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Found 14 results

  1. The OCTA and its articles are in a serious need for updates because the fleet info is incomplete particularly because there are shuttle buses used for OCTA ACCESS Service that are not in the fleet. I have lived in Orange County, California for almost my entire life and this is the bus system where I had my first bus rides in 2015! The following details that must be added to the OCTA and its articles are: The OCTA was established in 1991 from the Orange County Transit District OCTA units 8501-8599 are 2014-2015 Glaval Buses built on a Ford F-450 Chassis OCTA units 8601-8700 series are 2017 StarCraft buses built on a Ford F-450 chassis OCTA routes 20, 51, 145, 187, 188, 191, 193, 410, 411, 430, 464, 490, 757, and 758 are discontinued Add OCTA routes 53X, 57X, 64X, 150, Bravo 543, and Bravo 560 OCTA units 8301-8364 were 1999 ElDorado National Aerotech buses built on a Ford F450 chassis. These buses were retired in 2008. OCTA units 6301-6312, 6400s, 6500s, 6600s, 6700s, and 6800s have been retired. OCTA units 6341-6345 OCTA units 5122, 5675, and 7575 have Near Zero ISL-G engines All 2007 New Flyer C40LFRs (5502-5599, 5601-5674, 7501-7528) have Cummins Westport ISL-G engines OCTA C40LFR build dates: 5501: September 2006 5502: March 2007 5505-5508: April 2007 5510-5530, 5540, 7529: May 2007 5536-5539, 5541-5542: June 2007 7501-7528: January 2008 7572: July 2008 7592: May 2008 OCTA XN40 build dates: 5702: January 2015 5753-5761: July 2016 5765-5775: August 2016 5852-5856: January 2017 5858: February 2017 OCTA NABI 40-LFW build dates: 2117: July 2000 2144-2160: August 2000 2201-2215: July 2001 2217-2270: August 2001 2277-2320: September 2001 2323-2372: October 2001 Units 2209, 2214-2215, 2217-2218, 2222, 2228, 2232-2233, 2237, 2243, 2248, 2254-2255, 2263, 2270, 2278, 2280-2281, 2287-2288, 2296, 2311, 2313, 2317, 2324, 2340-2341, 2345, 2349, and 2357 are active. All other 2200s and 2300s are retired. 1100s series Flxible New Looks have Detroit Diesel Allison V730 transmissions OCTA units 6351-6364 have Hanover Monochrome LED signs New Flyer D40LF units 5302, 5306, 5331, 5335, 5342, 5353-5354, 5362, 5376, 5387-5388, 5401, 5403, 5406, 5408-5412, and 5416 are presumed to be active. 1987 OCTD SuperBuses: 7001-7002 (White Motor Company WX42 trucks), 7501-7502 (Capre SuperBus trailers) 1993 OCTA SuperBuses: 7101-7110 (WhiteGMC WX42 trucks), 7601-7610 (SuperBus Trailers) 1997 ElDorado National Aerotech buses built on Ford Econoline chassis: units 8101-8191 1995 New Flyer D40LF units 5208 and 5241 tested two separate experimental OCTA paint schemes in 1999. 5208 had the two-stripe orange and blue 'Millennium Look' livery while 5241 had a mostly blue and white OCTA livery. OCTA unit 6031 was a 2008 ElDorado National E-Z Rider II BRT originally intended to replace the 1997-1998 E-Z Riders, but it was rejected. This bus supposedly had a Cummins Westport ISL G with an Allison Transmission B300R and Transit Sales International is presumed to have this bus on their website.
