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Found 19 results

  1. The Community connector recently gotten in Brand new 2019 Gillig Low Floor 29’ Buses 1985-1989 information to add to the roster these replaced 3 2000 New Flyer D30LF Buses 0027-0029 and 2 Eldorado National Areo elite International units 0725-0726 Bus 1985 Delivered on 10/31/19 the Vin Number is 15GGE2719K3093685 Plate number is 428.178 Entered service on 11/4/19 Bus 1986 Delivered on 11/12/19 the vin number is 15GGE2710K3093686 plate number is 428.192 Entered service on 11/19/19 Bus 1987 Delivered on 11/12/19 the VIN number to is 15GGE2712K3093687 plate number 428.191 Entered service on 11/26/19 Bus 1988 delivered on 11/22/19 entered service on 11/25/19 the Vin number is 15GGE2714K3093688 the plate Number for Bus 1988 is 428.190 Bus 1989 Delivered on 1/24/2020 Entered service on 2/8/2020 The plate Number for bus 1989 is 428.193 Vin number is 15GGE2716K3093689 Engine Cummins L9 Transmission Allison B400R6 Seating American Seating Insight Prime seats 26 passengers Destination Sign Twinvision Smart series III Amber I have photos of mine to add to the roster with my permission of buses 1985-1988 here’s a Photo of 1985 a 2019 Gillig Low Floor 29’ taken by me John A Bunker on 11/23/2019 at Pickering Square Bus depot boarding to do Brewer South Route here’s a Photo of 1986 a 2019 Gillig Low Floor 29’ taken by me John A Bunker on 11/27/19 at Pickering square bus depot boarding to do The mall hopper route here’s a Photo of 1987 a 2019 Gillig Low Floor 29’ taken by me John A Bunker on 12/10/19 At Pickering square bus depot boarding to do Brewer south here’s a Photo of 1988 a 2019 Gillig Low Floor 29’ Taken by me John A Bunker on 1-8-2020 at Wal mart doing the Stillwater route here’s a Photo of 1989 a 2019 Gillig Low Floor 29’ Taken Me John A Bunker on 2-11-2020 at Broadway shopping center As it’s doing the mall hopper
  2. To update the roster per my contacts from the community Connector that all 5 2002 Orion V 30’ Buses are all retired and also 2 Cutaways retired as well As 2002 Orion V Bus 0202 Retired in April 2018 2002 Orion V Bus 0203 Retired in October 2018 2002 Orion V Bus 0207 Retired in May 2018 2002 Orion V Bus 0209 Retired in February 2019 2002 Orion V Bus 0210 Retired in February 2019 2007 Eldorado National Areo Elite Unit 0725 Retired in December 2018 due to mechanical issues 2009 Goahen Coach CC5500 Unit 0924 Retired in October 2018
  3. Community connector’s retired fleet of buses 0202,0203,0207,0209,0210. 2002 Orion V 30’ retired in 2018/2019 as these are being replaced by Gillig 29’ Low floor buses Here the dates of there retirement 0202 Ex westchester beeline 102 retired on 4/2018 0203 Ex westchester beeline 103 retired on 10/2018 0207 Ex westchester beeline 107 retired on 6/2018 0209 Ex westchester beeline 109 retired on 2/2019 due to front end electrical fire 0210 Ex westchester beeline 110 retired on 2/2019 The last bus to retire from revenue service on 2/28/19 0725. 2007 Eldorado National Areo Elite International 3200 cutaway retired in 2018 due to mechanical issues
  4. Hello I would like to share with you with my permission is a photo I took of BAT Community connector (Bangor ME) 2004 Gillig Phantom 30’ parked at the community connector bus maintance facility in Bangor Maine photo Taken on 7-9-17 this was an Ex MCAT Transit Bus out of florida the community connector is going to renumber the bus but that’s TBA and this bus has been on community Connector property since June of 2017 and there in the process of getting it ready for service with my permission to add this photo to the roster and another note bangor Community connector just received another 2003 New Flyer D35LF bus 0321 arrived in June of 2017 here’s a photo of it with my permission to add it to the roster the photo was taken on 6-28-17 and also our other 1996 Orion V Bus 43 has retired from revenue service in June of 2017 and our other 1996 Orion V bus 44 is still active and will retire in September of 2017
  5. Community Connector Gillig bus photos to add to the roster with my permission 1046 a 2011 Gillig 35' Advantage photo taken on 5/21/17 at the community connector bus maintenance yard 1047 A 2011 Gillig 35' Advantage photo taken on 4/30/17 at the community connector bus maintenance yard Bus 1048 A 2011 Gillig 35' Advantage taken on 6/20/17 at the community connector bus depot pulling in to do a Mount Hope Route 1049 is a 2011 Gillig 35' Advantage photo taken on 8/23/16 at the community connector bus depot at Pickering square doing Hammond st 1050 a 2011 Gillig 35' Advantage photo taken on 6/7/16 at community Connector bus depot at Pickering square ready to do a capehart route Note all these Gilligs have the Cummins ISL9 B400R transmission
