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  1. Looks like TTC is looking for manufacturers for a future bus order. Future TTC Bus order Document request list Here R32PA16809 - FUTURE BUS PROCUREMENT OF TTC BUSES The Toronto Transit Commission (TTC) is seeking an expression of interest in order to identify and obtain information from firms interested in participating with future bus purchases. The TTC currently operates and maintains a fleet of approximately 2,000 buses to support the movement of its customers across the Greater Toronto Area. A move to steady state procurement has been implemented and the TTC plans on purchasing approximately 120 buses annually.
  2. With 2017 just around the corner tell me what vehicles your transit system you got in 2016 and which ones retired. OC Transpo: New buses: Alexander Dennis double decker buses and new GMC Para Transpo buses. Retired buses: none STO: New buses: Hybrid Novabuses both 40 and 60ft. Retired buses: Some old Classics.
  3. ( I am not sure why the pictures are sideways. I would suggest clicking on the thumbnails). On, June 11th, 2014, my mother spotted this mysterious GMC New Look (with an interesting marquee on it) in the Hunter's Point/Naval Yard area of San Francisco. I may go to the area to see it one day. Does anyone know the model by first looks?
  4. Hi, I have applied for the Mississauga transit operator recruitment for 2014. I am curious if I was hired how long it takes to start getting weekends off and not having to work split shifts? The Mississauga website states 15 years, but I've heard it's much less than that. Thank you.