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Found 8 results

  1. I found this old RTS bus laid up near Paddy's Pond outside St. John's, Newfoundland, I was wondering what company it used to belong to.
  2. This content additions page is for all information that is yet to be added into Omnitrans wiki articles as well as information relevant to that bus system. The following information that needs to be added is: Units 131-141 are retired since one of those units didn't appear on the Transsee bus tracker website for Omnitrans, and I didn't see them in service as of last year. The order of 2016 New Flyer XN40s likely caused the retirement of these 2001 model New Flyer C40LFs. 2012 and 2014 New Flyer XN40s from Omnitrans have Voith D864.5 transmissions instead of Allison Transmission, as seen in the wiki article, which is inaccurate. I found out that these buses' dashboards have Voith shift selectors, apart from the fact some of the Omnitrans XN40s sound differently from the OCTA XN40s. Units 1321-1333 have 6 speed Allison Transmission B400Rs Units 153-154 are built in October 2003; units 158-172 are built in November 2003 Units 101-103, and 105-121 are built in January 2001 Units 175-187 and 198 are built in May 2005; units 193-197 are built in June 2005 Units 1201-1210 are built in June 2009; units 1220-1227 are built in July 2009 Some of the 2011 New Flyer C40LFRs have 6-speed Allison Transmission B400Rs; 1233 is one of these buses with an Allison Transmission The 2001, 2003, 2005 New Flyer C40LFs, and 2009 New Flyer C40LFRs have TwinVision/Digital Recorders Amber LED signs. Note that the TwinVision brand destination sign controllers may either have the Digital Recorders logo or the Twinvision logo on buses made before 2007. Units 171 and 175-198 have 39 American Seating Innovator 850 padded fabric seats Some of the 2003 New Flyer C40LFs have 33 American Seating Innovator 850 padded fabric seats and 3 American Seating Vision padded fabric seats in order to accommodate the Q-Pods wheelchair securement system and one wheelchair securement station. These buses originally had 39 seats. Omnitrans' New Flyer XN40s have 34 American Seating Vision padded fabric seats. Some of these buses' VINs are missing, which can be confirmed if you use AutoCheck.com by using one of the VINs closest to that particular bus and entering the next VIN for that unit. Add Omnitrans route 208, 215, and 290. The rest of the routes that need to be changed are found in the latest Omnitrans bus book for January 2018 by downloading a PDF copy from their website or obtaining a physical copy by riding on Omnitrans buses. Unit 640/1640 was built in November 1992 1997 Neoplan AN440A CNG buses were built from May to August 1997 Omnitrans' 1996 Orion Vs were built from December 1996 to January 1997. These buses had Cummins L10G engines and ZF 4HP590 transmissions instead of the Cummins C8.3G and ZF 4HP592 powertrain as listed in the wiki articles.