  6. Bangor community Connector Bangor Maine Capital Improvement program for 2018-2022 and FY18 budget With 2 New Gillig 29' buses comming this year in 2017 And 2 More Gillig 29' buses comming next year in 2018 And we still have a lot of funding from the Fast Grant from the FTA for future new Bus orders http://www.bangormaine.gov/filestorage/1538/4808/12241/FY18_Proposed_Budget.pdf
  7. Bus 0723 our 2007 International champion has retired as of October 31st and it will be used as parts Bus we have 5 2003 New Flyer D35LF the buses that were bought fro Austin Texas we got 5 Not 8 that is state in the roster that we got 8 but we got 5 there up in limestone Maine the Maine Military Authority being overhauled and we will be having 3 2017 Gillig 29' Advangates being delivered in 2017 And we have our other 3 2018 29' Gillig Advantages being delivered in 2018 can you change that in the roster
  8. Hello I have some photos to Add to the Roster with my permission i have a photo of a 1996 Orion V Bus 43 This photo was taken on 7/27/16 at The Community Connector Bus Hub at Pickering Square doing a Stillwater route i have a photo of a 2009 Goshen Coach Chevy Bus 0924 was taken 5/31/16 at The Community Connector Bus Hub at Pickering Square doing a Hampden route i also have a Photo of a 2011 Gillig 35' Advantage bus 1046 this photo was Taken on 6/7/16 at the Community Connector Bus Hub at Pickering Square doing a Hammond st Route 'I also have a Photo of a 2007 Eldorado Areo International bus 0725 photo taken on 7/8/15 at the Pickering Square Bus Hub at Pickering Square They have 8 used 2003 New Flyer D35LF They are up in limestone Maine At Maine Military Authority for overhaul work and and they came from Texas to be overhauled at Maine military Authority before they get delivered to Bangor but the buses were bought from Texas not sure where they been bought and the fleet numbers are TBA and the Engine and Transmission is TBA We have 2 Gillig 29' comming in 2017 And we have 4 Gillig 29'comming in 2018 which has been bought with the 1.4 million Dollar Grant that we got in September from Senetor Collins http://bangordailynews.com/2016/09/02/news/bangor/bangor-gets-game-changing-1-4m-grant-to-overhaul-bus-fleet/ and the buses that are due for retirement 2 1996 Orion V 3 2000 New Flyer D30LF 2 2007 Champion Defender international 1 2009 Goshen Coach Chevy 1 2006 Bluebird Ultra LF and we will be keeping as spares which it has been confirmed that the 5 2002 Orion's will be used as spares can someone update this to the community connector wiki roster
  9. This arrived in limestone Maine a minute ago this is a 2003 New Flyer D35LF one of bangor Community connector new buses heading up to limestone to Maine Military Authority for overhaul it for the bangor community connector Credit to Eric Huoppi one of the Maine military Authority employees we have 4 units now but we have 8 being delivered These buses came from an agency out of California and transfer to Texas for delivery don't know where in California they came from and the fleet numbers are TBA these will replace buses that have lasted There extended useful life can someone update this information for me please
  10. Good news Bangor community connector based out of bangor Maine there 5 2003 New Flyer D30LF buses are up at the Maine military Authority bus refurbishment place in limestone Maine they came from Texas today with less rust on if that's good news and the agency in Texas we got these from is unknown All they need is to get a good paint Job and any other work that needs to be done before they are brought to Bangor and also bangor bought them for $5,000 for all 5 D30LF and they had other funding that was tucked away for the used buses It might take months for them to overhaul the buses and to get them to bangor Once there done being Overhauled at Maine Military Authority than the folks at Maine Military Authority will drive them to Bangor Maine I was just informed by an operator and the operations supervisor friend of mine here in Bangor told me and plus with 6 2018 Gillig 29' comming In 2018 cause we gotten a grant for 4 more New buses this past month and to add on to the 2 that were ordered 6 months ago can someone update the BAT community connector wiki page http://bangordailynews.com/2016/09/02/news/bangor/bangor-gets-game-changing-1-4m-grant-to-overhaul-bus-fleet/ here's a list of buses that are in the process of being retired 3 1996 orion V bus 43&44 3 2000 New Flyer D30LF 2 2007 Champion I Internationals And the buses that will stay in service are our 5 2002 Orion V The ex beeline buses as spares
