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Found 14 results

  1. The OCTA and its articles are in a serious need for updates because the fleet info is incomplete particularly because there are shuttle buses used for OCTA ACCESS Service that are not in the fleet. I have lived in Orange County, California for almost my entire life and this is the bus system where I had my first bus rides in 2015! The following details that must be added to the OCTA and its articles are: The OCTA was established in 1991 from the Orange County Transit District OCTA units 8501-8599 are 2014-2015 Glaval Buses built on a Ford F-450 Chassis OCTA units 8601-8700 series are 201
  2. This content additions page includes the following info that is to be added to Los Angeles Metro Bus and Rail articles, the LACMTA diesel Orions, as well as the former SCRTD. The LACMTA articles are in need for a serious update as it lacks the Metro Rail fleet roster. The following info that needs to be added are: LACMTA units 5300-5414 VINs are to be linked to New Flyer's 2000 model C40LF 'Y' VINs article LACMTA units 5415-5522 VINs are to be linked to New Flyer's 2001 model C40LF '1' VINs article LACMTA units 7980-7999 have been retired as of September 2017, but they still remain in LA
  3. I have uncovered something that will both be good for the marta and the grumman flxible pages. I have found some pictures that show evidence and proof that marta was the first to receive grumman flxible 870
  4. http://cptdb.ca/wiki...ro_%27N_VINs%27 Here's one addition for you to add to the above link: VIN: 1GF5ANPK0ND103378 Model: 40102-6C Build date: 4/1992 Operator: Tri-Met (OR) Unit number: 1701 (aka the "Art bus") VIN breakdown: 1: made in the U.S.A. G: Flxible Corporation F: Flxible transit bus 5: Flxible Metro series (1983-96) A: 40" x 102" body length/width N: 2 doors, wheelchair lifts, two wheelchair spaces, no A/C P: Cummins L10-280E diesel engine (49 states) K: Compressed air brake, drum type, no ABS, rear axle spring parking brake 0: check digit N: 1992 model year D: ass
  5. I have a question about the Central Ohio Transit Authority's (COTA) 1983 Flxible Metro "A" series buses (model 40102-6T, units 8201-8265)? These have the serial nos. DD094903 to DD094967, but, since they still carried Grumman nameplates on them would that mean these were actually the last 870s instead of being among the first Metros built? The unit numbers themselves also suggest this might've been a backlogged order. It is true, though, that the change of company name from Grumman Flxible Corporation (GFC) to just The Flxible Corporation didn't occur until October 7, 1983 according to offic
  6. These are, hopefully, the correct VIN numbers for TriMet's 1992 batch of Flxible Metro "C" buses. http://cptdb.ca/wiki...ro_%27N_VINs%27 1701-1808 - model 40102-6C (Cummins L10-280E engine, Voith D863-W7 transmission) 1701: 1GF5ACPK5ND103378 1702: 1GF5ACPK7ND103379 1703: 1GF5ACPK3ND103380 1704: 1GF5ACPK5ND103381 1705: 1GF5ACPK7ND103382 1706: 1GF5ACPK9ND103383 1707: 1GF5ACPK0ND103384 1708: 1GF5ACPK2ND103385 1709: 1GF5ACPK4ND103386 1710: 1GF5ACPK6ND103387 1711: 1GF5ACPK8ND103388 1712: 1GF5ACPKXND103389 1713: 1GF5ACPK6ND103390 1714: 1GF5ACPK8ND103391 1715: 1GF5ACPKXND103392 1716
  7. I can make a contribution to the Miami-Dade Transit roster on the CPTDB Wiki. http://cptdb.ca/wiki...mi-Dade_Transit Here are the powertrains their Flxible Metros had used: 7001-7129, 8001-8087 and 9001-9066 = Cummins L10 engine (270 hp) with Voith D863.2-W7 transmission (7001-7129 are 1987 models, 8001-8087 are 1988 models and 9001-9066 are 1990 models) 9067-9073 = 1990, Detroit Diesel 6V92TA DDEC engine (277 hp) with Voith D863.2-W7 transmission (similar to Bee Line Transit of Westchester County, Yonkers, NY and Fresno Area Express, aka FAX, of Fresno, CA) 9074-9094 = 1990, Cummins L10
  8. I was just informed that around 15 to 20 Ex-Golden Gate Transit 1994 Flxible Metro "D" 40102-4D suburbans are still active in 2015 and are running for Charleston Area Regional Transit Authority (CARTA). GGT 1401 has been preserved by a private owner. Also, TriMet seems to still be using 1992 Flxible Metro "C" 40102-4C's. Does anyone know of any other Flxibles still in service?
  9. http://omot.org/roster/flxlist/m40096.html This link at OMOT.org needs to be fixed. Apparently it has not been fixed in many years since. In the meantime I am making a complete database of Flxible Metro production (all units from 1983 to 1995) including every single model (30096, 30102, 35096, 35102, 40096 and 40102). ~Ben
  10. Were there ever any Flxible Metros out there whose Cummins L10 engines were replaced during the fleet's midlife with the Cummins ISC? I know this would've applied to the Omaha Metro Area Transit units (9301-9308, 9401-9426). ~Ben
  11. This above video by chnchlla88 (from Taipei, Taiwan) shows said user riding what he claims is a 1994 TriMet Flxible Metro 1839 during his visit to Portland, OR. This bus is working on Line 76-Beaverton-Tualatin to Meridian Hospital (the video ends at Washington Square mall). The picture he used may be correct, but the actual video afterward doesn't seem to match the picture opening this. Can anyone else (whether from Taiwan like he, or right here in the USA/Canada) prove he's not actually riding 1839 but a 1700 series? The video is only in low-quality 240p (also note he originally made the vi
  12. Could anyone familiar with the fleet of the "T" (meaning: Fort Worth Transportation Authority) confirm to me the powertrains of their Flxible Metros? From the video in the link I posted at the top, there are two 35' Flxible Metros (one of these is in the 750 series, I can see ID #765) using Cummins L10G (CNG) engines and ZF 4HP590 (V-drive) transmissions, whereas another 35' Flxible Metro (low 500 series) and a 40' Flxible (high 500 series) use the same Cummins L10G engines but with Voith D863.2-W7 (V-drive) transmissions. All the ones I observed in the video are 1992 models ("C" type, with H
  13. Does anyone know how the Flxible Metro buses acquired their low-frequency exhaust drone sound that comes into play with the revving engine (be it by Cummins or Detroit Diesel)? Lack of resonation, perhaps? Too many examples I can think of to list here... so I'll draw out some examples: TriMet #1701-1808, 1901-1910, 1809-1816 and 1817-1843 WMATA #9701-9785, 9801-9818, 9819-9835 VTA (San Jose, CA) #9201-9291, 9301-9355 Maryland MTA #9401-9425 and 9431-9435 (ZF transmission), 9426-9430 (Voith transmission) The best known case of any Flxible Metro with this exhaust drone at all speeds is with
  14. Is there any proof that the Flxible Metro LNG buses delivered to TriMet in 1993, ID's #1809 to 1816, were the "D" series, as in, did they have the larger driver's area (and the circuit breaker panel location change to the top portion of the operator's window) as opposed to their 1992 diesel-powered "C" cousins (ID's #1701-1808, 1901-1910)? ~Ben
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