  2. This content additions page includes the following info that is to be added to Los Angeles Metro Bus and Rail articles, the LACMTA diesel Orions, as well as the former SCRTD. The LACMTA articles are in need for a serious update as it lacks the Metro Rail fleet roster. The following info that needs to be added are: LACMTA units 5300-5414 VINs are to be linked to New Flyer's 2000 model C40LF 'Y' VINs article LACMTA units 5415-5522 VINs are to be linked to New Flyer's 2001 model C40LF '1' VINs article LACMTA units 7980-7999 have been retired as of September 2017, but they still remain in LACMTA's property Units 5312, 5314-5315, 5318, 5335, 5342, 5349, 5379, 5385, 5389-5390, 5404, 5407, 5414, 5425, 5453, 5457, 5476, 5487, 5502, 5513-5514, 5517, and 5520-5522 retain Detroit Diesel Series 50G engines Division 18 has units 5342, 5349, and 5521 Division 9 has units 5382, 5452, 7342, 7350, 7376, 7483, and 7930 Active units from LACMTA's current fleet roster can be used by putting the fleet numbers (3100-3149, 3850-4199, 5300-5522, 5600-6149, 7000-8099, 8100-8400, 8401-8491, 8500-8649, 9200-9594, or 11001-11067) into the LACMTA vehicles search bar at the bottom of this page: https://www.transsee.ca/routelist?a=lametro A new page for LACMTA units 3300-3714 and 1100-1189 should be created by taking the VINs from Neoplan's AN440 'D' (1983), 'E' (1984), and 'H' (1987) VIN articles, which list these units as SCRTD 3300-3714 and SCRTD 1100-1189 LACMTA units 3000-3019 are built in June 1998 The article for LACMTA units 7525-7599 should have their VINs added and linked to NABI's 2005 model 40-LFW '5' VINs article The article for LACMTA units 7300-7514 and 7600-7949 should have their VINs added and linked to NABI's 2001 model 40-LFW '1' VINs article The article for LACMTA units 7000-7214 should have their VINs added and linked to NABI's 1999 and 2000 model 40-LFW 'X' and 'Y' VINs article, respectively The article for LACMTA units 8000-8099 should have their VINs added and linked to NABI's 2003 and 2004 model 45C-LFW '3' and '4' VINs article, respectively http://www.rapidtransit-press.com/transitsystems.html: Info from this link must be sent to articles relating to SCRTD and LACMTA, especially the ex-SCRTD GMC and TMC RTS buses that went to Transit Systems Unlimited. http://www.rapidtransit-press.com/mta.html: Info from this link must be sent to articles related to the LACMTA. http://www.webring.org/l/rd?ring=001bus;id=150;url=http%3A%2F%2Fwww.oocities.org%2F~buslist%2Findex.html: VINs for LACMTA's 1980-1981 GMC T8J-204s, 1982 T7J-204s, TMC 1988-1989, 1992 RTS-06s, 1988-1990, and 1992 Flxible Metros are found in this link. The Metro Rail roster composes of: 1989 Nippon Sharyo P865: Rail cars 100-138 1990 Nippon Sharyo P865: 139-153 1994 Nippon Sharyo P2020: 154-168 1991-1992 Breda A650 with DC motors: 501-530 1996-2000 Breda A650 with AC motors: 531-604 1996-1999 Siemens P2000: 201-226, 227-250, 301-302 2006-2011 Ansaldo Breda P2550: 701-750 2014-2020s KinkiSharyo P3010: 1000-1235
  3. I have uncovered something that will both be good for the marta and the grumman flxible pages. I have found some pictures that show evidence and proof that marta was the first to receive grumman flxible 870