  11. The bangor Community Connector in Bangor Maine has bought 5 Used 2003 New Flyer D35LF with 2 Doors from Texas but there are on there way to maine but there not comming to Bangor there going up to Limestone Maine to Maine Military Authority to have a Complete midlife overhaul done And also they ordered an additional 4 more New 2018 Gillig 29' that are comming in 2018 to add on the 2 that's been previously ordered so they have 6 on order now Here's what buses that are due up for retirement 3 1996 Orion V 3 2000 New Flyer D30LF that we gotten from Greater Portland Metro Portland Maine in 2013 2 2007 Champion Internationals We will be keeping our 5 2002 Orion V the ones we gotten from Westchester in 2012 we will be keeping them As Spares http://bangordailynews.com/2016/09/02/news/bangor/bangor-gets-game-changing-1-4m-grant-to-overhaul-bus-fleet/ can someone update the community connector wiki page I would appreciate it
  12. BANGOR, Maine — Bangor has been awarded a $1.4 million federal grant to purchase 4 new Gillig buses to add to its aging fleet that city officials say has been in dire need of an upgrade. U.S. Sens. Susan Collins and Angus King announced Friday in news releases that the Community Connector had been awarded the Federal Transit Administration grant. community Connector also ordered 2 new Gillig buses, 6 months ago but those also will take more than a year to arrive "Bangor gets ‘game changing’ $1.4M grant to overhaul bus fleet" https://bangordailynews.com/2016/09/02/news/bangor/bangor-gets-game-changing-1-4m-grant-to-overhaul-bus-fleet/ so bangor has added 4 more Gilligs to the order we will be getting 6 new Gilligs in 2018
  13. Hey I got an Email From The Community connector Operations Officer And she said our 2 New 2017 Gillig 29' diesel Advantage Buses has been ordered and It will take 2 years for completion of manufacturing of the 2 buses which its a plus and How Ever they are Actively Looking for Surplus buses But it will take a long process to find Surplus buses for Now until we get our 2 New buses We are going to due on what we have for right now can someone edit the community connectors roster
  14. Hello I was told that Our 2 2018 29' Gillig Advantage 29' diesel buses has been ordered and they ordered the buses a few months ago of this year and to be delivered In 2018 can someone edit the community connector roster and put the order on the roster I was told prior to ordering the buses it takes 18 months for completion and delivery
  15. Hello everyone I Just got word from Laurie Linscott the bus Superintendent of the Bangor Community Connector has orders out for 2 2018 Gillig 29' Advantage Diesel buses, but those take 18-24 months to be delivered in And the delivery will take place in 2018 for our Gilligs and also Community Connector is looking for up to Ordering 10 new Gillig 29' Diesel buses to phase in over the coming years, but it will be a slow going process with limited funding. For now the Community Connector will have to rely heavily on extending the lives of what buses we have http://www.bangormaine.gov/filestorage/1538/1540/1542/1560/8275/Bangor_City_Council_Agenda_6-27-16.pdf http://bangordailynews.com/2016/06/13/news/bangor/bangors-run-down-bus-system-gets-a-boost/ and In the roster said on order for 2 Bues that were suppose to be piggy backed from darts first states order and the 3 rehabbed buses from Maine military authority It didn't happen due to No funding last year Can some one Edit the Community Connectors roster
  16. The Bangor Maine finance committee approved for the purchase of 2 new 2018 Gillig 29' Diesel Buses For the Bangor community connector in Bangor Maine They are using the funding in the amount of. 414,669 in FTA Grant funds and 168,033 in Maine DOT funds and 250,00 in the FY year 16 budget city budget Delivery to take place for the 2 29' new Gillig buses will be in 2018 And also the bangor community connector out of Bangor Maine will be purchasing 10 excellent condition used new flyer buses from an agency out of Texas one of the community connector drivers told me and said that the bus Superintendent will purchase the buses and they will be 35' New flyers Those will replace our 3 1996 Orion V And our 5 2002 Orion V 30' Ex Westchester beeline And our 2 2007 Champion defender Internationals And we should have the 10 used new flyer buses to be delivered by next month Would someone update the community connector roster Note the 2016 29' Gilligs that are on the on order on the roster that were piggy backed on dart first states order didn't happen due to funding shortage in 2015 http://www.bangormaine.gov/filestorage/1538/1540/1544/1730/8292/Finance_6616.pdf
