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Found 3 results

  1. I've been on majhost.com for a few weeks now and it's time for everyone to view my transit photos. PHOTO STATS AS OF 2019-12-14 DRT: 30 EuroTransit: 18 Mi-Way: 26 Brampton/Zum: 12 GO Transit: 206 St. John's Metrobus: 1 TTC: 1,089 YRT/Viva: 65 SFMTA: 24 Golden Gate Transit: 4 LACMTA: 6 Barrie Transit: 4 Stratford Transit: 2 Niagara Transit: 1 St. Catharines Transit: 0 Other Niagara Region Transit Systems: 3 Helsinki Regional Transit Authority: 21 Miami-Dade Transit: 7 Other: 5 Total: 1,530 I'll update my photo gallery whenever I can (usually every 2 weeks) Oh yeah, please comment on my photos 'cuz they don't come with captions for each one. Cheers! (Knocking glasses together) SORRY: Majhost is down for maintenance
  2. These are the latest additions that need to be updated on TARTA's wiki articles: - Units 3901-3913 (Ex-Greater Dayton Regional Transit Authority 2300s) are 2003 New Flyer D40LF buses - Units 500-537 have Allison B300R 5-speed transmissions, Luminator Horizon signs, and American Seating 6468 seats - TARTA's 2001 Nova Bus LFS vehicles have Allison Transmission B400Rs, Luminator Horizon signs, and American Seating 6468 seats - The standard 2012 Gillig BRT diesels from TARTA have Allison Transmission B400Rs and Luminator Horizon signs - An upcoming order of 11 buses are to be delivered in June 2018 - All buses in TARTA's fleet run on biodiesel fuel - TARTA units 2901-2903 (Ex-Metro RTA 1300s) have Detroit Diesel Series 40 engines with Allison Transmission B400Rs and Luminator Horizon signs. VINs for Metro RTA units 1300-1312 are: 5FYD2LN102U023577-5FYD2LN172U023589 - TARTA units 1900-1920 (Ex-COTA 2100s) have Detroit Diesel Series 40 engines, Luminator Horizon LED signs, and 39 American Seating 6468 seats - TARTA unit 700 was damaged in a front-end accident The rest of the information has to be done by looking up the bus agency TARTA on the internet, going to TARTA's Central Garage with special permission for a tour around their base, taking a ride on every type of TARTA bus in the fleet, and taking photos of TARTA buses not listed in the fleet roster for TARTA's CPTDB wiki articles. -
  3. Am attaching two files - complete GMDD bus delivery list, and complete MCI-Nova Classic delivery list. These were compiled from official documents. Please add missing Classics to VIN list! GMDIESEL.txt MCICLASS.txt GMDIESEL.txt MCICLASS.txt GMDIESEL.txt MCICLASS.txt GMDIESEL.txt MCICLASS.txt GMDIESEL.txt MCICLASS.txt GMDIESEL.txt MCICLASS.txt GMDIESEL.txt MCICLASS.txt
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