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Found 1 result

  1. In 2014 STC conducted a public survey to gauge demand for a commuter bus service connecting Warman and Martensville to Saskatoon. Warman has a population of 7,084 (2011 Census) while Martensville is 7,716 for a service area population of 14,800 (2011 Census). As shown in the screenshot of the survey, they proposed a single peak-hour, peak direction trip thus: Morning inbound Warman Dep 6:50AM Martensville Arr 7:03AM Dep 7:05AM Saskatoon Costco Arr 7:15AM Saskatoon SIAST Arr 7:25AM Saskatoon STC Arr 7:30AM Evening outbound Saskatoon STC Dep 5:00PM Saskatoon SIAST Dep 5:05PM Saskatoon Costco Dep 5:15PM Martensville Arr 5:25PM Dep 5:27PM Warman Arr 5:40PM and they proposed a monthly pass costing $269.00. I think it's interesting that they did it, but I might have tweeked their proposal just a little bit. In particular I would have included the University of Saskatchewan as the endpoint of the morning run, and the origin of the evening run.