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Found 3 results

  1. Could you please verify these VIN numbers for all of Pullman Transit's Gillig Phantoms? The list: 96: 15GCB0918F1081263 (35TB/96/6V92, 10/1985) 97: 15GCB091XF1081264 (35TB/96/6V92, 10/1985) 98: 15GCB0911F1081265 (35TB/96/6V92, 10/1985) 95: 15GCB091XG1081542 (35/96TB/6V92, 11/1986) 94: 15GCB091XH1081655 (35/96TB/6V92, 2/1987) 93: 15GCB0915H1081918 (35/96TB/6V92, 7/1987) 92: 15GCB0917M1083907 (35/96TB/6V92TA, 1991) 104: 15GCB0918N1084579 (35/96TB/6V92TA, 1992) 105: 15GCB0912P1085097 (35/96TB/6V92TA, 9/1993) 107: 15GCB2013R1085637 (S50/T35/96, 1994) 100: 15GCB2015R1085638 (S50/T35/96, 1994) 106: 15GCB2118V1087487 (C21B096N4, 9/1997) 103: 15GCB211XV1087488 (C21B096N4, 9/1997) Thank you
  2. While we all know for certain that every Gillig Phantom that Pullman Transit had ordered since 1991 came with the Voith D863 transmission, I am not sure if the same logic applied to the very first ones dating between 1985 and 1987 (units 93 to 98). Could any Pullman Transit experts please clue me in on these first six Phantoms? Complete list of Phantoms: 1985: 96-98 (model 35TB/96/6V92, DD 6V92TA MUI engine) 1986: 95 (model 35/96TB/6V92, DD 6V92TA MUI engine) 1987: 93-94 (model 35/96TB/6V92, DD 6V92TA MUI or DDEC engine) 1991: 92 (model 35/96TB/6V92TA, DD 6V92TA DDEC II engine) 1992: 104 (model 35/96TB/6V92TA, DD 6V92TA DDEC III engine) 1993: 105 (model 35/96TB/6V92TA, DD 6V92TA DDEC III engine) 1994: 100 and 107 (model S50/T35/96, DD S50 DDEC III engine) 1997: 103 and 106 (model C21B096N4, Cummins M11-280E+ engine) Thank you, Ben
  3. According to the September 1985 issue of Bus Ride magazine (most of their September issues were about reviews of the latest buses and thus devoted specifications of them), Gillig had been commissioned by Britain's Leyland Bus (which had wanted to get its product sold in the U.S.) to market and perform final assembly of their popular Olympian double-decker bus for the North American market, but the deal didn't get very far. ~Ben
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