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Found 8 results

  1. Have 43-XXX buses hybrid for STM?
  2. Hi, new member here. It would be great if somebody could explain the Run Number, Trip ID, etc... of the STM.
  3. Hi! According to MTL66, here are the route with their garage for 2018. This update also adds new routes and the route name change. Modifications are highlited in blue. I used a naming "convention". For Saint-Laurent, it's St. Laurent and Saint-Denis St. Denis. It's easier when you sort and it's how the wiki page of the garages are named. This changes are in orange. Routes 10 to 99 Number Name Type of route Division Previous Division Notes 10 De Lorimier Redidential/Commercial Frontenac 11 Montagne Touristic/Residential/Commercial Mont-Royal 12 Ile-des-Soeurs Residential LaSalle 13 Christophe-Colomb Industrial/Residential St. Denis Legendre 14 Amherst Residential/Commercial Mont-Royal 15 Sainte-Catherine Commercial Frontenac 16 Graham Residential Stinson St. Laurent 17 Décarie Residential/Industrial/Commercial St. Laurent Stinson 18 Beaubien Residential/Commercial St. Denis 19 Chabanel/Marché Central Commercial Legendre 21 Place du Commerce Industrial LaSalle Runs during AM rush only 22 Notre-Dame Industrial/Residential Frontenac Anjou 24 Sherbrooke Residential/Commercial Frontenac LaSalle 25 Angus Industrial/Residential Frontenac 27 Saint-Joseph Residential/Commercial Mont-Royal 28 Honoré-Beaugrand Industrial/Residential Anjou 29 Rachel Residential Frontenac Mont-Royal 30 Saint-Denis/Saint-Hubert Residential/Commercial St. Denis Legendre 31 Saint-Denis Residential/Commercial St. Denis Mont-RoyalLegendre 32 Lacordaire Residential Mont-Royal Frontenac 33 Langelier Residential/Commercial Anjou 34 Sainte-Catherine Residential/Commercial Frontenac 36 Monk Residential/Industrial/Commercial LaSalle St. Henri 37 Jolicoeur Residential LaSalle St. Henri 39 Des Grandes-Prairies Industrial Anjou 40 Henri-Bourassa Est Residential/Industrial/Commercial Anjou 43 Monselet Residential Anjou 44 Armand-Bombardier Residential/Industrial/Commercial Anjou 45 Papineau Residential Legendre Mont-Royal 46 Casgrain Industrial St. Denis 47 Masson Residential/Commercial Mont-Royal 48 Perras Residential/Commercial Anjou 48X Perras Residential/Commercial Anjou The 48X is the new 89. 49 Maurice-Duplessis Residential/Commercial Anjou 51 Édouard-Montpetit Residential/Commercial Mont-Royal 52 Liège Industrial Legendre 53 Boulevard Saint-Laurent Residential/Industrial Legendre 54 Charland/Chabanel Industrial/Residential St. Denis Legendre 55 Boulevard Saint-Laurent Commercial/Residential Legendre St. Denis 56 Saint-Hubert School Special Legendre Formerly 56 Jarry 57 Pointe-Saint-Charles Residential/Industrial LaSalle St. Henri Formerly 57 Centre 58 Wellington Residential LaSalle St. Henri 61 Wellington Residential/Industrial Frontenac LaSalleSt. Henri 63 Girouard Residential/Commercial LaSalle 64 Grenet Residential St. Laurent Stinson 66 The Boulevard Residential St. Denis LaSalle 67 Saint-Michel Residential/Commercial Legendre Mont-Royal 68 Pierrefonds Residential St. Laurent 69 Gouin Residential/Commercial Legendre 70 Bois-Franc Industrial/Residential St. Laurent Stinson 72 Alfred-Nobel Industrial/Commercial St. Laurent Stinson 73 Dalton Industrial St. Laurent Stinson 74 Bridge Industrial Frontenac LaSalle 75 De la Commune Industrial Frontenac LaSalle 76 McArthur Industrial St. Laurent Stinson Late-night route for Canada Post workers 78 Laurendeau Residential LaSalle St. Henri 80 Avenue Du Parc Residential/Commercial Stinson LegendreSt. Denis 85 Hochelaga Residential/Industrial Frontenac 86 Pointe-aux-Trembles Residential Anjou 90 Saint-Jacques Residential/Commercial/Industrial LaSalle St. Henri 92 Jean-Talon Ouest Residential/Commercial/Industrial St. Denis Legendre 93 Jean-Talon Residential/Commercial St. Denis Legendre 94 D'Iberville Residential/Industrial Frontenac 95 Bélanger Residential/Commercial St. Denis Legendre 97 Mont-Royal Residential/Commercial Mont-Royal 99 