  3. This content additions page includes the following info that is to be added to Los Angeles Metro Bus and Rail articles, the LACMTA diesel Orions, as well as the former SCRTD. The LACMTA articles are in need for a serious update as it lacks the Metro Rail fleet roster. The following info that needs to be added are: LACMTA units 5300-5414 VINs are to be linked to New Flyer's 2000 model C40LF 'Y' VINs article LACMTA units 5415-5522 VINs are to be linked to New Flyer's 2001 model C40LF '1' VINs article LACMTA units 7980-7999 have been retired as of September 2017, but they still remain in LACMTA's property Units 5312, 5314-5315, 5318, 5335, 5342, 5349, 5379, 5385, 5389-5390, 5404, 5407, 5414, 5425, 5453, 5457, 5476, 5487, 5502, 5513-5514, 5517, and 5520-5522 retain Detroit Diesel Series 50G engines Division 18 has units 5342, 5349, and 5521 Division 9 has units 5382, 5452, 7342, 7350, 7376, 7483, and 7930 Active units from LACMTA's current fleet roster can be used by putting the fleet numbers (3100-3149, 3850-4199, 5300-5522, 5600-6149, 7000-8099, 8100-8400, 8401-8491, 8500-8649, 9200-9594, or 11001-11067) into the LACMTA vehicles search bar at the bottom of this page: https://www.transsee.ca/routelist?a=lametro A new page for LACMTA units 3300-3714 and 1100-1189 should be created by taking the VINs from Neoplan's AN440 'D' (1983), 'E' (1984), and 'H' (1987) VIN articles, which list these units as SCRTD 3300-3714 and SCRTD 1100-1189 LACMTA units 3000-3019 are built in June 1998 The article for LACMTA units 7525-7599 should have their VINs added and linked to NABI's 2005 model 40-LFW '5' VINs article The article for LACMTA units 7300-7514 and 7600-7949 should have their VINs added and linked to NABI's 2001 model 40-LFW '1' VINs article The article for LACMTA units 7000-7214 should have their VINs added and linked to NABI's 1999 and 2000 model 40-LFW 'X' and 'Y' VINs article, respectively The article for LACMTA units 8000-8099 should have their VINs added and linked to NABI's 2003 and 2004 model 45C-LFW '3' and '4' VINs article, respectively http://www.rapidtransit-press.com/transitsystems.html: Info from this link must be sent to articles relating to SCRTD and LACMTA, especially the ex-SCRTD GMC and TMC RTS buses that went to Transit Systems Unlimited. http://www.rapidtransit-press.com/mta.html: Info from this link must be sent to articles related to the LACMTA. http://www.webring.org/l/rd?ring=001bus;id=150;url=http%3A%2F%2Fwww.oocities.org%2F~buslist%2Findex.html: VINs for LACMTA's 1980-1981 GMC T8J-204s, 1982 T7J-204s, TMC 1988-1989, 1992 RTS-06s, 1988-1990, and 1992 Flxible Metros are found in this link. The Metro Rail roster composes of: 1989 Nippon Sharyo P865: Rail cars 100-138 1990 Nippon Sharyo P865: 139-153 1994 Nippon Sharyo P2020: 154-168 1991-1992 Breda A650 with DC motors: 501-530 1996-2000 Breda A650 with AC motors: 531-604 1996-1999 Siemens P2000: 201-226, 227-250, 301-302 2006-2011 Ansaldo Breda P2550: 701-750 2014-2020s KinkiSharyo P3010: 1000-1235
