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Found 3 results

  1. OK Folks, I'm starting this thread because in a few days the new streetcars called Flexity Outlooks will start their revenue service on 510 Spadina to make ridership on that route more enjoyable after the tracks were replaced over the past few years. Here's the list of the Flexitys in general Bombardier Flexity Outlooks (4400-4603): Arrived/In Service (6+0+104+0=110) 4400,4401*,4402-4465,4466,4467-4477,4478*,4479-4501,4502,4503,4504,4506,4507,4509,4510,4511 Not arrived (95): 4505,4507-4603 I've also colour-coded which carhouses they run out of: Black-Russell Blue-Roncesvalles Green-Leslie Barns Red-Unknown location *-In storage until further notice Updated 2018-11-22 If you see any in one of those garages, please post the sightings on this thread, but only once. Any subsequent sighting will have to go on the general sightings thread for the GTA. EDIT: Only accessible streetcar posts will be allowed in this thread.
  2. I've been on majhost.com for a few weeks now and it's time for everyone to view my transit photos. PHOTO STATS AS OF 2018-06-01 DRT: 29 EuroTransit: 18 Mi-Way: 25 Brampton/Zum: 12 GO Transit: 193 St. John's Metrobus: 1 TTC: 1,046 YRT/Viva: 64 SFMTA: 24 Golden Gate Transit: 4 LACMTA: 6 Barrie Transit: 2 Stratford Transit: 2 Niagara Transit: 0 St. Catharines Transit: 0 Other Niagara Region Transit Systems: 2 Helsinki Regional Transit Authority: 21 Other: 3 Total: 1,457 I'll update my photo gallery whenever I can (usually every 2 weeks) Oh yeah, please comment on my photos 'cuz they don't come with captions for each one. Cheers! (Knocking glasses together) SORRY: Majhost is down for maintenance
  3. Anyone know if it would be possible at all to try/tour the new Toronto Rocket simulator at the TTC. I think it would be really great to try the controls of the TR and get to see the 3D computer graphics that render the environment. The closest I have ever gotten is openBVE's free PC simulator. But the signals are not fully functional and the graphics aren't the best. Is there someone I can contact in regards to this? http://www.corys.com...ator--1748.html The simulator was also featured in Undercover Boss Canada episode 3, TTC.