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Found 10 results

  1. Community connector fleet update Another 2002 Orion V Bus 0203 as it retired in October of 2018 2009 Goshen GC II 5500 Bus 0924 retired in October of 2018 due to mechanical problems 2018 Gillig 29’ Buses 1858 and 1859 are in service 1858 delivered on 11/16/18 license plate number To bus 1858 is Maine plate 427.559 1858 entered Service on 12/10/18 1859 delivered on 11/19/18 1859 entered service on 12/10/18 The plate # to Bus 1859 is Maine plate 427.560 15GGE2712J3093459 the Vin Number to Bus 1859 These replaced 2 Ex westchester
  2. From my contact person at the community connector has updated me with the fleet update Here’s our new fleet numbers to our 2 new 2018 Gillig 29’ Diesel Buses the Numbers are 1858-1859 are due in October of 2018 and Bus 0202 our 2002 Orion V 30’ Bus is now retired As of April of 2018 if anyone don’t mind updating the roster here in bangor our numbering system on how we number our buses is an oddball Numbers that some go in order by odd ball numbers
  3. Here’s an update Community connector para Transit Van # 1265 is a 2012 Dodge Grand Caravan SE That the van only used for paratransit Service Here is my photo I would like to share of their para transit van this photo taken out side of St Joes medical center in Bangor Maine this is the only one they have the plate number for the van is 427.206 As the city of Bangor ME community connector bus department operates the ADA para transit service as well
  4. Hello I had a conversation with the bus superintendent of the community Connector And she told me that The community Connector has 2 2018 Gillig 29’ advantage Diesel Buses that are due in October of this year And also The community Connector has 3 2019 Gillig Advantage 29’ Diesel Buses that are due in 2019 Note: this is part of the 5 bus order That the community Connector has split the order So we can have 2 that are Comming in October of this year And 3 Gillig 29’ Buses Next year these will be replacing the 5 Ex beeline systems 2002 Orion V 30’ Diesel Buses
  5. I have some photos I would like to have updated to have them upload with my permission i have a photo of a 2007 Eldorado National Elite Bus 0726 Photo taken on 9/2/2017 at the Community Connector Bus garage i have a photo of a 2002 Orion V bus 0202 Photo Taken on 9/6/17 at the Airport mall shopping center doing mall hopper i have a photo of a 2003 New Flyer D35LF bus 0330 Taken on 9/27/17 at the airport mall Shopping center doing capehart I have a photo of a 2004 Gillig Phantom bus 0445 Taken on 1/15/18 at the broadway shopping center doing center street
  6. Update for the community connector roster Hello I was told by my contact person which is the manager of the Community connector She Has confirmed that our 2 New 2017 Gillig Advantage 29’ Fleet Numbers will be 1743-1744 Delivery of the 2 new Gillig 29’ Advantage Buses will take place in MID September of 2017
  7. BAT Bangor community connector in bangor Maine our 2 new Gillig 29' buses are due for delivery in August of 2017 they will be built in Livermore I just talked to The bus superintendent at the BAT community connector We got 4 2003 Ex Capital metro New Flyer D35LF That are in Maine Military authority that are due to us next month We got 2 2017 Gillig 29' that are due for delivery in August of this year can someone Reddit the roster the information That was edited is in
  8. This was posted on the Lewiston Auburn city link Meeting Minutes and it states that there 2006 Bluebird Ultra LF 0602-0604 That they retired and Biddleford Saco Old orchard Beach Shuttle Zoom and Bangor community connector are interested in them for parts for There Existing 2006 Blue Bird Ultra LF and it passed Bus 0602 will go to Biddleford Saco Old orchard beach And Bus 0604 will go to Bangor for parts http://www.avcog.org/Archive/ViewFile/Item/218
  9. Bangor Community connector just Recieved a 1.4 Million Dollar Grant this past month to Purchase 4 More Gillig 29' Buses to add on to the previous order that was placed for 2 29' Gilligs so we have 6 Brand New 29' Gilligs on order for a 2018 Deliery http://bangordailynews.com/2016/09/02/news/bangor/bangor-gets-game-changing-1-4m-grant-to-overhaul-bus-fleet/
  10. I have some photos here that I would like to have Added to the wiki page with my permission 0725 and 0726 taken on 8/22/15 At the Garage 0924 taken on 4/3/14 at the airport mall bus 1047 taken on 12/13/15 at the garage note all 2011 Gilligs have the Alison B400R Bus 43 taken on 6/27/16 at the community connector depot note all 1996 Orion's have the Alison B300R note all 2000 New Flyer D30LF have the Alison B300R
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