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Found 11 results

  1. Inspired by the TTC thread, here is a thread for old bus photos from Ottawa-Hull/Gatineau. I'll start off with some of my earliest photos: 7403 on Slater Street near Elgin in June 2000: 7845 pulling away from Hurdman Station on Dec. 20, 1997: Ex-STO 8013 at Hurdman Station on Dec. 20, 1997: Ex-SMMBL 1770 laying up near Hurdman Station on Dec. 20, 1997: 8790 on the Mackenzie King bridge at Elgin Street on Dec. 20, 1997: 9030 at Hurdman Station on Dec. 20, 1997: 9109 at Lebreton Station on December 27, 2000: Brand-new 9126 next to 6101 during the OC Transpo Roadeo at Lansdowne Park on May 26, 1991 (one of my earliest bus photos): 9207 at Hurdman Station on Dec. 20, 1997. 9244 at Hurdman Station on Dec. 20, 1997: 9321 at Hurdman Station on December 20, 1997: 7901, the STO's historic bus, at Confederation Square on December 20, 1997: 8307 at Confederation Square on Dec. 20, 1997: 8404 at Confederation Square on Dec. 20, 1997: 8911 at Confederation Square on December 20, 1997: 9511 at Confederation Square on Dec. 20, 1997: 9601 at the Rideau Centre on Dec. 20, 1997: 2392 at Tunney’s Pasture in May 2000:
  2. Hello all, I'm creating this topic to see if we can help each other find old OC Transpo buses anywhere we can, whether it'd be fishbowls or Orion VI's, anywhere so long that it's accessible or be able to be spotted by transit fans alike. I'll start off this topic; OC Transpo MCI Classic #8902 is currently stored in a junk yard at 2775 Walkley Road and is accessible by bus as it is within Ottawa. OC Transpo Orion III #8882 is stored in a junk yard in Smith Falls, Ontario (forget which junk yard, though there aren't very many). OC Transpo Orion III #8613, 8615, 8616, 8623, 8652, 8723, 8735, 8755, 8759, 8760, 8761, 8763, 8849, 8851, 8855, 8856, 8858, 8866, 8867, 8868, 8869, 8876 are stored at Ed's Salvage, located at 4447 Upper Dwyer Hill Road in Arnprior, Ontario. OC Transpo Orion V #9849 is stored at Transdev Garage, located at 220 J.-A.-Bombardier Street (French; Rue 220 J.-A.-Bombardier) in Boucherville, Quebec. *THIS MAY NOT BE THE CASE ANYMORE* Feel free post locations of other retired/abandoned OC buses.
  3. Does anyone have any audio / video recordings of this bus? I found one somewhere on the CPTDB in a thread which someone replied "OC Transpo 8651 on route 95, recorded February 2002." But I can't find it any where now .
  4. today I put my application in for bus operator and I was wondering how long does it take to get a call back.
  5. Does anybody have a listing of VIN's for OC Transpo's 5001-5177 series?? Andre
  6. Hi, let me introduce myself and a brief reason why i'm on here, My youtube name is Transitfan93, but i recently changed my channel name from Canadiensfan2010 because i wanted to start up a facebook channel. My videos are a majority of Montreal Metro and Buses in the STM and RTL. Now the reason i do transit videos is because i have a passion for Buses and Metros (More specifically the MR-73s and Jeumonts trains), I figured if I post my links to my channels you can watch my videos and tell me what i could do differently and some advice on new cameras (i am trying to buy a new cheap camera like the Sony Webbie MHS that i used for a while) so please check out some of my videos My youtube channel is https://www.youtube.com/user/canadiensfan2010 and My Facebook page is https://www.facebook.com/transitfan93?ref=hl
  7. does anyone know what's the fate of that hybrid bus that caught on fire a couple days ago
  8. Unit 4024 has been added to the Historic fleet, this needs to be updated to the wiki. Thx.
  9. hi there my name is Ibrahim I'm 18 years of age I'm really interested in getting into OC Transpo as a garage attendant then eventfully a bus operator I have a GZ license, do I need any other classifications to get in?
  10. 1201: VIN: SFET6C5228GN12044 License Plate: BN4 256 GPS: Yes
  11. I am curious to see if we can add to the current OC Transpo route pages about histories of the route. For example, how route 7 used to be route 1A and followed the current route 1 from Maple Lane and Springfield to Sunnyside and Bank where it looped around in the neighborhood (Sunnyside, Senica, Grove) and also later on served Carleton U. Of course when this was a streetcar it was different but I don't have time right now to write up a detailed explanation on that.
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