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Found 11 results

  1. Hey folks, Thought I'd start a new discussion regarding the King Street transit pilot project being tested in downtown Toronto, since it would stray considerably from general streetcar news and discussion, as well as any other TTC discussion. Starting November 12th, 2017, the City of Toronto will initiate the project between Bathurst Street and Jarvis Street. The project's main aims are to increase efficiency of transit along that particular stretch of King St., primarily improving the service of the 504 King Streetcar in the downtown core. The 504 King is the busiest streetcar route that the TTC offers, with over sixty five thousand in daily ridership. People and Transit are being given priority over vehicle traffic. Until this weekend, this stretch of King street was notorious for its awful efficiency both from transit and traffic perspectives. With over twenty thousand vehicles using the street for relatively local trips (which can be done via parallel streets), transit was getting clogged up. This resulted in uneven spacing between streetcars and the notorious "walking is faster than the TTC" statement. As of the 12th of November, cars are no longer permitted to drive straight through any intersections between Bathurst Street and Jarvis Street. They will only be allowed to turn right, and in few cases left as well, thus removing the use of King as a main thoroughfare. Exceptions to this include TTC vehicles, construction/service vehicles, emergency services, as well as taxis which are only permitted to drive through at certain times of the day. TTC streetcar stops have been moved to the opposite side of the intersections with protected waiting areas. Cyclists are permitted to continue through intersections as usual, abiding by the existing regulations. This project is a cost-effective way of easing traffic congestion along one of the main transit corridors in downtown Toronto, and there are further plans to implement this on other streets, such as Queen and Dundas Sts. Further plans are in place to construct public spaces along King in place of the on-street parking. These spaces would include, but are not limited to: bicycle parking, sidewalk cafes, open seating etc. Here are some links for you all to take a look at: Main Page: https://web.toronto.ca/city-government/planning-development/planning-studies-initiatives/king-street-pilot/ Overview: https://web.toronto.ca/city-government/planning-development/planning-studies-initiatives/king-street-pilot/king-street-transit-pilot-overview/ Informative Posters: https://web.toronto.ca/wp-content/uploads/2017/10/968e-Police-Postcard_AODA.pdf Informational Brochures: https://web.toronto.ca/wp-content/uploads/2017/10/9096-King-Street-Brochure_Oct25_Web.pdf So let's see what you all think of it? Questions? Suggestions/Criticisms? Or even your own adjustments? Let the discussion begin!
  2. The TTC 509 route for Metro Simulator has been released. What do you think? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=29BU-owMZJE
  3. T2P Films is in the process of developing a Toronto streetcar route for Metro Simulator! They are collecting donations to help them with the funding of the project. From T2P Films; "We need your help to finish building the first ever Toronto streetcar simulation for the general public: the 509 Harbourfront Streetcar Route for Metro Simulator. Support us at: https://t2pfilms.ca/509streetcar."
  4. Toronto ranks among the world's 20 best cities to drive in based on the study released by German online car parts company Kfzteile24 on Wednesday. The survey included other Canadian cities too. According to the study, Calgary had the best ranking, coming in at 10th place to drive in the world. Montreal followed the list with 13th place, Toronto 14th place. Ottawa ranked 22nd, Vancouver 48th. Kfzteile24 gathered data from TomTom Traffic Index and also from the city councils to generate this results. It considered nine different factors when ranking the cities, and assigned different weight to each factors. Do you guys find these results realistic? Please share your opinions in the comment below. Thank you. Trans-Plan
  5. Countdown: 79 Days until #Line1 Opening! York University will open in 79 days. Students who live in off-campus counting days to see York University Station open. The York University Station project incorporates the following initiatives: - Cool roof and green roofs, - Increased daylight levels to reduce electric lighting power usage, - LED lighting in pylon signs and energy efficient lighting - Energy efficient HVAC system, - 26 short term bicycle parking spaces; and - Landscaping with native and drought tolerant species provided. (Source:https://ttc.ca)
  6. I've been traveling on Greyhound for almost a year now and a thought struck me the other day when i was coming back to Toronto from Rochester, New York. It seems that the new Prevost buses aquired by GH Canada aren't actually new. The new X3-45's are always on the New York City-Toronto and London-Detroit-Chicago routes but never on any local routes in the GTA. They do however operate x3-45's with fleet number 88xx but a driver told me they were from 2008 and were transferred to GH Canada in 2014. He told me when they came to Canada they were plagued with problems. Transmissions were falling out of them, body damage, ripped seats, power outlets not working and missing buttons and such in the drivers area. My question is, if Greyhound is advertising the purchase of new buses (86xxx), why is the Canadian side getting the shitty end of the stick? The bus I was on was really nice, the seats had seat belts, the outlets were REAL power outlets, and the drive was smooth. All the older MCI buses from the US is being sent to Canada for a 2nd life but why be greedy with the new fleet if they're practically the same company?
  7. Some people like, some don't. Now let's discuss it, I have seen 607 in real, the train I was on started in NFS then I boarded in St. Catharines heading to the CNE the trip was normal until we reached the Willowbrook Yard and TMC and I saw a BBD 2000 series Bi-Level with it's doors partly painted In the new scheme. Then we reached Mimico to our delight 607 pulls up with a wired consist. 607, Cab, Bi, Bi, Bi, WC, Bi, Bi, Bi, Cab. That was caught on video, to me I like the new paint but, digitally it looks bad. Oh and BTW I got off at Exibition and saw the 607 from the platform.
  8. Philippine Airlines will launch service to Toronto starting Nov. 30, three times a week. Eastbound sector will operate nonstop, but Westbound sector involves a stop at YVR presumably because of prevailing winds, requiring more fuel. On the other hand, they are dropping service to Las Vegas. Source: http://airlineroute.net/2012/09/23/pr-yyz-w12/
  9. There's been a lot of talk this year about building new transit infrastructure in Toronto. However, the obstacle always comes down to: how are people going to pay for it? At the moment, there doesn't seem to be any real fiscal measures to raise funds for capital investments in the TTC. Even its operational costs are subsidized at such a small scale, it's laughable (no provincial funding.) That being said, what kind of strategy should be taken to really get the money flowing to build new subways, LRTs, streetcars, bus routes, etc? A few ideas I've heard in the past: -Increased property taxes -Regional gas tax -Regional sales tax
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