  4. Would these be the correct VIN numbers for the Ride-On TMC City Cruiser T30s (1981 models; numbers 5245-5256)? 5245: 1TUBBT58XBR000508 5246: 1TUBBT581BR000509 5247: 1TUBBT588BR000510 5248: 1TUBBT58XBR000511 5249: 1TUBBT581BR000512 5250: 1TUBBT580BR000520 5251: 1TUBBT582BR000521 5252: 1TUBBT584BR000522 5253: 1TUBBT586BR000523 5254: 1TUBBT588BR000524 5255: 1TUBBT58XBR000525 5256: 1TUBBT581BR000526 5100: 1TUBBT586BR000571 5101: 1TUBBT588BR000572 ~Ben
  5. Honolulu "The Bus" (Honolulu, HI) 1993 TMC RTS-08 WFD VIN codes to be verified: Units 51-62 are model T70-608 (35' x 96") Units 201-283 are model T80-208 (40' x 102") Powertrain (both): Detroit Diesel 6V92TA DDEC (277 hp) with Allison V731R ATEC transmission Units 51-62 51: 1TURDT9A1PR829318 52: 1TURDT9A1PR829383 53: 1TURDT9A3PR829384 54: 1TURDT9A5PR829385 55: 1TURDT9A7PR829386 56: 1TURDT9A9PR829387 57: 1TURDT9A0PR829388 58: 1TURDT9A2PR829389 59: 1TURDT9A9PR829390 60: 1TURDT9A0PR829391 61: 1TURDT9A2PR829392 62: 1TURDT9A4PR829393 Units 201-283 201: 1TUMDT9A4PR829162 202: 1TUMDT9A8PR829181 203: 1TUMDT9AXPR829201 204: 1TUMDT9A6PR829244 205: 1TUMDT9A8PR829245 206: 1TUMDT9AXPR829246 207: 1TUMDT9A1PR829247 208: 1TUMDT9A3PR829248 209: 1TUMDT9A5PR829249 210: 1TUMDT9A3PR829251 211: 1TUMDT9A5PR829252 212: 1TUMDT9A7PR829253 213: 1TUMDT9A9PR829254 214: 1TUMDT9A0PR829255 215: 1TUMDT9A2PR829256 216: 1TUMDT9A4PR829257 217: 1TUMDT9A6PR829258 218: 1TUMDT9A8PR829259 219: 1TUMDT9A4PR829260 220: 1TUMDT9A6PR829261 221: 1TUMDT9A8PR829262 222: 1TUMDT9AXPR829263 223: 1TUMDT9A1PR829264 224: 1TUMDT9A3PR829265 225: 1TUMDT9A5PR829266 226: 1TUMDT9A7PR829267 227: 1TUMDT9A9PR829268 228: 1TUMDT9A0PR829269 229: 1TUMDT9A7PR829270 230: 1TUMDT9A9PR829271 231: 1TUMDT9A0PR829272 232: 1TUMDT9A2PR829273 233: 1TUMDT9A4PR829274 234: 1TUMDT9A6PR829275 235: 1TUMDT9A1PR829295 236: 1TUMDT9A3PR829296 237: 1TUMDT9A5PR829297 238: 1TUMDT9A7PR829298 239: 1TUMDT9A4PR829338 240: 1TUMDT9A6PR829339 241: 1TUMDT9A2PR829340 242: 1TUMDT9A4PR829341 243: 1TUMDT9A6PR829342 244: 1TUMDT9A8PR829343 245: 1TUMDT9AXPR829344 246: 1TUMDT9A1PR829345 247: 1TUMDT9A3PR829346 248: 1TUMDT9A5PR829347 249: 1TUMDT9A7PR829348 250: 1TUMDT9A9PR829349 251: 1TUMDT9A5PR829350 252: 1TUMDT9A7PR829351 253: 1TUMDT9A9PR829352 254: 1TUMDT9A0PR829353 255: 1TUMDT9A2PR829354 256: 1TUMDT9A4PR829355 257: 1TUMDT9A6PR829356 258: 1TUMDT9A8PR829357 259: 1TUMDT9AXPR829358 260: 1TUMDT9A1PR829359 261: 1TUMDT9A8PR829360 262: 1TUMDT9AXPR829361 263: 1TUMDT9A1PR829362 264: 1TUMDT9A3PR829363 265: 1TUMDT9A5PR829364 266: 1TUMDT9A7PR829365 267: 1TUMDT9A9PR829366 268: 1TUMDT9A0PR829367 269: 1TUMDT9A2PR829368 270: 1TUMDT9A4PR829369 271: 1TUMDT9A0PR829370 272: 1TUMDT9A2PR829371 273: 1TUMDT9A4PR829372 274: 1TUMDT9A6PR829373 275: 1TUMDT9A8PR829374 276: 1TUMDT9AXPR829375 277: 1TUMDT9A1PR829376 278: 1TUMDT9A3PR829377 279: 1TUMDT9A5PR829378 280: 1TUMDT9A7PR829379 281: 1TUMDT9A3PR829380 282: 1TUMDT9A5PR829381 283: 1TUMDT9A7PR829382 ~Ben
