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Found 26 results

  1. Here's an image of 1987 MCI Classic #415 captured back on February 28, 2008:
  2. While returning from Winnipeg I had the chance to stop in Grand Forks, North Dakota to check out their transit system. Cities Area Transit, or CAT, serves Grand Forks with a fleet of roughly a dozen or so fixed-route buses. One bus, 114, is operated on behalf of East Grand Forks, MN and used exclusively on the EGF route. CAT runs a basic hub system with Columbia Mall and the downtown Metro Transit Center serving as the two main transfer points. The CAT fleet consists of four 2010 New Flyer units, two hybrid DE35LFR, 103-104, and two D35LFR, 105-106. 2003 Gillig LF 29', 31, 2004 Gillig LF 29', 42, 2009 ARBOC 91, 2011 ARBOC 112, 2011 Ford/Goshen 113, and EGF ARBOC 114. Recently retired units are 974-977, New Flyer D35LF. 974 was sitting outside the garage, allegedly it was sold back in 2011 according to their TDP so I'm not sure what the deal is with it. Here are some photos of their fleet, as well as their transfer center and a bus stop sign:
  3. Two Ex Intercity Transit 1998 Gillig Lowfloors that went to Yakima, WA. now retired and for sale. The rest went to Grays Harbor Transit. Yakima Transit 57 ex Intercity Transit #909 http://www.publicsurplus.com/sms/auction/view?auc=1623666 Yakima Transit 56 ex Intercity Transit #912 (this bus used to be dedicated to the Olympia Express, as it had a cell phone mounted for the service) http://www.publicsurplus.com/sms/auction/view?auc=1623667
  4. Mine is obviously 14 Glencairn. I just saw 1001 go by on it. It's because I live on Glencairn Ave. and see the 14 go by everyday, and it's been my dream to drive a 14 since i was little. Mount Dennis, here I come!
  5. This new transit centre is mentioned in the December 14, 2017 Board Meeting Report. This project ties in to the Millennium Line - Broadway Extension project. According to the file, the file also states that on page 152, 37 diesel buses (unknown brand/year) are to replace some of the the trolley fleet. They will also build bypass trolley overhead infrastructure for other trolley routes during construction. FAQ: Q: What routes/buses will be based out of this yard? A: We do not know yet, (and please don't speculate because we literally know nothing route-wise at this point.) Q: Will RTC buses be based out of this yard? A: Look above. Q: What will be the final name of this transit centre? A: Actually, on page 152, the project name is called "Marpole Transit Centre - Silvertree Site". (and please don't speculate because we literally know nothing name-wise at this point.) All clear? Let's start discussion!
  6. Hey everyone. I didn't notice a thread for this so I decided to create one. If you have any drawings, leave them here. Thanks. Here's mine. TTC 7406. I know it isn't great but I've only done this a few times before. Boredom on my day off led me to this. Credit to Jonah Nixon @Triplej814 for the original photo of 7406. I used the photo with written consent from the owner. By the way, this was all freehand.
  7. Transit in Russia and the CIS Транзит в России и странах СНГ - Tranzit v Rossii i stranakh SNG CIS = Commonwealth of Independent States (association of countries that were formerly part of the Soviet Union) https://www.theguardian.com/world/2018/jan/18/kazakhstan-bus-fire-kills-people-uzbekistan
  8. I’ve beeen trying to download openbve on my computer and I can’t figure out how to
  9. Transit Geek now has a dedicated YouTube Channel! For details and to subscribe, start from this playlist containing clips of the new TYSSE (Toronto York Spadina Subway Extension) on its opening day.