Villeray Residential St. Denis Legendre New routes not on the wiki page : 26 Mercier-Est Anjou 41 Quartier Saint-Michel / Ahuntsic Legendre 71 Du Centre LaSalle 77 Station Lionel-Groulx / CUSM LaSalle Routes 100 to 199 From route 170, collums are shifted. Number Name Type of route Division Previous Division Notes 100 Crémazie Industrial/Commercial Stinson Legendre 101 Saint-Patrick Industrial LaSalle 102 Somerled Residential LaSalle 103 Monkland Residential/Commercial Stinson LaSalle 104 Cavendish Residential/Commercial LaSalle Formerly 104 Nôtre-Dame-de-Grâce 105 Sherbrooke Residential/Commercial Stinson LaSalle 106 Newman Residential/Commerical LaSalle 107 Verdun Residential LaSalle Formerly 107 Verdun-Peel 108 Bannantyne Residential LaSalle 109 Boulevard Shevchenko Residential/Commercial LaSalle 110 Centrale Residential LaSalle 112 Airlie Residential LaSalle Formerly 112 Centrale 113 Lapierre Residential LaSalle 115 Paré Industrial St. Laurent StinsonNamur 116 Lafleur/Norman Industrial LaSalle 117 O'Brien Residential St. Laurent Stinson 119 Rockland Residential/Commercial St. Denis 121 Sauvé/Côte-Vertu Commercial/Residential Legendre St. Laurent 123 Dollard Residential LaSalle 124 Victoria Residential/Commercial Stinson St. Laurent 125 Ontario Commercial Frontenac 126 Polyvalente-Émile-Legault School Special St. Laurent 128 Ville Saint-Laurent Residential/Commercial/Cultural Stinson St. Laurent 129 Côte-Sainte-Catherine Residential/Commercial/Cultural St. Denis 131 De L'Assomption Residential Frontenac Anjou 135 De l'Esplanade Industrial Legendre St. Laurent 136 Viau Residential/Commercial/Industrial Frontenac Renumbered from 132 in 2012 138 Notre-Dame-de-Grâce Residential LaSalle 139 Pie-IX Residential/Commercial/Industrial Legendre Frontenac 140 Fleury Commercial Legendre St. Denis 141 Jean-Talon Est Commercial/Residential Anjou 144 Avenue des Pins Residential/Commercial St. Denis Mont-Royal 146 Christophe-Colomb/Meilleur Residential/Commercial/Cultural Legendre 150 René-Lévesque Commercial Frontenac Formerly 150 Dorchester 160 Barclay Residential/Commercial St. Denis 161 Van Horne Residential/Commercial/Cultural St. Denis 162 Westminster Residential/Commercial Stinson LaSalle 164 Dudemaine Residential/Commercial St. Laurent Formerly 164 Keller 165 Côte-des-Neiges Commercial/Residential Stinson LegendreSt. Denis 166 Queen Mary Commercial/Residential St. Denis LaSalleNamur 168 Cité-du-Havre Residential Frontenac LaSalle Formerly 168 Terre des Hommes 170 Keller St. Laurent Stinson 171 Henri-Bourassa Stinson LegendreSt. Laurent 174 Côte-Vertu Ouest St. Laurent Stinson 175 Griffith/Saint-François Stinson St. Laurent 177 Thimens St. Laurent 179 De l'Acadie St. Denis St. Laurent 180 De Salaberry Legendre 183 Gouin Est Anjou 185 Sherbrooke Frontenac 186 Sherbrooke Est Anjou 187 René-Lévesque Anjou 188 Couture Anjou 189 Notre-Dame Anjou 190 Métrobus Lachine DELETED LaSalle DELETED - MOVE TO FORMER ROUTES 191 Broadway/Provost LaSalle 192 Robert Residential/Industrial/Commercial Anjou 193 Jarry Residential/Commercial Legendre Anjou 195 Sherbrooke/Notre-Dame LaSalle 196 Parc Industriel Lachine Industrial St. Laurent StinsonLaSalle 197 Rosemont Residential Legendre St. Laurent New routes : 178 Pointe-Nord / Île-des-Soeurs Frontenac Routes 200 to 299 Number Name Type of route Division Previous division Notes 200 Sainte-Anne-de-Bellevue St. Laurent 201 Saint-Charles/Saint-Jean St. Laurent 202 Dawson St. Laurent 203 Carson St. Laurent 204 Cardinal St. Laurent 205 Gouin St. Laurent 206 Roger-Pilon St. Laurent 207 Jacques-Bizard St. Laurent 208 Brunswick St. Laurent 209 Des Sources St. Laurent 211 Bord-du-Lac LaSalle 212 Sainte-Anne St. Laurent Uses cutaways Renumbered from 251 in 2012 213 Parc Industriel Saint-Laurent Industrial Stinson St. Laurent 214 Des Sources DELETED St. Laurent DELETED - MOVE TO FORMER ROUTES 215 Henri-Bourassa Industrial/Commercial St. Laurent 216 Transcanadienne Commercial St. Laurent Stinson Runs only during peak hours 217 Anse-à-l'Orme St. Laurent 