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Found 10 results

  1. York Region Transit / VIVA 2007 Van Hool AG300 Charter Saturday, October 13th, 2018 11:00AM EST - 4:00PM EST Event organizers: Lex Reid, Maxim Polyakov, and Youngjin Ko. This fan trip could be subject to change due to cancellation, change of date, or change of vehicle. For any further questions please contact us at lexr.maximp@gmail.com _______________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Charter Details As VIVA's Artic Van Hools continue to become more hard to see in service, we have decided to team up and do a fan charter for the Van Hool AG300. This Charter will be approximately 5 Hours long. Pick up and Drop off will be at Finch Terminal Platform 17 at 11:00AM EST, and return at 4:00PM EST. We will be traveling all over York Region including Richmond Hill, Markham, and Vaughan. We will also be making 1 Lunch stop The cost of the Charter is $35.00 Dollars per person. If you are a minor under the age of 13 must be accompanied by an adult during the Charter. _______________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Charter Etiquette (Rules) Please respect York Region Transit’s property, this bus is not for you to take or steal any property or you will be liable if found doing so by the York Region Transit. Any horse-play or misbehavior which cause any major problems on the charter, will give you possibility to be kicked off the charter. There will be no refunds if this happens. Please be on time and prepared for this Charter, The show will go on Rain or Shine, or freezing cold! We are not responsible for any damaged, or lost property on this charter, neither is the York Region Transit, so please watch your items at ALL times. When we make stops along the charter please listen out to our aprox time we will be at that stop. Delays will cut down on the amount of places we get to go. When entering/exiting the bus please exit the bus in an orderly fashion we will all get our photos and break! No need to rush. When outside and bus is in motion please WATCH YOUR SURROUNDINGS CAREFULLY. When we are stopped for our photo stops, please stay near the chartered bus at all times, do not wander off. We do not want to do a marco-polo search for you. When taking photos, please stay clear of the bus, off the roadway, always let service vehicles through and respect other people's photos! People will be wanting to get a full frame photo of the bus. They don’t want to take a photo of you! No tripods Please follow all YRT’s By-Law’s when on the bus, or near/at YRT Property on the charter. _______________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Payment Prices: The set price for the charter will be $35.00 Dollars per person, If you are a minor under the age of 13 and will be accompanied by an adult there will be a discounted price of $50.00 Dollars. E-Payment (PayPal): THE HIGHLY RECOMMENDED WAY OF PAYING will be through PayPal E-Transfer which will be provided once the registration form is completed. Cash Payment: If you are paying via Cash please email lexr.maximp@gmail.com with a meet up time and location (Must be in the Toronto Area) our pick up availability varies. WE DO NOT ACCEPT CHEQUES Payment must be made before the deadline on Sunday October 7th, 2018 at 11:59PM EST. _______________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ REGISTER Register for the charter by clicking the link below. https://docs.google.com/forms/d/e/1FAIpQLSdPa50POrPUQVroJdzZ19yBbG5OzH8M9D3qyWrtg0TQj4Yk1w/viewform Payment will start on Monday September 17th, 2018 For any further questions please contact us at lexr.maximp@gmail.com Charter Details Document: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1h1qsTJvyy3mRAMR_n9X7HoxfG7X68BnqAgfV0QlYvPU/edit?usp=sharing
  2. Come one Come all! Our beloved Orion 07.501 7400-7800 series buses are at the end of their lives. To commemorate them for the last time Me (Maxim Polyakov) and Lex Reid will be hosting a retirement charter on Saturday February 24th, 2018, From 11:00AM till 3:00PM. The cost of the charter will be $45.00 CAD per person. For more details please click the link below, Registration and payments are now open. Thanks, and we hope to see you there. Feel free to post down below if you have any questions regarding the charter, thank you. Event Details (View first) Registration Forum DATE CHANGED TO FEBRUARY 24TH 2018 REGISTRATION IS NOW CLOSED 2018. (6FEB18)
