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Found 4 results

  1. Hey everyone, to keep up with the retirements of the LACMTA NABI Metro 45Cs and 60-BRTs, I provided a separate thread so we know which ones are retired at the moment, and which ones are still active presently. The replacements for the 45Cs are unknown yet, but presumably BYDs as the Silver Line Compobuses are starting to be repainted into the iconic orange Metro Local livery while the buses from BYD are currently on delivery to Metro. The 60-BRTs might also be replaced by BYDs, but the ones that are used on the Orange Line replacement are the XE60s. Retired NABI Compobuses (2008-2013, 8100-8649) 8100-8216, 8218-8338, 8340-8341, 8344, 8348, 8363, 8400, 8402, 8409, 8517 Retired NABI 60-BRTs (2007-2008, 9500s) I don’t think any are retired at the moments but I will update it accordingly Metro recently repainted some of it’s Silver Line Metro 45Cs which including 8352, 8358 and some others. I believe they are based out of Division 13 now Sadly I don’t have auction dates for these buses, but will update accordingly if sources are found Majority of the retired NABI Compobuses are scrapped 8517 was involved in a recent crash when a hijacker took control of the bus. The suspect boarded the bus and the victim (bus driver) was held at gunpoint. The suspect forced the bus driver to drive to multiple locations. The hijacker then ran multiple lights before crashing into the side of the Ritz-Carlson Hotel. The suspect was later arrested, having kept the gun onboard the bus
  2. This content additions page includes the following info that is to be added to Los Angeles Metro Bus and Rail articles, the LACMTA diesel Orions, as well as the former SCRTD. The LACMTA articles are in need for a serious update as it lacks the Metro Rail fleet roster. The following info that needs to be added are: LACMTA units 5300-5414 VINs are to be linked to New Flyer's 2000 model C40LF 'Y' VINs article LACMTA units 5415-5522 VINs are to be linked to New Flyer's 2001 model C40LF '1' VINs article LACMTA units 7980-7999 have been retired as of September 2017, but they still remain in LACMTA's property Units 5312, 5314-5315, 5318, 5335, 5342, 5349, 5379, 5385, 5389-5390, 5404, 5407, 5414, 5425, 5453, 5457, 5476, 5487, 5502, 5513-5514, 5517, and 5520-5522 retain Detroit Diesel Series 50G engines Division 18 has units 5342, 5349, and 5521 Division 9 has units 5382, 5452, 7342, 7350, 7376, 7483, and 7930 Active units from LACMTA's current fleet roster can be used by putting the fleet numbers (3100-3149, 3850-4199, 5300-5522, 5600-6149, 7000-8099, 8100-8400, 8401-8491, 8500-8649, 9200-9594, or 11001-11067) into the LACMTA vehicles search bar at the bottom of this page: https://www.transsee.ca/routelist?a=lametro A new page for LACMTA units 3300-3714 and 1100-1189 should be created by taking the VINs from Neoplan's AN440 'D' (1983), 'E' (1984), and 'H' (1987) VIN articles, which list these units as SCRTD 3300-3714 and SCRTD 1100-1189 LACMTA units 3000-3019 are built in June 1998 The article for LACMTA units 7525-7599 should have their VINs added and linked to NABI's 2005 model 40-LFW '5' VINs article The article for LACMTA units 7300-7514 and 7600-7949 should have their VINs added and linked to NABI's 2001 model 40-LFW '1' VINs article The article for LACMTA units 7000-7214 should have their VINs added and linked to NABI's 1999 and 2000 model 40-LFW 'X' and 'Y' VINs article, respectively The article for LACMTA units 8000-8099 should have their VINs added and linked to NABI's 2003 and 2004 model 45C-LFW '3' and '4' VINs article, respectively http://www.rapidtransit-press.com/transitsystems.html: Info from this link must be sent to articles relating to SCRTD and LACMTA, especially the ex-SCRTD GMC and TMC RTS buses that went to Transit Systems Unlimited. http://www.rapidtransit-press.com/mta.html: Info from this link must be sent to articles related to the LACMTA. http://www.webring.org/l/rd?ring=001bus;id=150;url=http%3A%2F%2Fwww.oocities.org%2F~buslist%2Findex.html: VINs for LACMTA's 1980-1981 GMC T8J-204s, 1982 T7J-204s, TMC 1988-1989, 1992 RTS-06s, 1988-1990, and 1992 Flxible Metros are found in this link. The Metro Rail roster composes of: 1989 Nippon Sharyo P865: Rail cars 100-138 1990 Nippon Sharyo P865: 139-153 1994 Nippon Sharyo P2020: 154-168 1991-1992 Breda A650 with DC motors: 501-530 1996-2000 Breda A650 with AC motors: 531-604 1996-1999 Siemens P2000: 201-226, 227-250, 301-302 2006-2011 Ansaldo Breda P2550: 701-750 2014-2020s KinkiSharyo P3010: 1000-1235
  3. http://www.arb.ca.go...ents_biodsl.pdf All VINs corrected from the mistypes in the original link: 1G0YT82J0BV811198 - delivered as SCRTD no. 8703 1G0YT82JXBV810754 - delivered as SCRTD no. 8259 1G0YT82JXBV810771 - delivered as SCRTD no. 8276 1G0YT82J2BV810795 - delivered as SCRTD no. 8300 All examples delivered with the Detroit Diesel 6V92TAC engine and Allison V730 transmission. ~Ben
  4. Hello, as many of you know, the LACMTA has a giant collection of NABI 45C's and about 20 40C LFW's, which are made of composite material. However, NABI wasn't LACMTA's first compobus option, it was Northrop Grumman. I posted this on the Los Angeles MTA thread already, but I think posting this here was a good idea too. Only a small batch was made but Imagine if this was everywhere today... http://cptdb.ca/wiki/index.php?title=Northrop_Grumman_Advanced_Technology_Transit_Bus On the left, you'll see the difference http://www.chaffeeyiu.com/photo/mta/gateway2.jpg Close up http://www.chaffeeyiu.com/photo/mta/mta-9801.jpg Passenger side http://www.bmpcoe.org/bestpractices/internal/north/grf_north_14.html Collision Testing http://www.bmpcoe.org/bestpractices/internal/north/grf_north_15.html Engine: Detroit Diesel series 30
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