  17. I give Detroit Diesel 6V92TA permission to add these photos on the Bangor community connector wiki page it's all Watermarked with my name on all the photos I give permission for anyone to upload my photo to the wiki page I would appreciate it 1 Photo is a 1996 Orion V Bus 44 1 photo is a 2000 New Flyer D30LF 0028 1 photo is a 2002 Orion V 0210 1 photo is a 2006 Bluebird ultra LF 0621 1 photo Is a 2007 International Champion Defender 0723 1 Photo is a 2007 International Eldorado Areo Elite 0725 1 photo is a 2009 Goshen Coach 0924 1 photo is a 2011 Gillig Low Floor 1050
  18. Here's bangor Community connectors currant roster Bangor Maine For our 1996 Orion V's we have 2 Units Active 43&44 and Bus 45 has been placed on the out of service retired list due to mechanical failure and condition it's in and it won't pass state DOT inspection bus 45 retired in January of 2016 Bus 43&44 are used as spare buses and that's in the process of being retired For the 2000 New Flyer D30LF we have 3 Units still active 0027-0029 For the 2002 Orion V we have 5 Units still active 0202-0203-0207-0209-0210 For the 2006 Blue Bird Ultra LF We have 1 Unit active 0621 this is used as a spare For The 2007 Champion Defender International Cutaway buses we have 2 Still active 0722-0723 these are used as Spares For the 2007 Eldorado National international Areo Elite cutaway we have 2 units Active 0725-0726 which these 2 units are assigned to the University of Maine campus as shuttle buses 2009 Goshen Coach Chevrolet cutaway we have 1 Unit active 0924 2011 Gillig Low Floor 35' we have 5 Units Active 1046-1050 and note units 1046 went in for a midlife overhaul in August of 2015 and it went back in service in February of 2016 And unit 1047 Went to Maine Military Authoritiy in limestone Maine to get overhauled it went up At the end of March of 2016 and expect 1047 to be back from Maine military authority in August of 2016 it will take a 5 month Process and also there will be more overhauls of the 3 Gillig 35' 1048-1049-1050 In 2017 Can anyone update the Bangor community connector roster here's some changes
  19. Bangor Maine 2011 Gillig Bus 1046 will soon be added to the Community Connector fleetbut it wont be its first time carrying passengers. In fact this bus is five years old, newly refurbished through a so-called midlife overhaul by the Maine Military Authority in Limestone. They bring them up and we tear them down, and we build them back up, said Bob Jandreau, general manager at MMA. From seats to seat belts, new lights to a new radiator-this bus has been rehabbed top to bottom. This is a way to protect the resource that we have already invested in, and to make it last longer, and to make it safer, said Susan Moreau of the Maine Department of Transportation. Funded by the DOT, its a new partnership many are calling a win-winespecially for local workers. What we really see here is an exciting collaborative, we keep jobs here in the state of Maine, said Bangor City Council Chair Sean Faircloth. And its really keeping a workforce of about 70 people really learning new skills every day, said MMA executive director Tim Corbett. Were told a midlife overhaul like this one costs about 25 percent of what a new bus would cost, and its expected to extend the life of this bus by five to seven years. A new bus is about $400,000, and a midlife overhaul can be just about $100,000, said Bangor bus superintendent Laurie Linscott. Another advantage-cleaner air for riders and non-riders alike. You look at some of the older buses and all you see is black smoke pouring out of it. If you look at this bus, its going to be nice and clean coming out of there, said Jandreau. And as the bus system continues to growpushing a million riders a yearsuperintendent Laurie Linscott is planning more overhauls like this one in the future. Im looking to do one this spring, and then my plan is on my capital plan to do one every year, said Linscott. Photo credit Bangor Community connector [ attachment=55950:image.jpeg]
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