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Found 25 results

  1. Does anyone remember what the exact serial/VIN numbers are for Grey Goose Bus Lines' 1983 Orion I suburban buses numbered 101 to 197 (later Gray Line East 4101 to 4197)? Only three are known: D5493730 (number 125/4125) D6702732 (number 160/4160) D5498741 (number 165/4165) Number 160/4160 is also one of a handful of Canadian-bound Orion I's to be built in New York instead of Ontario. From 1982 to 1984, it should be known that Orion I serial numbers had the first three of the six digits in the serial number following the model year code (C=1982, D=1983, E=1984) represent the production lin
  2. http://www.angelfire.com/ca/TORONTO/builders/orion1.html I'm hoping we can create a database of complete serial numbers for the 1982-84 Orion I deliveries. These serial numbers have the line sequence number representing characters 12-14 in the VIN number, which started at serial no. 457 (C5356457 goes to Markham Transit #2016, delivered 5/1982) and ended at serial no. 999 (E5563999 goes to Whitehorse Transit #14, delivered 7/1984). The first U.S.-built Orion I carried the serial number C6001449 (goes to Pacific Transit System #D10, delivered 7/1982). However, the 1982 Orion Is delivered to T
  3. Apparently Clallam Transit got some new Hybrid mini buses according to this article and I wonder if #629 is one of them in the attached image....: http://www.clallamtransit.com/news.html . I would guess 629 is one of them as there are photos of #624 in the above link. Also, during my recently visit to Port Angeles last month, I found some Gillig Low Floors numbered 611 up to 615 which are not listed on the Wiki. I visited Port Angeles back in September of 2012 as well and did not see any Gilligs numbered higher than #608 which is also the highest listed on the Wiki page. So if anyone has
  4. Could anyone please check these below to see if indeed they are the correct VINs for the first 50 Orion I's delivered to Indy-Go, then the Indianapolis Public Transportation Commission? 8301: 2B1129775C5440572 8302: 2B1129771D6606600 8303: 2B1129776D6607601 8304: 2B1129772D6608602 8305: 2B1129779D6609603 8306: 2B1129775D6610604 8307: 2B1129771D6611605 8308: 2B1129778D6612606 8309: 2B1129774D6613607 8310: 2B1129770D6614608 8311: 2B1129777D6615609 8312: 2B1129778D6616610 8313: 2B1129774D6617611 8314: 2B1129770D6618612 8315: 2B1129777D6619613 8316: 2B1129773D6620614 8317: 2B1129
  5. I have a question: were there any U.S. transit agencies who ran their Orion I's, V's and/or New Flyers with the Detroit Diesel 6V92TA engine and Voith transmission? This was the powertrain of choice in Canada for the following: YORK REGION TRANSIT (MARKHAM TRANSIT) (MARKHAM, ON) 2033-2036 - 1988 Orion I 01.508 2044-2047 - 1989 MCI Classic TC40-102N 2048-2052 - 1990 MCI Classic TC40-102A 2053-2054 - 1991 Orion V 05.501 YORK REGION TRANSIT (RICHMOND HILL TRANSIT) (RICHMOND HILL, ON) 511-524 - 1989 New Flyer D40 (T-drive) (renumbered 8911-8924 by YRT) YORK REGION TRANSIT (EX-GO TRANSIT) 1130-
  6. Could you please verify all five of these VIN numbers for these Orion I's that were operated by Clallam Transit (Port Angeles, WA)? 581 (1984 Orion I 01.504): 2B1129277E6894990 (if 6V71N engine) or 2B1129776E6894990 (if 6V92TA engine) 582 (1984 Orion I 01.504): 2B1129273E6895991 (if 6V71N engine) or 2B1129772E6895991 (if 6V92TA engine) 583 (1990 Orion I 01.507): 2B1139779L6002595 584 (1992 Orion I 01.508): 2B1169777N6003125 585 (1992 Orion I 01.508): 2B1169779N6003126 Thank you, Ben
  7. http://www.durhamregiontransit.com/AboutDRT/Documents/TSH%20Business%20Case%20Analysis%20Oct%2027%202004_PartTwo.pdf Some of these may already have been added to the Orion I VIN page here, but here's a few you might have forgotten: Ajax-Pickering Transit Authority: 2044 (1982 Orion I 01.504; ex-Timmins Transit no. 54): 2B1129279C5416539 (document incorrectly says 2B1129277C5416539) ~Ben
  8. Is it true that the 1982 and '83 Orion I's--the U.S. versions finished in New York--used the Allison HT747 transmission (rather than the original HT740) behind their DD 6V92TA engines? I'm talking about those buses as run by such agencies as: Pacific Transit System (Raymond, WA) Milford Transit District (Milford, CT) Montachusett Regional Transit Authority (Fitchburg, MA) Yakima Transit (Yakima, WA) SLO (San Luis Obispo) Transit (San Luis Obispo, CA) San Luis Obispo Regional Transit Authority (SLORTA) (San Luis Obispo, CA) GATRA (Taunton, MA) IndyGo (Indianapolis, IN) Waukesha Metro Transit (
