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Found 5 results

  1. This is SUPER geeky, but I had to make it. I'm sure I share this with some of you out there, older and younger members, but the way a bus sounds is very important to me. Certain things can make me love or hate a bus, and sound is pretty much at the top of the list. Be it an awesome sounding axle, a dirty exhaust or a savage jake brake, it always helps. Now being a younger and inexperienced member I know that my interests are tailored towards newer buses, Cummins ISL/L/9/M/X/B etc., and even the DDS50/60 etc, (that's about it; anything older I genuinely dislike, especially the 6V92), but I'm curious to hear what your interests are when it comes to sound. To each their own opinion, so post videos or comments of your favorite sounding buses. As a matter of fact, I listen to audioclips of good ones while I work; it really helps. I'll start us off with a few: As you may know, or be able to tell, I'm a ZF fanboy, so here are a few. Listen with bass on if can: First pull off: I've recently discovered a popular French bus, Heulizez, which makes the GX337h, which sounds quite punchy. Listen from 3:29: And we can't forget Allison. Love the shifts into 5th and 6th on these things, never disappoints: from 0:54 to 1:30: Let's hear what you've got!
  2. I have a question: were there any U.S. transit agencies who ran their Orion I's, V's and/or New Flyers with the Detroit Diesel 6V92TA engine and Voith transmission? This was the powertrain of choice in Canada for the following: YORK REGION TRANSIT (MARKHAM TRANSIT) (MARKHAM, ON) 2033-2036 - 1988 Orion I 01.508 2044-2047 - 1989 MCI Classic TC40-102N 2048-2052 - 1990 MCI Classic TC40-102A 2053-2054 - 1991 Orion V 05.501 YORK REGION TRANSIT (RICHMOND HILL TRANSIT) (RICHMOND HILL, ON) 511-524 - 1989 New Flyer D40 (T-drive) (renumbered 8911-8924 by YRT) YORK REGION TRANSIT (EX-GO TRANSIT) 1130-1132 - 1987 Orion I 01.508 (renumbered 8710-8712 by YRT) BRAMPTON TRANSIT (BRAMPTON, ON) 8894-8899 - 1988 Orion I 01.508 8901-8909 - 1989 Orion I 01.508 9014-9028 - 1990 Orion I 01.508 9129-9137 - 1991 Orion V 05.501 9176-9180 - 1991 New Flyer S40HF (ex-GO Transit) CALGARY TRANSIT (CALGARY, AB) 7001-7010 - 1992 New Flyer D40HF (V-drive) MISSISSAUGA TRANSIT (MISSISSAUGA, ON) 9020 - 1990 Orion V 05.501 OAKVILLE TRANSIT (OAKVILLE, ON) 901-907 - 1990 Orion V 05.501 928-929 - 1992 Orion V 05.501 DURHAM REGION TRANSIT (OSHAWA TRANSIT) 8121-8123 - 1987 Orion I 01.508 (Oshawa 121-123) 8124-8128 - 1989 MCI Classic TC40-102N (Oshawa 124-128) 8129-8132 - 1990 Orion V 05.501 (Oshawa 129-132) 8133-8136 - 1991 Orion V 05.501 (Oshawa 133-136) 8137-8141 - 1992 Orion V 05.501 (Oshawa 137-141) 8142-8145 - 1994 Orion V 05.501 (Oshawa 142-145) DURHAM REGION TRANSIT (WHITBY TRANSIT) 8311-8315 - 1990 Orion V 05.501 (Whitby 9011-9015) 8316 - 1991 Orion V 05.501 (Whitby 9116) 8317 - 1992 MCI Classic TC40-102A (Whitby 9217) 8318 - 1994 Orion V 05.501 (Whitby 9418) 8319 - 1988 MCI Classic TC40-102A (Whitby 8819, originally to Queens Surface Transportation, NY 943) But here (in the U.S.), this same powertrain could be found on the following buses: BEE-LINE (WESTCHESTER COUNTY, NY) 760-874 - 1990 Flxible Metro "B" 40102-6T MIAMI-DADE COUNTY TRANSIT AUTHORITY (MIAMI, FL) 9067-9073 - 1990 Flxible Metro "B" 40102-6T GREATER PORTLAND TRANSIT DISTRICT (PORTLAND, ME) 9005-9021 - 1990 Flxible Metro "B" 35102-6T FRESNO AREA EXPRESS (FAX) (FRESNO, CA) 9001-9023 - 1990 Flxible Metro "B" 40102-6T 9101-9112 - 1991 Gillig Phantom 