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Found 10 results

  1. Greetings I have some photos with my permission to upload to the Roster bus 1294 a 2018 New Flyer XDE60 Photo taken by me John A Bunker taken at Boston south station bus 1969 A 2019 New Flyer XDE40 Photo taken by me John A Bunker Taken at Alewife station Bus 1975 a 2019 New Flyer XDE40 Photo taken by me John A Bunker taken at Alewife Station bus 1991 a 2020 New Flyer XDE40 Photo taken By Me John A Bunker Taken at Alewife station
  2. The mbta in Boston ma is down to 37 Active RTS 36 1994/95 RTS (Midwest overhauled): 0002, 0008, 0010, 0018, 0019, 0034, 0046, 0066, 0072, 0080, 0090, 0092, 0096, 0109, 0150, 0160, 0171, 0173, 0194, 0197, 0303, 0315, 0316, 0319, 0326, 0328, 0352, 0360, 0362, 0374, 0375, 0378, 0380, 0383, 0390, 0392 1 1994/95 RTS (Everett overhauled): 0102 Out of service retired at Charlestown Garage (17 buses) the scrap pile just gained another RTS bus 0366 has joined the pile 15 1994/95 RTS (Midwest overhauled): 0075, 0113, 0227, 0262, 0275, 0305, 0308, 0309, 0320, 0340, 0356, 0363, 0366, 0382, 0387, 0388 1 1994/95 RTS (Everett overhauled): 0205 The mbtas volume amount of RTS is slowly diminishing and they are scheduled to retire in 2018
  3. From NE Transit the mbta in Boston MA vehicle inventory Has saved 4 RTS Buses from being scrapped There in service being used for different things
  4. update for the roster Great news as of yesterday October 1st The MBTA In Boston MA the board approved of exercise a 150 million option with New Flyer for the order of 194 2019-2020 New Flyer XDE40 That order will replace 192 2004-2005 Neoplan AN440LF Buses that Currently operate out of Albany ST and Fellsway here is a screen shot from the NE Transit The Mbta Vehicle inventory where update changes go
  5. From NE transit MBTA vehicle inventory 2018 New Flyer XDE60 bus 1294 is a prototype test bus for routes SL1 SL2 SL3 the bus has the extended battery option and will be in testing for awhile but If the test is successful then the mbta will order 45 New Flyer 60’ xcelsior Buses And those will replace the 1100 series Neoplan dualmodes So That’s why Bus 1294 will be tested extensively before a decision is made to exercise this option Which bus 1294 has the Cummins ISL diesel/BAE Hybrid with extended battery option Which bus 1294 is on mbta property And also The Fleet Numbers to there new 2019 New Flyer Xcelsior Charge XE60 Buses will be 1295-1299 which they will arrive in 2019 these will be in there silver livery for the silverline routes
  6. Hello I would like to have someone to add a photo with my permission to add to the MBTA Boston MA Roster is a 2014-2015 New Flyer XDE40 Bus 1456 photo to the roster I noticed there's no photo and here's a photo I provided to you to add to the Roster with My permission and it's My photo I took it this photo was taken on 6/20/16 at Malden station in Boston
  7. MBTA 2016 New Flyer XN40 bus 1602 has been delivered and the unit is on MBTA property In Boston MA, and how ever new flyer is starting to deliver there new buses ontime and 1775 the 2016 New Flyer XDE40 will be delivered soon as well there's more buses to be delivered soon
  8. MBTA 2001 New Flyer C40LF Updated 4/28/16 The MBTA out of Boston MA All there remaining 2001 New Flyer C40LF cording to the MBTA Equipment invintory website that it has been Confirmed that they have been placed out of service and retired Out of service Retired at Cabot Garage (16 buses) 2001 New Flyer CNG: 6002-(engine), 6003-(expired tanks), 6004-(expired tanks), 6005, 6006-(engine), 6007-(engine), 6008-(engine fire), 6009, 6010-(engine), 6011-(engine), 6012-(expired tanks), 6013-(expired tanks), 6004, 6015, 6016-(engine) 6014 is the last C40LF retired There's No C40LF in active service Credit to the MBTA inventory roster http://www.transithistory.org/roster I figure I would post this I'm not sure if this has been addressed on a another thread
  9. BOSTON AWARDED NEW FLYER A CONTRACT FOR UP TO 90 XCELSIOR® BUSES The mbta contract with new flyer includes a firm order for 44 XDE60 Xcelsior buses and approximately with options for up to an additional 46 XDE60 http://www.newflyer.com/index/news-app/story.248
  10. The Tentative Series numbers for the New MBTA Out of Boston MA New Flyer Xcelsiors 175 -2016-2017 New Flyer XN40 tentative Series Numbers 1600-1774 (Deliveries Expected between April of 2016 and will continue on Til June of 2017) 150 - 2016-2017 New Flyer XDE40 tentative series Numbers 1775-1974 (Deliveries Expected Between April of 2016 and will continue on Til June of 2017) 44 - 2016-2017 New Flyer XDE60 tentative series numbers 1250-1293 (Deliveries Expected Between April of 2016 and will continue on Til June of 2017) Note the Fleet numbers can subject to change and or it hasn't Been confirmed yet if those are the Offical numbers for the Xcelsiors these are only Tentative Fleet numbers if those Fleet numbers are confirmed if those are the Offical fleet numbers as stated above Deliveries expected between April of 2016 and will continue on til June of 2017 This was on there MBTA Inventory Page http://www.transithistory.org/roster/ here is the website where I found the information
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