  3. Hello Everyone, I will be hosting a charter with a 1999 Nova Bus RTS on Sunday June 28th, 2015. The charter will be held on a CIT Vallée-du-Richelieu Nova Bus RTS, preference has been given to 600309. The charter will start and end outside of Terminus Centre-Ville on the corner of Saint-Antoine and Mansfield at the CIT Sud-Ouest Route 1 and 28 Stop and will begin at 11:30am, ending around 4:30pm. We have also planned a supper event after the charter to begin around 6:00pm and ending at 8:00pm. During the charter, we have selected some unique photo stops, as well we have been granted a tour of the Transdev Beloeil Garage. A 35-Minute Lunch Stop is planned along the Richelieu River, we suggest to pack a cold lunch as we are on a tight schedule. The photo stop just before the lunch break will be at Mail Montenach, which has various restaurants and a Super C Grocery Store where stuff can be purchased. For people who have Facebook, please join the event page to get any updates as soon as they are available, as there may be a delay between when we update the event page and post it here. CITVR Nova Bus RTS Charter.pdf CITVR Nova Bus RTS Charter.pdf CITVR Nova Bus RTS Charter.pdf CITVR Nova Bus RTS Charter.pdf CITVR Nova Bus RTS Charter.pdf CITVR Nova Bus RTS Charter.pdf CITVR Nova Bus RTS Charter.pdf CITVR Nova Bus RTS Charter.pdf
  4. Word of mouth spreads fast. As was hinted in the TTS 2015 Fan Trips thread, yes a TTC RTS charter has been planned for the end of February. I would like to stress that this charter is taking place at night whereas the TTS charter is taking place during the day, and the two charters will not necessarily be covering/touring the same areas of the city. So now there are two RTS charters, not intended to compete with one another but to provide double the opportunity. A select few like to throw words around like it's nobody's business. Keep those kinds of opinions to yourself, most of which are based on false assumptions and stereotypes. Don't want a flame war? Don't start one. With that out of the way, here's what was posted regarding the charter on Facebook, in more detail: With all the uncertainty surrounding the retirement of the TTC’s Nova Bus RTS buses, charter ideas have sprung up again. For those longing for a rush of nostalgia, there is a plan to take an RTS out to Scarborough, East York, and the eastern part of Downtown, mainly covering the routes that Danforth Garage operated with the RTS before it closed down in March 2002. Every effort will be made to charter a bus with a perfectly working Luminator MegaMax 2000 sign and no bike rack to replicate an RTS out of Danforth Garage in the late 1990s/early 2000s. Here are the details of the planned charter in point form: - Date: Saturday February 28th, 2015 - Duration: 4 to 6 hours (hoping for 6) - Start Time: 6 PM (but please try to arrive before 5:45 PM to sort out registration) - End Time: depends on duration – 10 PM, 11 PM, or 12 AM - Break: yes, if charter is 5 or 6 hours in duration; a coffee shop is located nearby for food and/or washrooms - Areas/routes being covered: Scarborough, East York, Downtown (east of Yonge) - Main focus of charter: routes operated by Danforth Garage prior to its closure - Pick-up and Drop-off Location: Ellesmere RT Station - Cost: $50 to $60, depends on attendance - Payment Method: cash, in person at pick-up location Ellesmere RT Station is easily accessible by subway or RT, has ample parking available at no cost (free on weekends) immediately next to the station on the east side (accessible from the east service road off Ellesmere Road), and reasonably accessible by bus (about 5 minutes walking distance from the nearest 95 York Mills bus stops on Ellesmere Road at the west service road). Kennedy Road is the nearest exit off of Highway 401. The pick-up location will be on the west side of the station under the Ellesmere Road bridge (the 95C bus stop is nearby, but the branch does not operate on weekends). For those driving, access to the pick-up location on the west side of the station from the parking lot on the east side of the station is via the station entrance (stairs down, tunnel, stairs up; a fare is not required to cross over to the other side). The original plan for this charter was for it to take place sometime in the summer, but because about half of the RTS buses have been pulled off the road and an increasing number are receiving Luminator Horizon designation signs, it was decided to have the charter before the beginning of next month (as it is feared even more will be withdrawn). If you are interested in/able to attend the charter, please indicate so in a reply below. Also feel free to ask any questions.
  5. ETS HISTORIC BUS CHARTER September 15, 2013 Hello I have switched charters from Peterborough to Edmonton. As it is less stressful on my behalf as Trevor and I are expecting a little transitfan! Yes I am pregnant! 4045 1983 T6H-5307N Fishbowl in pacman paint scheme (blue yellow and white) This was the last of the Fishbowls that were retired from ETS 30 people are maximum for the Fishbowl and if there are more than 30 we will charter a second, soon to be retiring D40LF (1993) with a Detroit Engine or the ETS 22 the 35 foot Fishbowl as back up as well. Depends on the interest. I am looking for those who are interested in commenting on this thread or private messaging me.
