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Found 4 results

  1. Came across this while browsing Reddit: Pic I was immediately able to identify it as an early Advantage from the wheel arches, lack of steps, and low windows. However, it has seen heavy modification beyond the double deck conversion: it has a new front clip which takes some parts from a New Flyer LF and headlights from a Ford Econoline van I've obviously identified to all that this bus is an Advantage, but if I hadn't, could you tell what it was? Especially for those who rarely see Gilligs or have never seen one. I originally thought it was a heavily modified D40LF until I looked at the side. Then I thought it was a Phantom with the windows moved down since I had no idea the Advantage came with these half-octagon wheel arches.
  2. I've been doing a few trips after school to areas where Dumbarton Express runs. The service connects areas such as Palo Alto, Fremont, and Union City via the Dumbarton Bridge. At one point the majority of the fleet consisted of "piggy back ordered" 1992 Flxible Metro "C" 40102-6C Suburbans. Those are all retired, but now the fleet consists entirely of Gillig Phantoms (for now). If you haven't noticed, I've already started a wiki page for this service. http://www.cptdb.ca/wiki/index.php?title=Dumbarton_Express 2002 Gillig Phantom C29D102N4 Suburbans: Ex-SamTrans 2003 Gillig Phantom C20D102N4 Suburbans: Ex-SamTrans 1998 Gillig Phantom C21D102N4 (same as my profile picture): Ex-LADOT, Exx-Hertz 1996 Gillig Phantom 40102TBS50:
  3. Does anyone have some recent information about Mendocino Transit's (a.k.a. MTA) bus fleet? They bought a couple 1982 Gillig Phantoms when they were brand new, but that is all the CPTDB Wiki has to offer. There are a couple pictures online featuring some of the fleet, which are Gillig Phantoms with roll signs (unknown manufacturing dates), Gillig Advantages, and Ford's. They are located in Ukiah, CA.
  4. Here's the list of Gillig Phantoms operated by Fresno Area Express (FAX) that could use some validity. 9101-9112 Model: 40102TB6V92TAC Engine: Detroit Diesel 6V92TAC Transmission: Voith D863.2 9101: 15GCD0912M1083887 9102: 15GCD0914M1083888 9103: 15GCD0916M1083889 9104: 15GCD0912M1083890 9105: 15GCD0914M1083891 9106: 15GCD0916M1083892 9107: 15GCD0918M1083893 9108: 15GCD091XM1083894 9109: 15GCD0911M1083895 9110: 15GCD0913M1083896 9111: 15GCD0915M1083897 9112: 15GCD0917M1083898 For page: http://cptdb.ca/wiki/index.php?title=Gillig_Phantom_%27M_VINs%27 9301-9320 Model: 40102TBL10E Engine: Cummins L10-280E CELECT Transmission: Voith D863.2 9301: 15GCD1214P1084818 9302: 15GCD1216P1084819 9303: 15GCD1212P1084820 9304: 15GCD1214P1084821 9305: 15GCD1216P1084822 9306: 15GCD1218P1084823 9307: 15GCD121XP1084824 9308: 15GCD1211P1084825 9309: 15GCD1213P1084826 9310: 15GCD1215P1084827 9311: 15GCD1217P1084828 9312: 15GCD1219P1084829 9313: 15GCD1215P1084830 9314: 15GCD1217P1084831 9315: 15GCD1219P1084832 9316: 15GCD1210P1084833 9317: 15GCD1212P1084834 9318: 15GCD1214P1084835 9319: 15GCD1216P1084836 9320: 15GCD1218P1084837 For page: http://cptdb.ca/wiki/index.php?title=Gillig_Phantom_%27P_VINs%27 9401-9412 Model: M11T40102 Engine: Cummins M11-280E CELECT Transmission: Voith D863.2 9401: 15GCD211XR1085529 9402: 15GCD2116R1085530 9403: 15GCD2118R1085531 9404: 15GCD211XR1085532 9405: 15GCD2111R1085533 9406: 15GCD2113R1085534 9407: 15GCD2115R1085535 9408: 15GCD2117R1085536 9409: 15GCD2119R1085537 9410: 15GCD2110R1085538 9411: 15GCD2112R1085539 9412: 15GCD2119R1085540 For page: http://cptdb.ca/wiki/index.php?title=Gillig_Phantom_%27R_VINs%27 9601-9606 Model: S50T40102 Engine: Detroit Diesel S50-275 DDEC Transmission: Voith D863.3 9601: 15GCD2019T1087023 9602: 15GCD2010T1087024 9603: 15GCD2012T1087025 9604: 15GCD2014T1087026 9605: 15GCD2016T1087027 9606: 15GCD2018T1087028 For page: http://cptdb.ca/wiki/index.php?title=Gillig_Phantom_%27T_VINs%27 9701-9714 Model: C21D102N4 Engine: Cummins M11-280E CELECT Plus Transmission: Voith D863.3 9701: 15GCD2115V1088297 9702: 15GCD2117V1088298 9703: 15GCD2119V1088299 9704: 15GCD2111V1088300 9705: 15GCD2113V1088301 9706: 15GCD2115V1088302 9707: 15GCD2117V1088303 9708: 15GCD2119V1088304 9709: 15GCD2110V1088305 9710: 15GCD2112V1088306 9711: 15GCD2114V1088307 9712: 15GCD2116V1088308 9713: 15GCD2118V1088309 9714: 15GCD2114V1088310 For page: http://cptdb.ca/wiki/index.php?title=Gillig_Phantom_%27V_VINs%27 Thank you, Ben
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