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Found 3 results

  1. Hello all, Was scrolling around and didn't find a forum for this. (correct and/or redirect me if i'm wrong, and don't get TOOOOO mad) Does anyone know when these buses will be deployed? Thanks TTC9432
  2. The Duluth Transit Authority (DTA) is pleased to announce that it has been awarded a $6,343,890 FTA Low or No Emission Vehicle Deployment Program (LoNo) Grant to purchase six electric buses and a fast-charge station from Proterra. Out of more than 70 applications, the DTA was one of only ten grant applicants to receive funding. A $1,119,510 local share will bring the total project cost to $7,463,400. The buses will be built at Proterra Manufacturing in Greenville, South Carolina with delivery anticipated in 2016. The fast-charge station will also be purchased and integrated into the DTA’s new Multimodal Transportation Center. DTA General Manager, Dennis Jensen, believes this will have a significant impact on public transit across the country. “We’re very excited about this award. The timing is perfect as we have incorporated the charging station into the design of the new Multimodal Transportation Center,” said Jensen. “The operation of the all-electric vehicles in the Duluth area with its challenging weather and terrain will provide a real test and developmental process for electric vehicle technology in the transit industry.” Duluth’s typography being on a hill along with the long winter season provides an ideal testing ground for electric buses. Source: http://www.duluthtransit.com/feed/news/739
  3. (FTA) has announced the award of approximately $39 million in federal grant funds for construction of the 4th Street/Prater Way Bus Rapid Transit (BRT) Project, which will utilize four electric buses for transportation between Reno and Sparks, Nev. Source: http://ngtnews.com/fta-hands-over-39m-in-federal-funding-for-electric-transit-project RTC Reno already has 4 Proterra electric buses (1st generation Proterras) which were unveiled in April 2014. Those charge at the downtown transit center in Reno.
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