  6. Is anyone able to verify the validity of these VIN numbers for the 1992 and '93 TMC RTS II WFD buses delivered to Long Beach Transit of Long Beach, CA? Model number (both sets): RTS II WFD T80-608 (V-drive) Engine: Detroit Diesel 6V92TAC DDEC Transmission: Allison V731R ATEC 9201-9220 (delivered spring 1993) 9201: 1TULDT9A3NR828996 9202: 1TULDT9A3NR829047 9203: 1TULDT9A5NR829048 9204: 1TULDT9A7NR829049 9205: 1TULDT9A3NR829050 9206: 1TULDT9A5NR829051 9207: 1TULDT9A7NR829052 9208: 1TULDT9A9NR829053 9209: 1TULDT9A0NR829054 9210: 1TULDT9A2NR829055 9211: 1TULDT9A4NR829056 9212: 1TULDT9A6NR829057 9213: 1TULDT9A8NR829058 9214: 1TULDT9AXNR829059 9215: 1TULDT9A6NR829060 9216: 1TULDT9A8NR829061 9217: 1TULDT9AXNR829062 9218: 1TULDT9A1NR829063 9219: 1TULDT9A3NR829064 9220: 1TULDT9A5NR829065 9301-9320 (delivered fall 1993) 9301: 1TULDT9AXPR829209 9302: 1TULDT9A1PR829289 9303: 1TULDT9AXPR829310 9304: 1TULDT9A1PR829311 9305: 1TULDT9A3PR829312 9306: 1TULDT9A5PR829313 9307: 1TULDT9A7PR829314 9308: 1TULDT9A9PR829315 9309: 1TULDT9A0PR829316 9310: 1TULDT9A2PR829317 9311: 1TULDT9A6PR829319 9312: 1TULDT9A2PR829320 9313: 1TULDT9A4PR829321 9314: 1TULDT9A6PR829322 9315: 1TULDT9A8PR829323 9316: 1TULDT9AXPR829324 9317: 1TULDT9A1PR829325 9318: 1TULDT9A3PR829326 9319: 1TULDT9A5PR829327 9320: 1TULDT9A7PR829328 Thank you, Ben
  7. Is it true that the MCI MC-5C 35' motorcoach, if specified with an automatic transmission, usually was the Allison MT644 rather than the HT740? Would I think the MT644 was the only automatic transmission available for either the 6V71 or 8V71 engines? Meaning, one manual transmission (Spicer 8844) and one automatic (Allison MT644). Some stories suggest these had the Allison HT740 automatic, but I think those stories are false. Thank you, Ben Edge
  8. What is your opinion on the old Orion I and TMC CityCruiser series buses? In the U.S., these were produced under license by TMC, then a Greyhound subsidiary, in the years 1979 to 1982. In mid-1982, it was decided that the Mississauga, Ontario, Canada-based Orion Bus (then called Ontario Bus Industries) was to open a U.S. plant, in Oriskany, NY. The TMC version of the bus came only in the 30-foot length (the Orion I, then sold mainly in Canada, was also available in a 35-foot length). Both variations until 1982 only came with a Detroit Diesel 6V53 engine backed by an Allison MT643 automatic transmission with locking torque converter. A 6V71 prototype bus was tested in Canada, and it eventually became reality. After Orion I began making its first buses in the U.S., the 6V53 was replaced by the 6V71 (naturally aspirated up to 198 hp, and turbo-aftercooled up to 225 hp) and the more powerful 6V92TA producing 253 hp (the latter was the only California-compliant engine available (when specified as 6V92TAC), until the Cummins L10 showed up in 1986). The transmission changed, too: instead of the MT643, the Orions were given a choice of two Allison automatics (the MT644/7/8 and the HT740/7/8) and four ZFs (4HP500, 4HP590, 5HP500 and 5HP590), to be joined by the Voith DIWA D863.2/D864.2 (most common behind the Cummins L10) and the Renk Doromat 874B in 1986. The most common transmission other than the Allison was the ZF. It was also during 1982 that a 35-foot long bus showed up in the U.S., and was joined by a 40-foot bus in late 1983. A few 30-foot Orion I's were powered by Caterpillar 3208T engines (an engine usually found in school buses) producing 215 hp. ~Ben
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