good day folks, I was flying a drone around a random farm yard last week, and came across two retired RTS buses, #218 and #220. I have included some low res pics, but have better quality - the content will be limited until the melt is done and it either refreezes or dries up. As an employee of RTS, I can also provide some insight as to buses we have and things we have done. I see in the topics that someone noted our old trolleys we had (and have since moved on) and that the topics haven't been updated in a while. I hope we aren't too boring! Let me know how I can help! Derek
  3. In 2014 STC conducted a public survey to gauge demand for a commuter bus service connecting Regina with three towns to the east, Balgonie, White City and Pilot Butte. The 2011 Census gives the following populations: Balgonie 1,625, White City 2,098, and Pilot Butte 1,848 for a service area population of 5,571 (2011 Census). As shown in the screenshot of the survey, they proposed a single peak-hour, peak direction trip thus: Morning inbound. Pilot Butte Dep 6:55AM Balgonie Arr 7:06AM Dep 7:08AM White City Arr 7:20AM Dep 7:21AM Regina SupSt. Arr 7:31AM (2055 Prince of Wales Dr) Regina STC Arr 7:45AM Evening Outbound Regina STC Dep 5:00PM Regina SupSt. Dep 5:15PM (2055 Prince of Wales Dr) White City Arr 5:25PM Dep 5:27PM Balgonie Arr 5:39PM Dep 5:41PM Pilot Butte Arr 5:52PM and they proposed a monthly pass costing $269.00. I think it's interesting that they did it, but I think the proposal has a couple of misses. For one, why would they start in Pilot Butte and head east, away from Regina, to Balgonie before turning back westbound to pick up White City on the way into Regina? Wouldn't it make more sense to start in Balgonie, use secondary highway 624 between White City and Pilot Butte, and then enter Regina on highway 46? Secondly, for a commuter service I would serve the University of Regina. Students would be a significant market for a service like this. Here would be my route:
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