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Found 3 results

  1. Saw this story on http://www.illinoishomepage.net/story/d/story/keeping-buses-up-and-running-despite-the-cold/72214/T0ZY3lOMTEW38HlKqlxw9Q Keeping buses up-and-running despite the coldIt features video of New Flyer buses in the MTD fleet.
  2. MAX BRT

    DC Circulator

    More than half of the fleet’s 49 vehicles are ready for retirement after ten year’s service. 13 New XDE40s are ready to replace the oldest of those. Later on? Electric buses will be coming, by the sound of it. Source: http://www.washingtonpost.com/express/wp/2015/05/13/new-dc-circulator-buses-will-have-usb-ports-and-better-air-conditioning/ "In the long run, the DC Circulator will transition to fully electric buses, Handsfield says. They are more expensive, but they make up their cost in fuel savings, he says. “They are better for the environment and quiet enough that you can hear what the person next to you is saying,” he says. So what’s the downside? The electric buses can only go about 80 miles on a full charge, while diesel buses can travel roughly 350 miles on a full tank, says David Warren, director of sustainable transportation at New Flyer, which makes both kinds of buses. As a result, electric buses have to “power up” between routes, pausing to charge at electric gantries, which look like low-slung street lights. Before electric buses can be deployed for the Circulator fleet, D.C. has to set up mobile charging stations and a garage for overnight charging, Handsfield says. “It’s a logistical challenge, but we think it’s worth it,” he says.
  3. New Flyer D40LF #114 on the 41 by PVTAguy1825, on Flickr New Flyer D40LF #728 on the 41 by PVTAguy1825, on Flickr CTFastrak (CTTransit) #712 on the 37 by PVTAguy1825, on Flickr Single Snow Shots: CTTransit #736 on the 63A to Charter Oak by PVTAguy1825, on Flickr CTTransit 424 on the 37 by PVTAguy1825, on Flickr CTTransit #738 on the 31 by PVTAguy1825, on Flickr CTFastrak (CTTransit) A25 on the 102 by PVTAguy1825, on Flickr CTFastrak (CTTransit) 713 on the 121 by PVTAguy1825, on Flickr CTFastrak 1452 on the 121 by PVTAguy1825, on Flickr Enjoy!
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