  10. It's exciting to be looking at the routing for the North Crosstown BRT, something that's been definitely needed to provide better E-W connections along 16th Avenue. I think this route would provide a frequent link between a couple of hospitals (major employment centres), help with the development in University District in west campus, and also spur some development for more high density developments along 16th Avenue. Only issues I see with the route is the lack of separated lanes or traffic priority at major intersections such as Centre Street, Edmonton Trail and 19th Street NE which hurts reliability and travel times. Currently, Eastbound 16th between 10th and Edmonton Trail is horrible for congestion during the PM rush, and this doesn't look like it would have any priority in this stretch of road. A problem with BRT branding and subsequent appeal is the lack of time savings over a conventional bus route, so I am not too sure if this would be successful in shifting over current passengers from the current routes (One of the issues with the 306 for example which had to be massively scaled back due to low ridership). More information from the City of Calgary here: http://www.calgary.ca/Transportation/TI/Pages/Transit-projects/North-Crosstown-Bus-Rapid-Transit-(BRT).aspx
  11. Hello everyone, the 5th Year Anniversary runs for the Virtual TTC Academy will be happening on December 28, 2017. If we do not get enough people for these runs, the TTC Academy might be shut down due to a large number of inactive operators. The runs are already posted on the run sheet, but here is a preview of the runs. SHY-DM-SHY X2 (Line 4) - 15:00 Eastern Time Zone KN-KIP (Line 2) - 17:00 Eastern Time Zone FN-SHW (Line 1) - 19:00 Eastern Time Zone Sign Up For The Academy Here: http://bit.ly/TTCAcademy -- About The Academy The Virtual TTC Academy is a place where transit enthusiasts can simulate 3 out of the 4 of the TTC subway lines together. A video about the academy:
  12. This is my first post on this website, so here goes (forgive me if this isn't the right place to post it). I've been a fan of transit and buses for many years now; I think it goes back to when I was a kid and growing up riding the bus just about everywhere. Now I've grown to the point where I want to be a bus collector and gather a series of buses, both past and present. Now the one I'm looking for in particular has been rather hard to find. I'm looking for a Neoplan AN460 still intact that hasn't been torn apart yet or scrapped in a junkyard. I've looked all over, eBay, Transit Sales, Bargain Bus News, and many other used bus sales websites, but to no success. Out of the many buses I've looked and seen over the years, this one has always stood out to me is it was a common bus I rode in Pittsburgh back in 2011-2013 before they were retired and now owning one for me would serve a nostalgic purpose. Does anyone out there know of any person, place, or transit agency that might still have one and is looking to sell it in the future or is up for sale right now?
  13. The Municipality of Crowsnest Pass is proposing to experiment with a public transit system. Currently the municipality (which is a chain of towns in the valley of the Crowsnest Pass in the Rockies) has a seniors/disability demand-responsive service called the "Town Rounder". The proposal is to use the bus for Town Rounder service on Mondays and Tuesdays, and operate a fixed route service open to everyone on Wednesdays, Thursdays and Fridays. There is more information, including a draft schedule and some route maps, on the town website. According to the 2011 Census the population of Crowsnest Pass is 5,565.
  14. In this thread, I'm going to post pictures and videos that I've posted on my flickr and YouTube channel. Apr. 25th, 2017 YouTube: I uploaded an old video of Toronto Transit Commission Streetcar 4109, which has since been retired. Unfortunately, that's all I have as of right now. I will be updating more in the future.
  15. Been awhile. Today I took a trip to Middletown. A rather long one being that I took the only local service bus down there, the 55. I wanted to check it out since more territory is being explored in CT as of late MAT #2216 on the A by Xavier Trofisher, on Flickr MAT #2218 on the M-Link by Xavier Trofisher, on Flickr MAT #2218 on the M-Link by Xavier Trofisher, on Flickr MAT Info by Xavier Trofisher, on Flickr MAT #2217 by Xavier Trofisher, on Flickr MAT #2219 on the B by Xavier Trofisher, on Flickr MAT Info by Xavier Trofisher, on Flickr I hope you enjoyed
  16. A page for the HART system of Connecticut. 2001 Orion 05.503 #307 is now with Guatemala's Transurbano system.
  17. http://www.transitmix.net/ I "StumbledUpon" a pretty cool website where you can design your own transit system for your city, any way you want! It's pretty cool, i've already put one down for Oshawa, ON.