  4. http://cptdb.ca/wiki...ro_%27N_VINs%27 Here's one addition for you to add to the above link: VIN: 1GF5ANPK0ND103378 Model: 40102-6C Build date: 4/1992 Operator: Tri-Met (OR) Unit number: 1701 (aka the "Art bus") VIN breakdown: 1: made in the U.S.A. G: Flxible Corporation F: Flxible transit bus 5: Flxible Metro series (1983-96) A: 40" x 102" body length/width N: 2 doors, wheelchair lifts, two wheelchair spaces, no A/C P: Cummins L10-280E diesel engine (49 states) K: Compressed air brake, drum type, no ABS, rear axle spring parking brake 0: check digit N: 1992 model year D: assembled in Delaware, OH 103378: serial number ~Ben
  5. I have a question about the Central Ohio Transit Authority's (COTA) 1983 Flxible Metro "A" series buses (model 40102-6T, units 8201-8265)? These have the serial nos. DD094903 to DD094967, but, since they still carried Grumman nameplates on them would that mean these were actually the last 870s instead of being among the first Metros built? The unit numbers themselves also suggest this might've been a backlogged order. It is true, though, that the change of company name from Grumman Flxible Corporation (GFC) to just The Flxible Corporation didn't occur until October 7, 1983 according to official Flxible documentation sent to NHTSA. New Jersey Transit's (units PA1300-PA1449 and 1450-1464) and MTA Maryland's Flxible Metros (units 8301-8380) were backlogged until late October and November 1983 respectively, mere weeks after GFC became the "new" Flxible, so these units already had Flxible nameplates. ~Ben
  6. These are, hopefully, the correct VIN numbers for TriMet's 1992 batch of Flxible Metro "C" buses. http://cptdb.ca/wiki...ro_%27N_VINs%27 1701-1808 - model 40102-6C (Cummins L10-280E engine, Voith D863-W7 transmission) 1701: 1GF5ACPK5ND103378 1702: 1GF5ACPK7ND103379 1703: 1GF5ACPK3ND103380 1704: 1GF5ACPK5ND103381 1705: 1GF5ACPK7ND103382 1706: 1GF5ACPK9ND103383 1707: 1GF5ACPK0ND103384 1708: 1GF5ACPK2ND103385 1709: 1GF5ACPK4ND103386 1710: 1GF5ACPK6ND103387 1711: 1GF5ACPK8ND103388 1712: 1GF5ACPKXND103389 1713: 1GF5ACPK6ND103390 1714: 1GF5ACPK8ND103391 1715: 1GF5ACPKXND103392 1716: 1GF5ACPK1ND103393 1717: 1GF5ACPK3ND103394 1718: 1GF5ACPK5ND103395 1719: 1GF5ACPK7ND103396 1720: 1GF5ACPK9ND103397 1721: 1GF5ACPK0ND103398 1722: 1GF5ACPK2ND103399 1723: 1GF5ACPK5ND103400 1724: 1GF5ACPK7ND103401 1725: 1GF5ACPK9ND103402 1726: 1GF5ACPK0ND103403 1727: 1GF5ACPK2ND103404 1728: 1GF5ACPK4ND103405 1729: 1GF5ACPK6ND103406 1730: 1GF5ACPK8ND103407 1731: 1GF5ACPKXND103408 1732: 1GF5ACPK1ND103409 1733: 1GF5ACPK8ND103410 1734: 1GF5ACPKXND103411 1735: 1GF5ACPK1ND103412 1736: 1GF5ACPK3ND103413 1737: 1GF5ACPK5ND103414 1738: 1GF5ACPK7ND103415 1739: 1GF5ACPK9ND103416 1740: 1GF5ACPK0ND103417 1741: 1GF5ACPK2ND103418 1742: 1GF5ACPK4ND103419 1743: 1GF5ACPK0ND103420 1744: 1GF5ACPK2ND103421 1745: 1GF5ACPK4ND103422 1746: 1GF5ACPK6ND103423 1747: 1GF5ACPK8ND103424 1748: 1GF5ACPKXND103425 1749: 1GF5ACPK1ND103426 1750: 1GF5ACPK3ND103427 1751: 1GF5ACPK5ND103428 1752: 1GF5ACPK7ND103429 1753: 1GF5ACPK3ND103430 1754: 1GF5ACPK5ND103431 1755: 1GF5ACPK7ND103432 1756: 1GF5ACPK9ND103433 1757: 1GF5ACPK0ND103434 1758: 1GF5ACPK2ND103435 1759: 1GF5ACPK4ND103436 1760: 1GF5ACPK6ND103437 1761: 1GF5ACPK8ND103438 1762: 