40/102TB/6V92TAC ALAMEDA-CONTRA COSTA (AC) TRANSIT (OAKLAND, CA) 1469-1483 - 1984 Gillig Phantom 40TB/96/6V92 2601-2652 - 1990 Gillig Phantom 40/102TB/6V92TAC 2701-2731 - 1991 Gillig Phantom 30/102TB/6V92TAC 2732-2761 - 1992 Gillig Phantom 30/102TB/6V92TAC 2801-2860 - 1993 Gillig Phantom 40/102TB/6V92TAC SACRAMENTO REGIONAL TRANSIT DISTRICT (SACRAMENTO, CA) 9001-9045 - 1990 Gillig Phantom 40/102TB/6V92TAC QUEENS SURFACE TRANSPORTATION (QUEENS, NY) 943 - 1988 MCI Classic TC40-102A (to Whitby Transit 2005, renumbered there as 8819) LEHIGH AND NORTHAMPTON TRANSPORTATION AUTHORITY (LANTA) (LEHIGH, PA) 8721-8730 - 1987 Orion I 01.502 (30 ft) 8931-8935 - 1989 Orion I 01.502 (30 ft) 8936-8950 - 1989 Orion I 01.507 (35 ft) BROOME COUNTY TRANSIT (BINGHAMTON, NY) 601-617 - 1987 Orion I 01.508 (40 ft) Getting back to my original question, does anyone here know whether or not there were any U.S. transit companies (other than LANTA in PA) that had at one time ran any of Orion I's, Orion V's and/or New Flyer D40HF's or D40LF's with the Detroit Diesel 6V92TA/Voith (D863 or D864) powertrain? I know BC (British Columbia) Transit in Vancouver (BC) ran many 1991-93 New Flyer D40LF's (1st generation) which used the 6V92TA/Voith as the powertrain... but did any U.S. agencies order the same for their D40LF's? Thank you, Ben
  3. I have some questions about the Cummins L10 engine and its common transmission, the Voith DIWA D863.2-W7. This winning combo lasted from 1986 to 1994. Among them: 1. Were there any Canadian TA's that specified the L10 and Voith in the angle-drive (aka V-drive) layout? There, only one manufacturer offered such a configuration: New Flyer, since they made buses in both T-drive and V-drive layout. But here in the U.S., we had two more manufacturers cataloging this powertrain in this layout: Flxible and Neoplan (the latter, like New Flyer, built buses in both T-drive and V-drive layouts). 2. Regarding the V-drive layout, was the L10 laid down on its side (a la the Volvo B59 and B10R series)? or If there was one solution the Toronto Transit Commission could have done with its 1990 New Flyers with their Cummins L10 engines and ZF Ecomat 4HP500 transmissions circa 2000: they could have specified the Voith D863.3-W7 or, at least, the Allison VR731R (final "R" means reverse rotation, also called "RH"). But instead they chose to procure the old-fashioned V730's from a bunch of their retired 1977-81 GMC New Look buses. I wonder if that is because of the fact the VR731R/RH is electronically-controlled and the L10 at the time of original production was mechanically-controlled? ~Ben
  4. This will be a tough question to answer, and here it goes: were there any Orion I's built in 1984 and 1985 that used the Voith D863 transmission behind the Detroit Diesel 6V92TA engine (a la AC Transit's 1984 Gillig Phantoms numbered 1469 to 1483)? They can be model 01.502 (30 ft), 01.507 (35 ft) or 01.508 (40 ft). ~Ben
  5. I wonder if anyone has any vintage Voith DIWA instruction manuals and literature from the 1980s and early 1990s? If so, could you please use that information to update the Voith DIWA.2 CPTDB Wiki? In particular I am looking for the following instruction manuals: D851.2 / D854.2 / D863.2 / D864.2 http://ebookbrowse.c...-pdf-d268329560 (Here is a link but this manual covers the much earlier 502-2 and 502-3 transmissions. The 502-2 was a 2-speed unit and the 502-3 was a 3-speed unit; these were superseded by the D851.2 and D854.2 by 1980) Thank you, Ben
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