  6. PETERBOROUGH TRANSIT GMDD TC40-102N AND OBI ORION V CHARTER APRIL 6 2013 12:45 - 5:45PM I have confirmation of people who are wanting to come and who will come too. I have confirmation from our friends in the USA going to make it to the charter as well. I have talked to Peterborough Transit and they said it would be okay with them to do the Orion V and also the GMDD Classic. Cost of the charter is $25 per person. People are able to pay before hand or at the Charter but highly recommend to pay before hand. Makes it so much easier. its going to be 3 hours on both buses. I have my routing all planned out. PLEASE PRIVATE MESSAGE ME YOUR CONFIRMATION TO ATTEND THE CHARTER. If you want to pay before hand let me know. Money Order or Cash. Please no Cheques. PUBLIC TRANSPORTATION TO THE CHARTER There should be a bus at 11:18 am bus at Oshawa GO. Take 88 North (Peterborough) to Downtown Terminal There is also Greyhound to and from Peterborough from Toronto also to and from Ottawa. INFORMATION ABOUT THE BUSES BEING USED PETERBOROUGH TRANSIT #14 #14 is an 1984 GMDD TC40-102N Classic with a Detroit Diesel 6V71N with Allison V730 Transmission. It was purchased from STRSM 8-422 (Longueuil Quebec). IT HAS A STANDARD TRANSMISSION *YES WE WILL HAVE THE MEAN LEAN OF "CLASSIC" AT LIFTLOCKS LOL* PETERBOROUGH TRANSIT #04 #04 is a OBI Orion 05.501 with a Detroit Diesel 6V92TA engine with Allison HTB-748 Transmission. It sadly has a body 107.9 the BREEZE wrap on it, Kind tacky but oh boy she sounds amazing! She is one my favourite buses on the roster and 33 is a great refurbished engine bus. I am inquiring about a garage tour again and if you would like a group photo there with 2 classics, Orion V or NovaBUS, Decision will be made on the charter ride. IMAGES #14 GMDD Classic Rear Shot #04 orion V Front Driver side shot side view
  7. Hey everybody I got some great news for you all! I got confirmation by Peterborough Transit I can charter the last remaining Orion V on the roster. She said if the bus gets written off or something happens to her she said chartering a Classic is no problem for them. 04 is the 'BREEZE' wrapped Orion V. She said if it doesnt work out she said a classic is no problemo for them so if something does happen to 04 we are covered. So what do you guys think... April or October? I need to know who would be interested so I know if its a go or not, I need to pay them in advance.i They said they cant take the BREEZE wrap off because jokingly said that its holding her together lol! I need to know the following - who is interested - what date works for you fall or spring. Thank you
  8. I was wondering who would be interested in coming to the charter if I call up Niagara Parks Commission and asked if they allow charters I need a rough number who could come and cant, I know this is going to be awesome. Passports are not needed as we will be on the Canadian Side of the Border. I was thinking up a route that is scenic and yet very neat places to take pictures of the surviving ones that they left. I have some connections to Niagara Parks Commission. I need numbers in case they need you know a 2nd trailing unit on it. Please leave me a message and I need a rough estimate of total people that might be able to make it, I was thinking August or late July. Niagara Falls is beautiful this time of the year. Thank you!
  9. Charter & Tour bus companies of southern California. *********************************************************************** Transit Systems is a charter bus company based in Sun Valley, CA. Their fleet consist of motorcoach, cutaway, and transit style buses. #1214 is a MCI bus. Alliance Bus Lines is a charter bus company based in Ontario, CA. Their fleet consist mostly of school buses and cutaway buses.
  10. Mexican Motorcoach Buses Photos of motorcoaches used by charter & intercity bus companies in Mexico. Today, most motorcoaches in Mexico are from DINA, Marcopolo, Volvo, & Irizar. MCI & VanHool are very rare but do make appearances. ******************************************* This DINA Viaggio is from a Mexican charter bus company called Big State City. I took this photo back in summer 2010. Autopista Mexico Federal 49 (Cuota) Ciudad Jimenez, Chihuahua ************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************ A charter bus company called "Turismo Paba" owns this Irizar I5. I found this bus in Leon back in summer 2010. ************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************ This migth be the only MCI bus deep inside Mexico (not including the border areas) that I have seen so far (who knows, I must of missed some when I wasnt looking). I found this MCI E4500 from Turimex Internacional traveling on Mexico Federal Highway 49 in the state of Durango. I think this was near the town of Cuencame.