  9. Does anyone here remember LANTA's (Lehigh and Northampton Transportation Authority) 1987 and '89 Orion I's? The 30-foot models were numbered 8721-8730 and 8931-8935 and the 35-foot models were numbered 8936-8950. http://www.philadelphiatransitvehicles.info/LANTA.php According to the above link, they came with Detroit Diesel 6V71N engines and Voith D851 transmissions, but I'd like to think they all instead had Detroit Diesel 6V92TA engines and Voith D863 transmissions (especially the 1989 models), same as those Orion I's in Canada, such as in Pickering, ON (922-923, 924-925 and 926); Markham,
  10. http://www.angelfire.com/ca/TORONTO/builders/orion1.html Is there any proof as to why the same order number of 177 was used for both Clallam Transit's and Jefferson Transit's orders of the 1984 Orion I? Both orders are for 35 foot long buses (Clallam's being of the older design while Jefferson's was of the then-current design). Could this mean consequently that both sets of two buses (581-582 for Clallam and 848-849 for Jefferson) came with Detroit Diesel 6V92TA engines and Allison HT747 transmissions? ~Ben
  11. Does anyone remember the 1981 Orion I 01.504 demonstrator bus that was purchased June 17, 1983 by the Quality Inn (or "The High Q") of Orlando, FL? Because it was built in 1981 it would have had a Detroit Diesel 6V53N engine, but once it set foot here in FL it had to be changed to the 6V53T engine. Or, with modifications to the rear compartment, it could have had the 6V92TA engine. ~Ben
  12. http://www.angelfire.com/ca/TORONTO/builders/orion.html If you gloss over this page (link above), Orion built three types of seating configurations for its two bus lengths (30' and 35'): transit, coach (suburban) and airporter, for a total of six configurations (this would increase to nine in 1984, when the 40' length showed up). The transit and airporter configurations had both front and back doors, but most examples of the coach configuration did not. A few exceptions to the rule did exist: transit-style buses without back doors were built for Beaver Bus Lines of Winnipeg, MB in 1985, 1988
  13. Does anyone know exactly all of the Rockwell front and rear axles that were used in the Orion I bus in all years 1976-1993? This is information I'm hoping to get added to this page in the future: http://cptdb.ca/wiki/index.php?title=Orion_Bus_Industries_%27Orion_I%27 Older Orion I brochures (and my 1981 TMC City Cruiser brochure) list the following: Front: model FF931, 12,000 lbs. GAWR Rear: model R143, 23,000 lbs. GAWR From the 1983 Orion brochure that I have: Front: model FF932, 13,400 lbs. GAWR Rear: model R143, 23,000 lbs. GAWR But in 1984, the 35' and 40' buses (the latter of which
  14. Is it true that the CyRide 1983 Orion I 01.506 numbered 1408 (later 908) had the Detroit Diesel 6V71TA engine and Allison HT740 transmission? According to the engine code in its VIN number (1) that you have here, it did. All other Orion I's in the CyRide fleet had the naturally-aspirated 6V71N (rather than the 6V92TA), even through as late as 1988. 1=Detroit Diesel 6V71TA 2=Detroit Diesel 6V71N 7=Detroit Diesel 6V92TA ~Ben
  15. Were there any Orion I's produced from 1982 to 1986 (when specified with the Detroit Diesel 6V92TA engine and the Allison MT644, HT740 or HT747 transmission) that sounded closer to a Gillig Phantom built in those same years mentioned? They can be of any length (30' for 01.502 or 01.503, 35' for 01.506 or 01.507, and 40' for 01.508 or 01.509). ~Ben
  16. http://cptdb.ca/wiki/index.php?title=Kingston_Transit_8382 When I entered that VIN for this 1983 Orion I, as typed (2B1129573D5509770), the VIN Decoder website says the check digit is incorrect. Therefore, I must now submit to you whether or not which of these two VINs is actually the correct one. Is it either 2B1129273D5509770, or 2B1129579D5509770? As the 6V53 was not used in the Orion I after 1982 save for the last OC Transpo 30-foot models (8371 to 8392), then I can only guess at whether or not Kingston's 8382 had the 6V53 (according to the typed VIN there) or if it had the 6V71N like m