  18. Apparently they now have Transit! Found #12 parked behind a shop and then shortly after spotted #11 operating in service. I wonder how many other buses they have.
  19. Hey all, I created a Youtube Channel a few years ago and i've left it dormant for the longest time. I used to have Videos of STM Subways, but sadly, got deleted. I currenty have fifteen videos, feel free to subscribe, like and or comment on my videos. Ciao:) New Arrivals! http://www.youtube.c...?v=58Qe0Eedptk. http://www.youtube.c...h?v=Cm2QFQdu-hI The following videos are filmed at Osgoode and Rosedale, both are TR, Toronto Rockets.
  20. I am surprised no one here has covered Fort Worth Transportation Authority yet. This video, by Joshua Thurman (lilmanjt), covers both DART (Dallas) and the "T" (Fort Worth): As this video was originally filmed in September of 1999, then I cannot envision any of the Flxible Metros in Fort Worth as still operating to this day (except maybe a few of the last ones delivered - the 1995 Metro "E" CNG 40-foot buses numbered 514-527), given both the FTA-mandated 12-year/500,000-mile replacement schedule and the generally dry weather conditions throughout TX. Since that time, these buses have been supplanted or replaced by New Flyer C40LF's, C40LFR's or XC40 Excelsiors, or even Gillig Advantage CNG buses. Thank you, Ben Edge (ClassicBusFan81)
  21. Some people like, some don't. Now let's discuss it, I have seen 607 in real, the train I was on started in NFS then I boarded in St. Catharines heading to the CNE the trip was normal until we reached the Willowbrook Yard and TMC and I saw a BBD 2000 series Bi-Level with it's doors partly painted In the new scheme. Then we reached Mimico to our delight 607 pulls up with a wired consist. 607, Cab, Bi, Bi, Bi, WC, Bi, Bi, Bi, Cab. That was caught on video, to me I like the new paint but, digitally it looks bad. Oh and BTW I got off at Exibition and saw the 607 from the platform.
  22. My final stop was in the city of La Crosse, WI to see the new hybrid buses added to the La Crosse Municipal Transit Utility (MTU) fleet earlier this year. The MTU fleet is now entirely Gillig LF 35' units, years 2001, 2002, 2007 and 2013: Maybe it's because they're still new, but the two hybrid buses I rode were tight! No rattles, squeaks or anything, even on the choppy roads. ISB/Allison H 40EP hybrid system of course. I think it's cool they went with standard sliding windows as well.
  23. Hey guys, not to long ago I started a blog in regard to transit in Southern California, US, specifically in the region known as the Inland Empire, which is roughly 50 miles east of Los Angeles. It's not much but it's something. Anyway recently I decided to be more active in regard to posting. If anyone would like to take a look or comment by all means do so. You can find Transit opinion from the Inland Empire by clicking this link. Thanks for reading!
  24. Hi, does anyone know what is the application process to apply for Miller Transit. They are contracted out by YRT. I went to their official website, called them, and e-mailed them but no reply. I'm looking to apply as a bus operator. If anyone has any info please let me know, thank you for your time and help!
  25. Hey all, I came up with a great idea for a Transit Based Trivia Game. Players answer an array of different transit related questions, For every right answer, you receive points, for wrong answers, players do not gain points. "Fun for fanners from 1 to 100!" Game types and Scoring Chart: Full Service: Each player receives 10 points for each right answer they answer correctly. First player to 100 points wins! Peak Service: Each player receives 10 points for each right answer they answer correctly. First player to 50 points wins! Extended Service: Each player receives 5 points for each right answer the answer correctly. First Player to 100 points wins! Leave you questions and comments about the game below.
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