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Found 3 results

  1. Hi everyone, As a longtime Seattle-area resident, I've never been super pleased with the transit system - it just takes forever to get places, and sometimes I just wonder if walking would be faster. Unfortunately, the future doesn't look bright from what I can see - ST3 seems to be sending trains all over the place except where they should be going, and for some reason plans on adding another BRT system just to add a little more complexity and confusion. So, because of this I've created my own system, which, while it does have some issues and is far from perfect, I would view as an improvement over ST3. I've been working on this project since about the beginning of the year, alongside a few expansions of it, which are described a bit more at the bottom of this post. This first map is what the network would look like with Link trains and BRT. Below that is what the Link would look like on its own. Hope it isn't too confusing I would absolutely love to hear any and all feedback on it - I know it's not perfect so I want to know what you guys would change, as well as aspects you like and don't like about the system. Note about the stops: I've included + labeled all Link stations on the map, however not all BRT stops are marked, just a few important ones to help make better sense of the geography of the network. https://metromapmaker.com/?map=-hRXn1wp https://metromapmaker.com/?map=ZKblkPPh If you guys want more from this - I have Google maps of both maps above, as well as a map of a total system that includes local buses (and is still in progress, but does have a lot of major components done). Additionally, if anyone wants more information on frequency, I have a spreadsheet that I can attach which has information on the frequency of all the lines / routes. Anyway, enough from me - let me know what you think.
  2. Additional VIN's from company list: 10800-10822 SFET4BT2*GN12233,240,246,252,253,264,265,267-269,277-288 15100-15118 5FYD8FV1*FF047537-555 15800-15816 SFET9M84*GN13841,843,847,863,850,855,958,866,868,877,882,903-908 15817-15822 SFET9M84*GN14344,348,350,414,416 16800-16809 5FYD8YU1*FF048361-370 (correct fleet #'s)
  3. Flickr: https://www.flickr.com/photos/sounderbruce/ Curated threads: SkyscraperCity Forums (mostly buildings and roads); AARoads Forums (roads) My content is split between transit, roads and soccer. All from the Seattle area, which has plenty of different transit agencies across several modes, so I'm not going to be bored for quite a long time. I sort all of my content by service/operator. The following albums get updated regularly, so stay tuned: Sound Transit - Link Light Rail Sound Transit - Sounder commuter rail Sound Transit Express King County Metro King County Metro - RapidRide "BRT" King County Metro trolleybuses Seattle Streetcar - South Lake Union Streetcar Seattle Streetcar - First Hill Streetcar (stations awaiting service) Seattle Streetcar - Waterfront Streetcar (abandoned stations) Seattle Center Monorail Washington State Ferries King County Water Taxi Everett Transit Community Transit Community Transit - Double Tall (double-decker buses) Community Transit - Swift Bus Rapid Transit Skagit Transit Island Transit Paratransit (Dial-a-Ride) Microsoft Connector (private employee shuttle) I also have individual albums for transit stations seen in some of my collections.
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