1GF5ACPKXND103439 1763: 1GF5ACPK6ND103440 1764: 1GF5ACPK8ND103441 1765: 1GF5ACPKXND103442 1766: 1GF5ACPK1ND103443 1767: 1GF5ACPK3ND103444 1768: 1GF5ACPK5ND103445 1769: 1GF5ACPK7ND103446 1770: 1GF5ACPK9ND103447 1771: 1GF5ACPK0ND103448 1772: 1GF5ACPK2ND103449 1773: 1GF5ACPK9ND103450 1774: 1GF5ACPK0ND103451 1775: 1GF5ACPK2ND103452 1776: 1GF5ACPK4ND103453 1777: 1GF5ACPK6ND103454 1778: 1GF5ACPK8ND103455 1779: 1GF5ACPKXND103506 1780: 1GF5ACPK1ND103507 1781: 1GF5ACPK3ND103508 1782: 1GF5ACPK5ND103509 1783: 1GF5ACPK1ND103510 1784: 1GF5ACPK3ND103511 1785: 1GF5ACPK5ND103512 1786: 1GF5ACPK7ND103513 1787: 1GF5ACPK9ND103514 1788: 1GF5ACPK0ND103515 1789: 1GF5ACPKXND103456 1790: 1GF5ACPK1ND103457 1791: 1GF5ACPK3ND103458 1792: 1GF5ACPK5ND103459 1793: 1GF5ACPK1ND103460 1794: 1GF5ACPK3ND103461 1795: 1GF5ACPK5ND103462 1796: 1GF5ACPK7ND103463 1797: 1GF5ACPK9ND103464 1798: 1GF5ACPK0ND103465 1799: 1GF5ACPK2ND103466 1800: 1GF5ACPK4ND103467 1801: 1GF5ACPK6ND103468 1802: 1GF5ACPK8ND103469 1803: 1GF5ACPK4ND103470 1804: 1GF5ACPK6ND103471 1805: 1GF5ACPK8ND103472 1806: 1GF5ACPKXND103473 1807: 1GF5ACPK1ND103474 1808: 1GF5ACPK3ND103475 1901-1910 - model 30102-6C (Cummins L10-280E engine, Voith D863-W7 transmission) 1901: 1GF5FCPK3ND103476 1902: 1GF5FCPK5ND103477 1903: 1GF5FCPK7ND103478 1904: 1GF5FCPK9ND103479 1905: 1GF5FCPK5ND103480 1906: 1GF5FCPK7ND103481 1907: 1GF5FCPK9ND103482 1908: 1GF5FCPK0ND103483 1909: 1GF5FCPK2ND103484 1910: 1GF5FCPK4ND103485 If you have not noticed, I used the letter "C" as the 6th digit (rather than "N" which would mean no HVAC at all) since apparently, on this batch of buses at least, TriMet originally ordered these with HVAC units, but had them removed prior to entering service. My new bit of information is credited to this link, and by looking at the last picture, which shows the inside of bus no. 1762 and the one label reminding us about something that isn't even there: http://trimetrider.blogspot.com/2011/12/that-other-trimet-geek-activists.html ~Ben
  7. I can make a contribution to the Miami-Dade Transit roster on the CPTDB Wiki. http://cptdb.ca/wiki...mi-Dade_Transit Here are the powertrains their Flxible Metros had used: 7001-7129, 8001-8087 and 9001-9066 = Cummins L10 engine (270 hp) with Voith D863.2-W7 transmission (7001-7129 are 1987 models, 8001-8087 are 1988 models and 9001-9066 are 1990 models) 9067-9073 = 1990, Detroit Diesel 6V92TA DDEC engine (277 hp) with Voith D863.2-W7 transmission (similar to Bee Line Transit of Westchester County, Yonkers, NY and Fresno Area Express, aka FAX, of Fresno, CA) 9074-9094 = 1990, Cummins L10 engine (270 hp) with ZF Ecomat 4HP590 transmission 9201-9205 = 1992, Cummins L10G engine (240 hp; CNG fueled) with Voith D863.2-W7 transmission 9206-9210 = 1992, Cummins L10E CELECT engine (280 hp) with ZF Ecomat 5HP590 transmission 9211-9215 = 1992, Detroit Diesel 6V92TA DDEC engine (277 hp; methanol fueled) with ZF Ecomat 5HP590 transmission 9301-9358 (initially #93201-93258) = 1993, Cummins C8.3 engine (275 hp) with Voith D863.2-W7 transmission (1993 models) 9359-9373 and 9401-9425 = Detroit Diesel Series 50 DDEC engine (275 hp) with Voith D863.2-W7 transmission (9359-9373 are 1993 models and 9401-9425 are 1994 models) 9426-9430 = 1994, Cummins M11E