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Found 5 results

  1. Due to several detours in Downtown Baltimore, I managed to get some really good composed shots: Here's the rest from my afternoon out:
  2. The OCTA and its articles are in a serious need for updates because the fleet info is incomplete particularly because there are shuttle buses used for OCTA ACCESS Service that are not in the fleet. I have lived in Orange County, California for almost my entire life and this is the bus system where I had my first bus rides in 2015! The following details that must be added to the OCTA and its articles are: The OCTA was established in 1991 from the Orange County Transit District OCTA units 8501-8599 are 2014-2015 Glaval Buses built on a Ford F-450 Chassis OCTA units 8601-8700 series are 2017 StarCraft buses built on a Ford F-450 chassis OCTA routes 20, 51, 145, 187, 188, 191, 193, 410, 411, 430, 464, 490, 757, and 758 are discontinued Add OCTA routes 53X, 57X, 64X, 150, Bravo 543, and Bravo 560 OCTA units 8301-8364 were 1999 ElDorado National Aerotech buses built on a Ford F450 chassis. These buses were retired in 2008. OCTA units 6301-6312, 6400s, 6500s, 6600s, 6700s, and 6800s have been retired. OCTA units 6341-6345 OCTA units 5122, 5675, and 7575 have Near Zero ISL-G engines All 2007 New Flyer C40LFRs (5502-5599, 5601-5674, 7501-7528) have Cummins Westport ISL-G engines OCTA C40LFR build dates: 5501: September 2006 5502: March 2007 5505-5508: April 2007 5510-5530, 5540, 7529: May 2007 5536-5539, 5541-5542: June 2007 7501-7528: January 2008 7572: July 2008 7592: May 2008 OCTA XN40 build dates: 5702: January 2015 5753-5761: July 2016 5765-5775: August 2016 5852-5856: January 2017 5858: February 2017 OCTA NABI 40-LFW build dates: 2117: July 2000 2144-2160: August 2000 2201-2215: July 2001 2217-2270: August 2001 2277-2320: September 2001 2323-2372: October 2001 Units 2209, 2214-2215, 2217-2218, 2222, 2228, 2232-2233, 2237, 2243, 2248, 2254-2255, 2263, 2270, 2278, 2280-2281, 2287-2288, 2296, 2311, 2313, 2317, 2324, 2340-2341, 2345, 2349, and 2357 are active. All other 2200s and 2300s are retired. 1100s series Flxible New Looks have Detroit Diesel Allison V730 transmissions OCTA units 6351-6364 have Hanover Monochrome LED signs New Flyer D40LF units 5302, 5306, 5331, 5335, 5342, 5353-5354, 5362, 5376, 5387-5388, 5401, 5403, 5406, 5408-5412, and 5416 are presumed to be active. 1987 OCTD SuperBuses: 7001-7002 (White Motor Company WX42 trucks), 7501-7502 (Capre SuperBus trailers) 1993 OCTA SuperBuses: 7101-7110 (WhiteGMC WX42 trucks), 7601-7610 (SuperBus Trailers) 1997 ElDorado National Aerotech buses built on Ford Econoline chassis: units 8101-8191 1995 New Flyer D40LF units 5208 and 5241 tested two separate experimental OCTA paint schemes in 1999. 5208 had the two-stripe orange and blue 'Millennium Look' livery while 5241 had a mostly blue and white OCTA livery. OCTA unit 6031 was a 2008 ElDorado National E-Z Rider II BRT originally intended to replace the 1997-1998 E-Z Riders, but it was rejected. This bus supposedly had a Cummins Westport ISL G with an Allison Transmission B300R and Transit Sales International is presumed to have this bus on their website.
  3. I have some questions about the Cummins L10 engine and its common transmission, the Voith DIWA D863.2-W7. This winning combo lasted from 1986 to 1994. Among them: 1. Were there any Canadian TA's that specified the L10 and Voith in the angle-drive (aka V-drive) layout? There, only one manufacturer offered such a configuration: New Flyer, since they made buses in both T-drive and V-drive layout. But here in the U.S., we had two more manufacturers cataloging this powertrain in this layout: Flxible and Neoplan (the latter, like New Flyer, built buses in both T-drive and V-drive layouts). 2. Regarding the V-drive layout, was the L10 laid down on its side (a la the Volvo B59 and B10R series)? or If there was one solution the Toronto Transit Commission could have done with its 1990 New Flyers with their Cummins L10 engines and ZF Ecomat 4HP500 transmissions circa 2000: they could have specified the Voith D863.3-W7 or, at least, the Allison VR731R (final "R" means reverse rotation, also called "RH"). But instead they chose to procure the old-fashioned V730's from a bunch of their retired 1977-81 GMC New Look buses. I wonder if that is because of the fact the VR731R/RH is electronically-controlled and the L10 at the time of original production was mechanically-controlled? ~Ben
  4. I don't know much about the Cummins VTB-903 engine. It seems that there also existed a VT-903. I have only seen the VTB-903 be used in Flyer D900 buses. Does anyone have more info?
  5. Were there ever any Flxible Metros out there whose Cummins L10 engines were replaced during the fleet's midlife with the Cummins ISC? I know this would've applied to the Omaha Metro Area Transit units (9301-9308, 9401-9426). ~Ben
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