  17. This question is for the experts of the GATRA bus fleet: is it true that the 1982 and 1983 Orion I's they ran (8217-8219 from 1982, 8320-8322 from 1983) came with Detroit Diesel 6V92TA engines? If yes, then the transmission behind them would be the Allison HT740 (8217-8219) or the HT747 (8320-8322). ~Ben
  18. I am wondering if Nolan (Stalwart23) or anyone else might be able to clue me in about the GATRA Orion I VIN numbers? They are listed below for you to see. 8217 01.504 2B1129774C6000532 8218 01.504 2B1129776C6000533 8219 01.504 2B112977XC6000535 8320 01.506 2B1129771D6000750 8321 01.506 2B1129775D6000752 8322 01.506 2B1129779D6000754 8923 01.502 2B1119772K6002264 8924 01.502 2B1119774K6002265 8925 01.502 2B1119776K6002266 8926 01.502 2B1119778K6002267 9127 01.507 2B1139770M6002910 9128 01.507 2B1139772M6002911 9129 01.507 2B1139774M6002912 9130 01.507 2B1139770M6002955 9131 01.507
  19. Here's some Orion I VIN numbers from this link: http://notes.brandon.ca/tenders.nsf/0965fee38275b21186256ab0006ab633/2a3410cb38be0308862575080075ff51/$FILE/For%20Sale%20by%20Tender%20-%20Transit%20Buses.pdf #34 - 2B1129274C5414536 Model: 01.504 (35 foot) Year: 1982 Delivered: 11/1982 Engine: Detroit Diesel 6V71N Transmission: Allison MT644 #35 - 2B1169K74K5001955 Model: 01.508 (40 foot) Year: 1989 Delivered: 7/1989 Engine: Detroit Diesel 6V92TA Transmission: Allison HTB748 Other: Initially delivered to Toronto Transit Commission as #9360 with Cummins L10G CNG engine and ZF ECOMAT 4HP500 tr
  20. http://cptdb.ca/wiki...ber_Explanation I have more engine code letters deserving to be seen on the page in the link above: N = Navistar T444E (7.3L) R = Cummins C8.3 S = Cummins L10-280E T = Cummins B5.9 U = Cummins M11-280E W = Cummins B5.9G Thank you, Ben
  21. Please let me know if these VINs are correct for all of these Mississauga Transit Orion V's. 1989 (units 8901-8925) 8901: 2B1569E76K5030001 8902: 2B1569E78K5030002 8903: 2B1569E7XK5030003 8904: 2B1569E71K5030004 8905: 2B1569E73K5030005 8906: 2B1569E75K5030006 8907: 2B1569E79K5030008 8908: 2B1569E70K5030009 8909: 2B1569E77K5030010 8910: 2B1569E79K5030011 8911: 2B1569E70K5030012 8912: 2B1569E72K5030013 8913: 2B1569E74K5030014 8914: 2B1569E76K5030015 8915: 2B1569E78K5030016 8916: 2B1569E7XK5030017 8917: 2B1569E71K5030018 8918: 2B1569E73K5030019 8919: 2B1569E7XK5030020 8920: 2
  22. ALEXANDRIA TRANSIT COMPANY (VA) DASH ORION I VINs Units: 1-17 Model: 01.502 Delivered: 1/1984 Engine: Detroit Diesel 6V71N Transmission: Allison MT644 1: 2B1119273D6756817 2: 2B111927XD6757818 3: 2B1119274E6758819 4: 2B1119275E6759820 5: 2B1119273E6760822 6: 2B111927XE6761823 7: 2B1119276E6762824 8: 2B1119272E6763825 9: 2B1119279E6764826 10: 2B1119277E6765828 11: 2B1119273E6766829 12: 2B1119274E6767830 13: 2B1119270E6768831 14: 2B1119277E6769832 15: 2B1119273E6770833 16: 2B1119271E6771835 17: 2B1119278E6772836 For pages: http://cptdb.ca/wiki/index.php?title=Orion_Bus_In
  23. FAIRFAX CONNECTOR ORION I VINs LIST 7700-7732 Delivered: 7/1985 Engine: Detroit Diesel 6V71N (later changed to 6V92TA DDEC) Transmission: Allison MT644 7700: 2B1139270F6001167 7701: 2B1139272F6001168 7702: 2B1139274F6001169 7703: 2B1139270F6001170 7704: 2B1139272F6001171 7705: 2B1139274F6001172 7706: 2B1139276F6001173 7707: 2B1139278F6001174 7708: 2B113927XF6001175 7709: 2B1139271F6001176 7710: 2B1139273F6001177 7711: 2B1139275F6001178 7712: 2B1139277F6001179 7713: 2B1139273F6001180 7714: 2B1139275F6001181 7715: 2B1139277F6001182 7716: 2B1139279F6001183 7717: 2B1139270F60
  24. Can anyone identify if this 1983 Orion I 01.502 owned by Roy McCullough is an ex-Dallas-Fort Worth International Airport Transportation bus? It sounds like it has a Detroit Diesel 6V92TA engine and Allison HT740 transmission. Thank you, Ben
  25. What is your opinion on the old Orion I and TMC CityCruiser series buses? In the U.S., these were produced under license by TMC, then a Greyhound subsidiary, in the years 1979 to 1982. In mid-1982, it was decided that the Mississauga, Ontario, Canada-based Orion Bus (then called Ontario Bus Industries) was to open a U.S. plant, in Oriskany, NY. The TMC version of the bus came only in the 30-foot length (the Orion I, then sold mainly in Canada, was also available in a 35-foot length). Both variations until 1982 only came with a Detroit Diesel 6V53 engine backed by an Allison MT643 automatic t
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