CELECT engine (280 hp) with Voith D863.2-W7 transmission Some reviews of these buses weren't well received, especially the 1993 models #9301-9358, due to the fact the C8.3 used in them through 2000 wasn't rugged enough; in fact, after some initial tuning early in the fleet's lifespan, the engines smoked heavily. After 2000, the old C8.3s were ready to go and their electronic counterpart, the ISC (280 hp), took their place. I find it odd that on all of the rosters I see on the Internet regarding the MDT buses, that all 15 of their 1992 Flxible Metros had ZF 5HP590 transmissions; in fact, only #9206-9215 actually had them. #9201-9205 had Voith transmissions; because I remember Marcos Ruiz giving me a sound recording for #9203, and it used a Voith transmission, as did #9204. http://www.youtube.c...h?v=2biXL6oelOQ ~Ben
  8. I was just informed that around 15 to 20 Ex-Golden Gate Transit 1994 Flxible Metro "D" 40102-4D suburbans are still active in 2015 and are running for Charleston Area Regional Transit Authority (CARTA). GGT 1401 has been preserved by a private owner. Also, TriMet seems to still be using 1992 Flxible Metro "C" 40102-4C's. Does anyone know of any other Flxibles still in service?
  9. http://omot.org/roster/flxlist/m40096.html This link at OMOT.org needs to be fixed. Apparently it has not been fixed in many years since. In the meantime I am making a complete database of Flxible Metro production (all units from 1983 to 1995) including every single model (30096, 30102, 35096, 35102, 40096 and 40102). ~Ben
  10. Were there ever any Flxible Metros out there whose Cummins L10 engines were replaced during the fleet's midlife with the Cummins ISC? I know this would've applied to the Omaha Metro Area Transit units (9301-9308, 9401-9426). ~Ben
  11. This above video by chnchlla88 (from Taipei, Taiwan) shows said user riding what he claims is a 1994 TriMet Flxible Metro 1839 during his visit to Portland, OR. This bus is working on Line 76-Beaverton-Tualatin to Meridian Hospital (the video ends at Washington Square mall). The picture he used may be correct, but the actual video afterward doesn't seem to match the picture opening this. Can anyone else (whether from Taiwan like he, or right here in the USA/Canada) prove he's not actually riding 1839 but a 1700 series? The video is only in low-quality 240p (also note he originally made the video in December 2008) so I cannot read the bus number from the inside clearly. My reason for asking about this is because none of the other TriMet 1817-series buses seem to have that dark vampire exhaust hum (like the 1700 and 1900 series Flxibles TriMet has). Here's two such Flxibles that 1839 (at least in 2008) seemed to mimic: http://www.youtube.c...h?v=mPgZknVFCEI (bus 1788, by BCT-3122-D800-10240 - again on the 76 - vampire hum is delayed) (bus 1901, by punkrawker4783 - vampire hum is again delayed at times) (TriMet 1826 by MetroLinerXLZ - once again on the 76 to Meridian Hospital) ~Ben
