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Found 6 results

  1. Saw this story on http://www.illinoishomepage.net/story/d/story/keeping-buses-up-and-running-despite-the-cold/72214/T0ZY3lOMTEW38HlKqlxw9Q Keeping buses up-and-running despite the coldIt features video of New Flyer buses in the MTD fleet.
  2. On the "Zone Nord" section (Transcobec, https://cptdb.ca/wiki/index.php/Conseil_intermunicipal_de_transport_des_Laurentides), please add that 615, a '08 LFS HEV, has been retired and put up for sale according to a bus selling website (https://www.shopbuses.com/listings/2008-nova-bus-hybrid-ct625485) 614 also appears in a single side shot, nothing confirmed yet for this one so don't update for 614 for the moment EDIT: I spotted 615 myself at Montmorency today, even though it's for sale on the website. So either 614 is the actual bus for sale, or there is something wrong somewhere
  3. I live in Orlando, home of Lynx, and have been wondering for quite a while about a certain sound some of our Gilligs make. I have only specifically noticed it from our 2013-2014 35-foot hybrids, which I think are BAE. Others may do it too. You know the normal brief hissing sound of excess air being let out of the system? They do that. But they also make a sound of similar duration that, while similar to the hiss, has more of a tone to it for lack of a better word. It's sort of a high pitched noise that goes up in pitch as it progresses. It happens every so often, with no rhyme or reason. Kind of like the normal air hiss sound. I wish I had a recorded example. Does anyone have any clue what I'm talking about?
  4. I figured now would be a good time to create this thread, since it's becoming an issue of interest in the old Orion V retirements thread. This thread can be used to post updates about the current issues that face this fleet (including, but not limited to: Possible Early Retirement, Potential Rebuilding, etc...) Post Away!
  5. Nova won this one. Exciting to me to see the province invest so heavily in hybrid buses! Montreal will get 203 of the 509 buses. Longueuil will get 100 and Laval 77. The other transit agencies involved in the purchase are Quebec City, Lévis, Gatineau, Trois Rivières, Sherbrooke and Saguenay. Read more: http://www.montrealg...l#ixzz1zlkLPSnn Anyone know who is supplying the hybrid powertrain for these buses?
  6. This happened a year ago, but I have the consideration of join some pics of Volvo 7700 Hybrid in tests in city of Lisbon THIS BUS DID NOT MADE PASSENGER SERVICE
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