218 Antoine-Faucon St. Laurent 219 Chemin Sainte-Marie St. Laurent 220 Kieran St. Laurent 225 Hymus St. Laurent Runs only during peak hours 252 Navette Or - Montréal-Nord Residential/Cultural Anjou 253 Navette Or - Saint-Michel 254 Navette Or - Rosemont 256 Navette Or - LaSalle 257 Navette Or - Rivière-des-Prairies 258 Navette Or - Hochelaga-Maisonneuve 259 Navette Or - Mercier Ouest 260 Navette Or - Anjou 262 Navette Or - Côte-St-Luc 263 Navette Or - Bordeaux-Cartierville Night routes Lots of name change. Please add a new collum for previous divison. Number Name Division (previous) 350 Verdun/ LaSalle LaSalle 355 Pie-IX Anjou (Legendre) 356 Lachine / Montréal-Trudeau / Des Sources LaSalle 357 Saint-Michel Mont-Royal 358 Sainte-Catherine Frontenac 359 Papineau Mont-Royal 360 Avenue Des Pins LaSalle 361 Saint-Denis St. Denis 362 Hochelaga / Notre-Dame Anjou 363 Boulevard Saint-Laurent St. Denis 364 Sherbrooke / Joseph-Renaud Anjou 365 Avenue Du Parc Legendre 368 Avenue-du-Mont-Royal Mont-Royal 369 Côte-des-Neiges Stinson (Legendre) 370 Rosemont St. Denis 371 Décarie Stinson (St. Laurent) 372 Jean-Talon Anjou 378 Sauvé / Montréal-Trudeau St. Laurent (Legendre) 380 Henri-Bourassa Stinson (Legendre) 382 Pierrefonds / Saint-Charles St. Laurent New routes: 353 Lacordaire / Maurice-Duplessis Frontenac 354 Sainte-Anne-de-Bellevue / Centre-ville LaSalle 376 Pierrefonds / Centre-Ville St. Laurent Express and Shuttle Routes Lots of name change. Number Name Type of route Division Previous Division Notes 401 Express Saint-Charles St. Laurent Runs only during peak hours Renumbered from 261 in 2012 406 Express Newman LaSalle Renumbered from 506 in 2012 407 Express Ile-Bizard St. Laurent Runs only during peak hours Renumbered from 265 in 2012 410 Express Notre-Dame Mont-Royal Runs only during peak hours 411 Express Lionel-Groulx LaSalle Runs only during peak hours Renumbered from 221 in 2012 419 Express John-Abbott St. Laurent Renumbered from 210 in 2012 420 Express Notre-Dame-de-Grâce LaSalle Runs only on weekdays 427 Express Saint-Joseph Mont-Royal Frontenac 430 Express Pointe-aux-Trembles Mont-Royal Runs only during peak hours 432 Express Lacordaire Residential/Industrial/Commercial Anjou FrontenacMont-Royal Renumbered from 199 in 2012 435 Express Du Parc / Côte-des-Neiges Stinson LegendreSaint-Denis Renumbered from 535 in 2012 439 Express Pie-IX Legendre Frontenac Renumbered from 505 in 2012 440 Express Charleroi Industrial Legendre Anjou Renumbered from 143 in 2012 444 Express Cégep Marie-Victorin School Special Anjou Renumbered from 77 in 2012 448 Express Maurice-Duplessis Industrial/Residential Anjou Renumbered from 148 in 2012 460 Express Métropolitaine Legendre Runs only during peak hours 467 Express Saint-Michel Legendre Mont-Royal Runs only on weekdays 468 Express Pierrefonds / Gouin St. Laurent Runs only on weekdays Renumbered from 268 in 2012 469 Express Henri-Bourassa Residential/Commercial/Cultural Legendre Anjou Renumbered from 159 in 2012 470 Express Pierrefonds Stinson St. Laurent 486 Express Sherbrooke Anjou Renumbered from 182 in 2012 487 Express Bout-de-l'Île Anjou Renumbered from 184 in 2012 495 Express Lachine / LaSalle Residential/Commercial LaSalle Renumbered from 120 in 2012 496 Express Victoria LaSalle Renumbered from 173 in 2012 449 Express Rivière-des-Prairies PLEASE MOVE UP Anjou Renumbered from 194 in 2012 715 Vieux-Montréal / Vieux-Port Touristic Frontenac Renumbered from 515 in 2012 747 Aéroport P.-E.-Trudeau / Centre-ville Airport shuttle Stinson LaSalle Fares are $10 to ride 767 La Ronde / La Plage Cultural Frontenac Runs during the summer months only 769 La Ronde Cultural Frontenac Runs during the summer months only Renumbered from 169 in 2012 777 Le Casino Commercial/Cultural Frontenac Renumbered from 167 in 2012 New routes : 405 Express Bord-du-Lac LaSalle 409 Express Des Sources St. Laurent (previous Stinson) 425 Express Anse-à-l'Orme LaSalle 428 Express Parcs industriels de l'Est Anjou 475 Express Dollard-des-Ormeaux St. Laurent (previous Stinson) 485 Express Antoine-Faucon Stinson 491 Express Lachine Anjou 711 Parc-du-Mont-Royal / Oratoire Mont-Royal - summer months only 968 Trainbus Côte-Vertu Garage unknow - april 27th to june 17th - friday after 8pm, saturday and sunday - for REM construction Thanks and have fun