  12. Could anyone familiar with the fleet of the "T" (meaning: Fort Worth Transportation Authority) confirm to me the powertrains of their Flxible Metros? From the video in the link I posted at the top, there are two 35' Flxible Metros (one of these is in the 750 series, I can see ID #765) using Cummins L10G (CNG) engines and ZF 4HP590 (V-drive) transmissions, whereas another 35' Flxible Metro (low 500 series) and a 40' Flxible (high 500 series) use the same Cummins L10G engines but with Voith D863.2-W7 (V-drive) transmissions. All the ones I observed in the video are 1992 models ("C" type, with HVAC on center of rooftop) except for the 40' long which is a 1995 "E" type model (with HVAC in rear of bus). List of the Flxible Metros (in chronological order) operated by the "T" (Fort Worth), from OMOT.org: 801-835 = 1986 Metro "A" 35096-6T with Detroit Diesel 6V92TA engine and Allison V730 transmission 701-733 = 1988 Metro "B" 35102-6T with Detroit Diesel 6V92TA engine and Allison V731 transmission 875-878 = 1990 Metro "B" 35102-6T with Detroit Diesel 6V92TA engine and Allison V731 transmission 881-883 = 1990 Metro "B" 35102-6C CNG with Cummins L10G engine and ZF 4HP590 (V-drive) transmission 884-892 = 1991 Metro "B" 35102-6C CNG with Cummins L10G engine and ZF 4HP590 (V-drive) transmission 751-769 = 1992 Metro "C" 35102-6C CNG with Cummins L10G engine and ZF 4HP590 (V-drive) transmission 501-513 = 1992 Metro "C" 35102-6C (not 40102-6C; if you watch the video and compare the length of unit #503 with that of #522, the 1995 model, you know what I mean) CNG with Cummins L10G engine and Voith D863.2-W7 transmission 514-527 = 1995 Metro "E" 40102-6C with Cummins L10G engine and Voith D863.2-W7 transmission (these were the only 40' long Flxible Metros purchased by Fort Worth's "T") (OMOT.org does not list 515-527 as being CNG-fueled but I watched the video and I noticed the CNG sticker is present on #522, so I proved the site wrong) Also, as you approach the most recent Flxible Metro deliveries on the OMOT lists, they are less detailed because of, as they point out, the obvious financial difficulties at Flxible. Anyway, if anyone in the Dallas-Fort Worth area could please help me out on the exact powertrains (and other information) of the Flxibles your city had ran, I would appreciate it. ~Ben
  13. Does anyone know how the Flxible Metro buses acquired their low-frequency exhaust drone sound that comes into play with the revving engine (be it by Cummins or Detroit Diesel)? Lack of resonation, perhaps? Too many examples I can think of to list here... so I'll draw out some examples: TriMet #1701-1808, 1901-1910, 1809-1816 and 1817-1843 WMATA #9701-9785, 9801-9818, 9819-9835 VTA (San Jose, CA) #9201-9291, 9301-9355 Maryland MTA #9401-9425 and 9431-9435 (ZF transmission), 9426-9430 (Voith transmission) The best known case of any Flxible Metro with this exhaust drone at all speeds is with any 1992 to 1996 model equipped with the Cummins L10E, L10G or M11E engines. Often times the exhaust plumbing is not resonated to block that part of the sound out. ~Ben
  14. Is there any proof that the Flxible Metro LNG buses delivered to TriMet in 1993, ID's #1809 to 1816, were the "D" series, as in, did they have the larger driver's area (and the circuit breaker panel location change to the top portion of the operator's window) as opposed to their 1992 diesel-powered "C" cousins (ID's #1701-1808, 1901-1910)? ~Ben
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