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Found 2 results

  1. Benjamin

    Montgomery County RideOn

    I see no one here but me has devoted a topic here to Montgomery County RideOn of Rockville, MD. http://en.wikipedia....ki/Ride_On_(bus) http://cptdb.ca/wiki...p?title=Ride-On One of the interesting topics concerning MCRO is about the removal last year (2012) of 60 Champion/Navistar shuttle buses due to seven fire-related incidents, the first few of which reported in 2009. The 60 buses were originally placed in service in 2007. Ever since the fires consumed seven of these buses, the MCRO drivers' union had been skeptical about their reliability. http://articles.wash...buses-bus-fleet http://www.nbcwashin...-144716835.html http://www.wtop.com/...us-manufacturer When these buses were removed, MCRO ran on a Sunday/holiday schedule until it received leased buses from WMATA and PAT (Port Authority of Allegheny County), numbering 48 in all, to temporarily fill the void left by the Champion buses. 15 of these (13 of which were purchased using ARRA funding) were from PAT and are 2003 model Navistar/Mid Bus type "C" buses (PAT had retired these as part of their budget cuts in 2011) while the other 30 are 30-foot 1997 Orion V's representing the WMATA leases. 28 of the 60 replacement buses, made by Gillig, will show up in the MCRO fleet this July while the other 32 are expected to show up in the summer of 2014. http://www6.montgome...0130204_TE3.pdf ~Ben
  2. Would these be the correct VIN numbers for the Ride-On TMC City Cruiser T30s (1981 models; numbers 5245-5256)? 5245: 1TUBBT58XBR000508 5246: 1TUBBT581BR000509 5247: 1TUBBT588BR000510 5248: 1TUBBT58XBR000511 5249: 1TUBBT581BR000512 5250: 1TUBBT580BR000520 5251: 1TUBBT582BR000521 5252: 1TUBBT584BR000522 5253: 1TUBBT586BR000523 5254: 1TUBBT588BR000524 5255: 1TUBBT58XBR000525 5256: 1TUBBT581BR000526 5100: 1TUBBT586BR000571 5101: 1TUBBT588BR000572 ~Ben