  4. Hello! I believe that there is an error in the following page : Société de transport de Montréal 37-001 to 37-107. But according to the photo of 37-003, the line is 100. But this one is from the division Legendre. I have also been onboard the line 409 (served from St-Laurent I guess, can be added here) and the line 468, St-Laurent. My guess is all buses to St-Laurent but it can be at multiples divisions. Also, these buses have USB plugs (see here). Thanks!
  5. plaws

    STM Ridership

    https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1bVIbnG6HWr2VmsoSz_XT8fNykVw54eruqAY1dg2EEXw/edit?usp=sharing The MBTA tells you every little thing about their system. Google "MBTA Blue Book". It's nerdtastic. With the STM you get the top 5 bus routes listed in the annual report and that's it. If anyone knows of another source of STM «achalandage» data, please speak up! The numbers themselves are interesting. It almost appears that in 2008, the person in charge of the numbers un-checked the "round to the nearest hundred" button and then in 2012 found out that previous numbers were sketchy (in the 2012 report, the first year to show the previous year, the 2011 numbers are all off from the 2011 report's numbers). Not rounding to the nearest hundred makes it seem like they are actually counting but they could still be making things up. Who really knows? Sometimes they report (correctly, IMHO), ridership for corridors (i.e. Axe Pie-IX) where they combine similar routes (139 and 505 in this case) and then other times they don't. And sometimes they break out the routes that make up a corridor and sometimes they don't. As a result, it's hard to really see what's going on - the 67-St Michel is carrying +/- 40k/day but makes its last appearance in 2010? But then a year or two later, the 141-Jean Talon Est makes it into the top 5 with ~30k/day? Very strange! See for yourself. The routes along and near Pie-IX are always in the top 5 (well, not the 67, but I think there's something fishy with how they are counting). The other biggies are "crosstown" routes, 121 and 141. They are a grid of the area that SHOULD be served by a Line 5 extension and Line 7.Someone have better numbers?
  6. Hi, let me introduce myself and a brief reason why i'm on here, My youtube name is Transitfan93, but i recently changed my channel name from Canadiensfan2010 because i wanted to start up a facebook channel. My videos are a majority of Montreal Metro and Buses in the STM and RTL. Now the reason i do transit videos is because i have a passion for Buses and Metros (More specifically the MR-73s and Jeumonts trains), I figured if I post my links to my channels you can watch my videos and tell me what i could do differently and some advice on new cameras (i am trying to buy a new cheap camera like the Sony Webbie MHS that i used for a while) so please check out some of my videos My youtube channel is https://www.youtube.com/user/canadiensfan2010 and My Facebook page is https://www.facebook.com/transitfan93?ref=hl
  7. The STM intends to trial three battery-electric LFS buses in the city of Montreal with two charging stations beginning in 2015. Full press release here: http://www.novabus.com/media/latest-news/montreal-to-become-city-of-electro-mobility.html
  8. Nova won this one. Exciting to me to see the province invest so heavily in hybrid buses! Montreal will get 203 of the 509 buses. Longueuil will get 100 and Laval 77. The other transit agencies involved in the purchase are Quebec City, Lévis, Gatineau, Trois Rivières, Sherbrooke and Saguenay. Read more: http://www.montrealg...l#ixzz1zlkLPSnn Anyone know who is supplying the hybrid powertrain for these buses?
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